JAMB 2015: The Last Days at Forcados High School Summary

This is a summary of the Compulsory Text for all JAMB 2015 UTME applicants, which we believe they ought to know before taking their examination.

1. Jimi Solade waywards brother. Wole is back to
the house; a night before Jimi’s resumption from
the Summer holidays.
2. First day at school after the summer holidays
at Forcados High School
3. Coker Efua, the new beautiful ‘Mysterious’ girl,
resumes at Forcados College
4. Jimi Solade joined his brother to a bar – drinks alcohol.
5. Efua Cokers is the subject at Forcados College. Jimi Solade having a crush for the new girl; she is not paying him attention. What becomes of Caro – Jimi’s girlfriend? Will he
abandon her for Efua.

Find out this and more by obtaining a copy of
The last days at Forcados College
6. Coker pays Nene a visit.
7. Ms Agbenenovi, a youth corp member resumes her primary assignment at Forcados College.
8. End of term activities at Forcados College.
9. A bleak moment for Jimi and his family. Mrs
Solade diagnosed of Cancer.
10. Jimi finally gets some attention from Coker
Efua. How did it happen? Find out from Chapter
10 of The Last days at Forcados College
11. Mrs Solade Dies of Cancer.
12. Mr Solade travels abroad, leaving Jimi and his
brother Wole alone in the house.
13. Nene get jealous of the attention Efua seems to get from Jimi and her visible acts of concerns towards Jimi
14. A controversial entry in Efua diary subjects
her and her favourite teacher “Novi” to scrutiny.
15. Efua gets a one week suspension from the
Forcados College and Corper Novi redeployed
16. Nene visits Efua in the hospital. Begs for her
forgiveness. In the process of reconciliation, Efua reveals the genesis of her hatred for boys.
17. Jimi moves out of Ansa resident over their
arguments over Jimi’s ill treatment towards Efua.
18. Forcados Chemistry lab broken into.
19. Jimi Solade takes responsibility for the
missing lab equipment. Efua stands by Jimi in his
trying moments; she repaid his hostility and
judgmental attitude towards her with love, good
judgment. Ansa brushes his nervousness aside for once, “It can’t be Jimi”, he ‘roared’.
20. Jimi passed his final year exams in flying
colours, gets a scholarship to study Electrical
Engineering. Receives a letter from Efua. —–

Chapter One
It was early in the morning and still dark when
Jimi Solade woke up to someone shaking him
roughly. He groaned and mumbled to himself, half asleep.
‘Jimi!’ He jerked fully awake at the sound of that
familiar voice, it was is his. brother.
‘Wole!’ Jimi said in surprise.
‘Yes , it’s me’ and his brother
smiled in a way that showed only his upper teeth.
‘Man! What…?’ Jimi began. They stared at each
other, delighted.
‘No greeting , little bro?’ Wole smiled again.
‘Sorry, but does anyone know you’re here? Does
Daddy…?’ Jimi did not complete the sentence;
instead he embraced his brother tightly,’I’ve
missed you!’
Wole was thinner. Jimi could feel it.
‘Mum knows I’m here,” Wole said. He too did not
mention their father. Just then, the alarm clock
sounded. It was time for Jimi to get up, and he
released his brother.
‘Go on, get ready for school,’ Wole said, stretching on the bed. ‘At least you seem happy
to see me.’ He looked round the room at the
carelessly flung shirts, jeans and boxer shorts
over the chair, to the poster of the Manchester
United football team on the wall above Jimi’s
bed. A typical boy’s room.

Another worn-out poster of Tupac Shakur was
pasted on the opposite wall.
‘I didn’t remove it even though it’s an eyesore,’
Jimi said, grinning. ‘Everything’s is just as you
left it.’
Wole squeezed Jimi’s arm lightly.
He picked up something on the bedside table
beside Jimi’s music CDs, chemistry and mathematics textbooks. ‘Man, this is some
watch. Must have cost a mountain. You always get all the nicest things, why…?’
‘Wole, don’t touch my watch.’
‘What’s your problem? Can’t look at a watch?’
‘I’m sorry bro,’ Jimi muttered.
‘I’m glad to see you back – really – but,, you
‘My cute, spoiled little brother…
You grow taller
every time I see you.’ Wole got up walked
towards the door. ‘Don’t worry about the old
bear. Better get ready for school. Er- I took some cash from your drawers, hope you don’t mind.
Sighing, Jimi plodded to the bathroom. Trust his
brother to always collect things, but he was
happy he was back. It was a new day and the
beginning of his final school year. Like his
brother, he was as tall and long-limbed as an
athlete, though, unlike his brother, he had dimples when he smiled. He was sixteen years old and he was already sprouting a beard.

He flexed his right arm noting that he had
developed muscles. Good, He whistled as he took his shower, refusing to think about the morning’s surprise. The reason why was long story; too long to think about on a brand new day.

“The Last Days at Forcados High School” by A.H.
Mohammed tells the story of Jimi Solade, the
most popular boy at the elite Forcados High
As he begins his final year in senior secondary
together with his friends, the sweet-hearted and
devout Nene and Ansa, the nerdy art genius, he’s determined it’s going to be his best year yet.
But Jimi’s rogue brother, Wole, is back – which
means trouble can’t be far behind.
Then there’s Efua, the beautiful and mysterious
new girl in class who seems to have no time for
boys – including Jimi. But when Jimi’s mother
falls ill, he realizes that things are about to change – and not necessarily in a good way.

A funny and honest book about self-discovery,
family, friendship, tolerance and the highs and
lows of life as a modern Nigerian teenager. Told in straightforward language, A.H. Mohammed never talks down to readers.
Instead, Last Days stands out with its realistic
situations, original characters and deft storytelling.

It is at once entertaining and deadly serious,
tackling a range of difficult issues including drug
abuse, discrimination and loss, with intelligence
and great writing.

All the best at the 2015 UTME


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