FUNAAB 2014 Post-UTME: The Hidden Secrets Of Admission

As usual, we bring you gathered details about what we have learnt about a particular Institution’s examination. Below are things we believe you need to know about the Federal University Of Agriculture, Abeokuta ahead of the FUNAAB 2014 post-UTME screening.

• the FUNAAB 2014 Post UTME exams to be written in the Federal University of Agriculture Abeokuta is a Computer Based Test (CBT) hence no past-question can be obtained.

• Your waec results determine your chances to a greater extent since it is used in calculating your total marks for admission purposes

• . Minimum Jamb Cutoff for UTME aspirants is 180
• . Minimum Grade for Direct Entry is Upper Credit or it’s equivalent.

• For UTME Candidates, you’ll need combination of good O’level Result, Jamb score and Post-UTME score before you can be offered admission.
• And for Direct Entry Candidates, you also need Good O’level result and nice CGPA. Direct Entry candidates are not required to undergo post-utme screening.

• FUNAAB admission is based on 3 things: your O level, your JAMB score and your FUNAAB 2014 post UTME score.
These three things are summed up and totalled over 100%, with your O level carrying 20%, Jamb score 50%, and post UTME score 30%.

• Awaiting result can be used as long as the result will be ready by august.

• For all SCIENCE students (no matter the course you’re applying for), the O level requirement is a minimum of credit pass (C6) in maths, english, physics, chemistry, biology.

• For COMMERCIAL STUDENTS, the O level requirement is a minimum of credit pass (C6) in maths, english, economics, and one 2 of commerce, Finance. Accounts, or Geography.

*As of last year, the Jamb cut-off was 180. And the post UTME cut-off was 40%

• If you’re applying for Engineering and engineering related courses, your Jamb subject combination should be english, maths, physics & chemistry.

• If you’re applying for Agric courses or courses like biology etc, your Jamb subject combination should be english, chemistry, biology and maths/physics.

• Go through your JAMB brochure for detailed info on the various requirements for the course.

• once you meet off the UTME cut off mark which in most cases is 180 and you meet the required FUNAAB 2014 POST UTME score for a pass, be sure you will get a course to study; though if you do not do too well, you might not get your course of choice, unless your course is not competitive.

List of Competitive courses in FUNAAB are
1. All Engineerin’ courses are competitive ( the least competitive is Agricultural Engineering. )
2. Almost all COINAS(college of Natural sciences) Courses ( Computer sc, Microbiology, Chemistry, Biochemistry, Mathematics, Phsics, Statistics.. Biology is the least competitive. )
2. COLERM Courses like Environmental management and toxicology & Wma.. Aqfm and Fwm are the least competitive
4. Veterinary Medicine is very Competitive.
5. COLAMRUD courses like (Ae & Fm), (Ae & Rd) are a bit competitive.
6. COLFECH courses also are a bit competitive ( Food Science and Technology & Nutrition and Dietics. Hsm is the least competitive).
7. In COLANIM Aph is very competitive the rest are not all that competitive except for Animal Breeding and Genetics.
8. Generally all COPLANT courses are not competitive.. If you dont get your firstchoice of course Coplant is more of the place you’ll find yourself in if your not lucky with other departments.

To calculate your current score, before the FUNAAB 2014 post-utme,
• step one
* divide ur jamb by 8
* second step
A1 is 6
b2 is 5
b3 is 4
c4 is 3
c5 is 2
c6 is 1
.third step

sum the o-level and multiply it by 20 and divide it by 30…..
. forth step

Your FUNAAB 2014 post-utme multipy by 0.3.

• The FUNAAB tuition fee for New students is N32,200, and acceptance fee for admitted students is N40, 000

• Stalites Pay: 200-300L 17k, 400-500L 15k.
Engineering & vet medicine students pay 10k extra.

• What are the courses they offer and how many years is it?
The list of courses offered in FUNAAB can be seen in the table on the full document.
-All agric courses are 5 years.
-All engineering courses are 5 years.
-Vet medicine is 6 years.
-All Management courses (Econs, BEM, EPS, Acc) are 4 years.
-All Natural science courses are 4 years: mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, microbiology, statistics, computer science, biochemistry.
-All other courses are five (5) years except; Home Science Management, Nutrition and Dietetics, and Food Service and Tourism

• Is awaiting result accepted?
Yes, awaiting result is accepted. But you need to be careful, FUNAAB admission is usually around august which means that any result that can’t be ready by August is not advisable. For candidates that intends to use WAEC May/June, you’re free. But don’t try NECO because if you sat for NECO that year, your result won’t be out by the time FUNAAB releases the admission list.

• Is double sitting accepted?
Of course, double sitting is accepted as long as the name on the 2 results is the same.

• Can I combine WAEC & NECO?
Of course you can combine both as long as you’re the owner of the results and both results carry the same “candidate’s name”.

• Is NABTEB results accepted?
No information about that for now. But I don’t think it’s accepted for now.

• Do they consider non-indigenes?
FUNAAB is a no catchment area school which means there are no indigenes. Everyone has equal chances.

• When will the FUNAAB 2014 post-UTME form be released?
The FUNAAB 2014 post UTME form Would be released in July this year. Just re-visit our website daily.

• How will I know when the post UTME form is out?
When the post UTME form is out, it’ll be stated boldly on ours as well as the school website. Don’t fall for scam. If you don’t see the news on ours or the school website, don’t believe it.

• How do I get the post UTME form?
As new technologies appear regularly, so the method of applying for post UTME changes. But the latest method is that, you’ll provide your name and JAMB reg. no. on the school website, then print an invoice. You’ll take the invoice to the stated bank (any branch) and pay your money. You then go back to the portal where you printed that invoice. If your payment has been confirmed, you’ll be able to proceed with your registration.
When the time comes, we would help you with this!!

• What if I made a mistake during the post UTME registration?
Mistakes made during post UTME registration can be corrected before the exam date by coming down to the school main campus and head to the ICT centre (it’s not free, you’ll be asked to pay a token, maybe N500). So, while uploading your results, make sure you don’t make a mistake. Go to the café with all your documents. Purchase sufficient browsing time and make sure you cross-check your form well before clicking final submission.

• How does the post UTME look like?
The post UTME is a Computer Based Test (CBT). The questions will be displayed on a system and you’ll be answering it on the system by just clicking the appropriate answer with the mouse. If you’ve never operated a computer before, make sure you start by visiting cafes. 50 questions, 25-30 minutes.

For science students, the 50 questions is made up of mth, eng, bio, phy & chm. The number of questions per subject varies.
For commercial students, the 50 questions is made up of just mth, eng & econs.

• When will the post UTME results be released and how do I check it?
The post UTME results will be released latest a week after the exam date. Do note that the post UTME cut-off is 40% i.e. if you have anything less than 40, you’re not eligible for admission even if your composite is 50%.

• How is the aggregate/composite score calculated?
FUNAAB admission is based on 3 criteria: JAMB score, O level grades and post UTME score. JAMB score carries 50% of the composite, O level carries 20%, while post UTME score carries the remaining 30%. In order to learn how to calculate your composite, let’s calculate the composite of ADE. Here are his results:
-JAMB score- 205
-O LEVEL: Eng. Lang- C5
Maths- C6
Chm- B3
Phy- C4
Bio- B2
Econs- A1
F/Maths- F9
Geography- D7

-Post UTME score- 53%
The JAMB score is divided by 8.
The O level grades carried points
A1= 6points, B2= 5points, B3= 4points, C4=3points, C5= 2points, C6= point. Only the 5 required subjects are calculated (MTh, end, phy, chm, and bio). The sum is then multiplied by 2 over 3 ().

The post UTME score is multiplied by 0.3
Now, in order to calculate the composite of Ade, we first
-Divide his JAMB score by 8 i.e. = 25.63
-Calculate his O level.

First part: We need grades of mth, eng, chm, phy & bio which are
Total points 1 + 2 + 4 + 3 + 5= 15

Second part. We then multiply the points by i.e. 15 x = 10
-Calculate the post UTME
Ade had 53 in the post UTME so we simply multiply the 53 by 0.3 i.e. 53 x 0.3= 15.9

Therefore, the composite of Ade is the sum of the composites gotten from his JAMB score, O level and post UTME score. That is
>JAMB- 25.63
>O level- 10
>post UTME- 15.9
Composite= 25.63 + 10 + 15.9= 51.53% (don’t approximate).
Therefore, Ade’s composite is 51.53%

• How many candidates will be offered admission?
The average number of candidates offered admission per session is 3,500 (D.E inclusive). But sometimes, it might be close to 3,700.

• Can I do change of course after the post UTME and how?
No, there’s no room for that in FUNAAB.

• How many admission lists do they normally release and when?
Two usually. First batch and second batch, plus a supplementary list.

• What is the screening all about?
The screening is a form of oral interview for all candidates offered admission into FUNAAB. You’ll be required to dress corporately. Shirt and trousers for male, skirt and blouse for female is okay. Don’t panic, it’s no big deal. You’ll be asked questions you have answers to e.g. your age, year of graduation, state of origin etc. as long as you don’t insult the interviewers, you won’t be disqualified.

• What are the documents we’ll be asked to present for registration?
May vary, but to avoid running around, get the following ready:
-Original JAMB result that contains your passport photo and the photocopy. This can only be gotten by purchasing JAMB E-facility scratch card (N1, 200) and following the instructions behind the card.
-O level result(s). Not necessarily the one from WAEC/NECO office. You can use the one printed from the net or statement of result from your school. Just make sure it is the original copy (coloured preferably). Also make a photocopy.
-Testimonial. This document can be gotten from the school you sat for you SSCE- not necessarily the school you graduated from. For instance, if you graduated from COVENANT College, but the O level result you’re using is from EVERGREEN Private College. The testimonial you’re going to use must be that of EVERGREEN Private College. This is for those using WAEC (May/June) or NECO (May/June).
-Admission status page. You may not know what this is, but it is the document you print rom the admission portal that contains all your data: course offered, O level, JAMB UTME and post UTME score and composite. You need the original and photocopy.
-Birth certificate (Original & photocopy). The birth certificate should be that gotten from National Population Commission (NPC) at the LGA or a general hospital. Any other birth certificate will be rejected.
-Letter of Attestation from your school, a respectable body or religious leader. This is for those using GCE (whether WAEC GCE or NECO GCE). If you’re combining WAEC and GCE, you’ll need a testimonial from the school you sat for the WAEC and a letter of attestation for the GCE result you’re using. But if you’re using just WAEC, all you need is the statement of result and testimonial.

• What if I (mistakenly) filled a wrong information during the post UTME registration, but after I’ve been admitted the error was discovered during the result verification process. What will be my fate?
Your fate depends on God. But usually, the admission is not withdrawn. You’ll just be required to rectify it.

• What if the name in one of my documents differs from the one in others?
The 2 documents can’t be combined then. Or you should just go swear an affidavit that you made an error in the document.

• What if my name is wrongly spelt in one of my documents (e.g. Matthew spelt Mathew, Shola spelt Sola). Does it mean?
No it doesn’t. The inspector will understand that the error is minimal.

• I want to use combined result, but there is a problem. The name on my WAEC result is Williams Chika Ezinne. But the person that helped me register for GCE filled Williams Chika Ezenwa. What do I do?
You can’t use the 2 results together. They’re conflicting. Just sit for another exam.

• Does the school have hostels? How much?
Yes, the school has hostels and the current prices are
Old male block: N18, 090
New male block: N25, 090
Old female block: N25, 090
New female block: N30, 090

• How much will it cost to get an apartment off campus?
If you want to stay totally off the school vicinity, you can get a room at N20, 000. But if you want to stay close to the school, get N40, 000 ready at least.

• Does the school run pre-degree? How is it done (price inclusive)?
Yes the school runspre-degreeand the application forms are usually released around august @ N10, 000. The total fees to be paid for the pre-degree programme isN150, 000(accommodation not included).

• What other programs do they run?
They also run Cambridge A’ Level for 8 months. With the Cambridge A’ Level, you can gain admission into 200Level in any University of the world including FUNAAB.

• I was offered admission by (e.g. Auchi Poly) and was later offered admission into FUNAAB. I want to print my admission letter from JAMB website but it’s that of Auchi Poly that’s still there. How do I reject the admission so that I can print the admission letter of FUNAAB?
Visit JAMB office.

• What if I had below the cut-off mark of my chosen course, will I be offered another course?
Yes, you’ll be fitted in the next available department as long as your composite is okay.

subject to be taken by science students include;
• maths, english, chemistry, physics and biology (10 questions each)
Management icludes;
• maths, government, english and economics only (50 questions) but randomly for about 30minutes.




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