Apply For PTDF 2015 Split PhD Scholarship Program

In line with the PTDF’s commitment towards the domestication of its training programmes in reputable institutions within Nigeria the Fund began the PTDF Split-site PhD Program.

A Split PhD is a PHD program which allows an individual to split their research time between a foreign institution and an institution in the home country where they live and work. A minimum of one year is usually spent in the foreign institution and the remainder to complete their research in the home country institution, with regular communication with the supervisor overseas.

The primary objectives of the program are:
*.To build capacity in the Nigerian higher education sector by providing joint PhD research training at a foreign University and the designated Nigerian Universities to selected candidates who must be academic staff in any of the PTDF upgraded Universities
*.To foster collaborative research and exchange between academic staff of the participating Nigerian universities and academic staff of the Foreign Universities.

The PTDF Split PhD scholarship recipients are therefore expected to undertake the full-time PhD degree over three years and are expected to split their PhD study period one to two (1:2) between The Foreign University and their respective Nigerian University.

Important Features of the Program
*.For now the program is open to academic staff in the PTDF upgraded universities only.
*.Split PhD Scholarships will be available for the 2016/2017 academic session.

*.The PhD qualification will be as agreed by the Foreign University (either a dual certification or an award of the Foreign or Nigerian University).

*.The scholarship provides for candidates to undertake their PhD partly in Nigeria and partly Overseas and to be supervised by a Nigerian supervisor and a foreign co-supervisor.

*.The period of residence at the foreign University will normally be a maximum of one third (1/3) of the PhD (ie a maximum of 1 year based on the maximum allowable period for completion of a 3 year study) and this period will normally include the second part of the first year of the PhD program or as agreed between the two Universities. Ideally, the time period at each location will be negotiated between the supervisors, candidate and the respective universities prior to the commencement of the PhD studies. It is important to NOTE that the length of stay in any foreign University throughout the program MUST NOT exceed 12 months and a maximum of two visits.

*.Each selected Split PhD candidate will normally be supervised by an approved supervisor from the foreign University and an approved supervisor from one of the participating Nigerian universities.

*.The scholarship covers full tuition and applicable service fees for up to three (3) years which include accommodation and living expenses, return air tickets, field trips, conference attendance, costs associated with supervision (including the cost of travel, accommodation and living expenses of supervisors for at least one trip each year to each other’s university for the purpose of supervising their respective candidates).

*.Any academic staff member of a participating Nigerian university who wishes to secure the PTDF Split PhD scholarship will need to apply for admission to the PhD program and will be required to meet all the Nigerian and foreign University selection criteria and other course requirements.

Nigerian Universities Eligible to Participate in The Split PhD Program
1.University of Port Harcourt
2.University of Ibadan
3.University of Nigeria Nsukka
4.University of Benin
5.University of Jos
6.University of Maiduguri
7.Ahmadu Bello University
8.Usman Dan Fodio University
9.Federal University of Technology, Owerri
10.Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife
11.University of Calabar
12.University of Uyo
13.Bayero University Kano
14.Federal University of Technology, Minna
15.University of Ilorin

Foreign Universities on The Program
1.University College London
2.Newcastle University
3.University of Central Lancashire
4.Cranfield University
5.University of York

However if eligible candidates identify and agree with supervisors in the following Universities for the Split PhD program, they may apply for the scholarship:
i. Imperial College London
ii. University of Manchester
iii. University of Warwick
iv. University of Leeds
v. Heriot Watt University
vi. UNSW, Australia
vii. Universities in Germany
viii. Other PTDF Partner Universities

1.Tips on Identification of Supervisors and Co-supervisors
Prospective candidates need to identify a supervisor in their Nigerian University and then contact the Foreign University with an indication of their area of research interest. If the subject area of the proposal fits with the University’s research profile, then the relevant faculty will assist candidates in finding supervisors and other necessary requirements of the University.
There is wide variation in how prospective students go about identifying supervisors and co-supervisors in foreign institutions. Each Faculty/Department has a team of postgraduate research student advisors who can advise about the preferred approach to identifying supervisors within their Faculty/Department.

Most Faculties/Departments require applicants to identify the supervisor prior to submitting a formal application to the university. This will require applicants to commence a dialogue with a prospective supervisor who is known to them or who has been recommended to them or who they have identified through the websites. The purpose of the dialogue is to see if the applicant’s area of interest matches the interest and expertise of the prospective supervisor and to determine whether they will be able to act as the applicant’s supervisor should they be selected for entry to the PhD.

Some prefer to allocate the most appropriate supervisor on the basis of the applicant’s research proposal following assessment of the application. It is important that prospective applicants familiarise themselves with the procedures and practices within the Faculty/Department which is most relevant to their area of interest.

1.Applying for The PTDF Split-PhD Scholarship
PTDF application forms will be available online from August 2015 for prospective candidates interested in the PTDF Split PhD program. The approved petroleum related research areas will be contained in the PTDF application form.


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