FUTO Post-UTME Secrets- Read This

I discovered these facts few years back when I was seeking admission, I was finally admitted on merit to my dream course
(Materials and Metallurgical Engineering).

FUTO post-UME is easy to pass only if you have knowledge of what their questions would look like.

FUTO has no time to start setting new questions for their post-UME exam, they copy questions from past JAMB question but from some selected ones not all of them. I’ll tell you how to know some JAMB past questions that FUTO use for their post-UME. You also will have to prove what I’m going to tell you by picking up FUTO post-UME past questions and that of JAMB then you’d see things for yourself.

MONOPOLIZED ANSWERS: It simply means “one word answers”, FUTO post-UTME questions are contained on one leaflet so they don’t ask questions that have their answers in sentence form. Most of their questions are from JAMB Past questions.
Pick up JAMB past questions and study those questions that have one word answers.

DIAGRAMS: While studying, forget those questions that have diagrams, like I told you earlier, their questions must be contained in one leaflet so they don’t ask questions that have diagram because it would take up space.

TIME ISSUE – Forget the time on the question paper which will say 30mins, if they allow you up to 25 minutes, you are lucky. Don’t waste your time on a particular question and don’t waste your time waiting on external help that may or may not come. Time is their greatest weapon.

LATE START: FUTO won’t give you the exam when you’re still boiling to unleash.
They might leave you guys in the hall for more than four hours, by then, you would have been hungry, tired and even feeling sleepy or probably want to go out and stretch your legs then they’d pounce on you with the questions and in about 20 to 25mins, you’re submitting your paper and that would be the post-UME for you.

STAY INFORMED – Don’t forget to be informed before the exam, and believe me, VNTI is the best avenue for that.
Information they say is power.

Don’t forget to Study intensively and extensively, because believe me, I don’t want to miss your Matric rice. I’ll keep praying for your success.

My name is Richard, and I care.


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