UNN SUG 2014: SUG Speaker’s Plans to Disqualify Contestants Exposed

– Exposes Corruption in UNN Electioneering Committee!

Ahead of the upcoming 2014/2015 SUG UNN elections,we know that consultations has started and the polity is heating up with undeground campaigns. Inline with our determination to unfold, reveal and expose those we believe do not have the interest of the greatest lions and lionesses at heart and are bent on truncating and subverting due process and democracy ahead of the electioneering processes, we wish to reveal the hidden agendas of some so called leaders and Aspirants, who wish to preside over thousands of lions and lionesses.

Also involved in this publication is the corrupt nature of the UNN electioneering committee (UNN INEC), in charge of the December 11th SUG elections, as exposed by this discovery.

To cut short the long stories, Below is the conversations of one of the contenders of the post of SUG by name Hon Precious Nwancha C. the so called speaker of house, who believes he can buy the Election Committee, especially using the powers of incumbency!.

We hereby call on all lions and lionesses to rise up and say NO to this intending imposition of candidates by so called school authorities.We cannot afford to close our eyes and watch things go wrong or hijacked by some elements.

All we are saying is that level playing grounds should be provided for all aspirants, and let the great lions and lionesses decide who would SERVE THEM!!


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    Its quite pitiable that you chose such a low-end manner: cooking up obvious lies against people of integrity! You might need to try other tactics. Lions & Lionesses will not fall for cheap lies like yours. You couldn’t even properly photoshop the whatsapp interactive environment.
    As a note of advice, beware that you are using the names of highly placed university officials – including the Dean of Student Affairs – in your childish prank. A word they say..is enough. People expect VNTI to be more objective and sincere in its work. When they choose not to be…then may it not be long before what they deserve comes to them.
    _Rt. Hon. Precious C. Nwancha (Speaker, SUG House of Reps. UNN)


    Fellow Nigerian Students, only the non-discerning can fall prey to lies by hateful, fearful individuals who are not confident enough to stand election without cooking up malicious propaganda. Be on your guard. Do your own research and know the truth as we all work towards building a strong, dynamic student’s union. I love you all.

  3. Joy Chinaza Nebo says:

    This is so ridiculous!
    Great Lions and lionesses, the ground is free for anyone who thinks he/she have something to offer.
    Resorting to this kind of prank is so unprofessional.
    Who you are speaks before and after the election.
    It doesn’t end at securing at position(which is the least level of leadership), Life is bigger than that.
    Widen your thinking horizon!

  4. Ezenwosu Arinze Cardinal says:

    dis guys can be soo stupidly desprate. so dey can go dis far jus to win election. if they eventually win dis election, lions and lionesses are finished. Precious, my respected speaker, pls. stand fame we the students know ur a man of character. but u hv to b careful with ur life dis guys are really desperate. i am also concern about the students welfare

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