EKSU Students, Soldiers Harrasment, The Truth Behind It

The drama started when the students of Ekiti State University, EKSU in affiliation with Michael Otedola College of Primary education staged a peaceful protest to agitate against the unfair treatment of the management of the institution.

A press release by the mother institution (Ekiti State University) on the 23rd of January 2015 prompted this protest. In the publication, MOCPED was accused of huge indebtedness and non remittance of students result to the school (eksu) senate for approval.

This press release and the unfair treatment of students on this campus prompted students to demand for explanation from the school management . Some of the things agitated for by the students include:
1. Untimely release of examination result
2. Embezzlement of our school fees
3. Non remittance of Eksu’s fund
4. Non processing of students certificate
5. Unstable academic calendar
6. Poor managerial setting
7. Poor administration of the degree program ………

The peaceful protest was later turned sour on the arrival of the army. On their (soldiers) arrival, they started shooting to the airat the same time harassing the students with their ammunition without hearing the students view.

Students where tortured like criminals without committing any crime. At a point, the soldiers started looting nearby hostels and any student found inside the hostel was seriously dealt with.
Many students were injured by this soldiers without any justifiable reason.

I am yet to fathom the reason why those who are supposed to protect our fundamental human right are the ones infringing on our right. How long will this continue? When will all this maltreatment stop?

This act is totally repugnant to natural justice and we want the government to intervene in this issue. We can’t continue this way.

Please government come to our aid. Our destiny is at stake.


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