Jonathan, JAMB 2015 CBT: A Complete Failure- Obasi

when the news of JAMB 2015 being fully computer based(CBT) was announced, it was greeted with mixed reactions from concerned Nigerians who foresaw that the idea of the Joint Admission And Matriculation Board(JAMB) going ahead with the CBT only 2015 UTME would be a complete disaster.

They were not wrong as the 2015 JAMB UTME has been branded as a complete failure by VNTI’s CEO Obasi. D. C. Chinedu, who happened to be present at one of the JAMB 2015 UTME centres in Nsukka, Enugu State on Saturday, 14th March, 2015.

According to Obasi Chinedu, the idea of JAMB commencing the 2015 matriculation examination without adequate facilities in place was the beginning of Failure at the 2015 CBT. Sub Standard Cyber Cafe Facilities with systems operated in the early 90’s in US is used as CBT machines, and generators that take forever to turn on, are installed to power such systems.

The Nigerian Youth Seeking admission into Nigerian Tertiary Institutions of Higher Learning are unfortunately at the receiving end of this sorry picture, with the chances of admission of intelligent Nigerian students in the wind because of a situation that is by no means their fault, said Obasi Chinedu.

In a visit to the Zeetech JAMB CBT Centre, Nsukka, Enugu State on Saturday, 14th March, 2015, Obasi Chinedu Expressed regret over the failings of the management of the Joint Admission And Matriculation Board(JAMB), and Laments with the Average Nigerian Admission Seeker over the development.

According to Obasi Chinedu, From his visit to the Zeetech JAMB CBT Centre, Nsukka, Enugu State, JAMB 2015 UTME candidates who were supposed to begin their examination at 1:30pm in the afternoon did not enter their halls until about 6pm in the evening, when they look all worn out, tired and exhausted from the long wait. Unfortunately for them, their story was just about to begin. They had barely commenced their examination when the JAMB examiner in charge told those who has commenced that they are only fooling around as their answers are not saving since the server is down and the systems has to be restarted.

After the restart, students had barely spent 1 hour of the examination when those in charge announced to them that they are tired and need to go home as the time is past 7:30pm.It was a party of tears as Admission seeking Nigerian students broke down after the whole system was turned off from the control room with students barely answering 2 subjects of the 4.

What Chances await such intelligent Nigerian Students who were not allowed to Express their right, their Responsibilities as Nigerians??

Why should they be subjected to such treatment??

Dont these students deserve more after spending over N6,000 for the CBT registrations??

Why should JAMB make use of such dilapidated facilities to fraustrate Admission Seeking Nigerian Students??

Why Should JAMB commence such a system when they are not prepared for it??

JAMB has failed in 2015, and only those who has the voice can air out their views!!

If Nigeria were to be the United States, the 2015 JAMB UTME would be cancelled, but being Nigeria as it is, where the rights of the poor are being trampled upon, No one would say anything about it, and Dibu Ojerinde and the Management of JAMB would get away, scott free with this trampling of Students right!!

This is a call to president Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, and the Federal Government to Do something about this Injustice being meted out on innocent Admission Seeking Nigerians, and give them the Justice they truly Deserve!!!

We are Nigerians, and We Are all equal. Let us be treated as such.

We have our rights, let us express it!!

Say No to the Academic Injustice of the Joint Admission And Matriculation Board,
Say No to the Failures of Dibu Ojerinde and the JAMB board
Say No to Injustice

Let all admission seeking Nigerian Student have a fair ground in all examination!!

God Bless All Admission Seeking Nigerian Students
God Bless The Federal Republic Of Nigeria

– Obasi. D. C. Chinedu
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