Direct Admission To 200 Level: Heard Of IJMB?

IJMB Is An A-Level Programme, when completed with acceptable grades, allows a student apply for Direct Entry admission in Any University in the Country.

This programme, unlike the Diploma or Pre-degree is accepted across all Universities, and is a Direct way to be admitted into 200 Level of any Institution.

Apply Today, and Obtain your IJMB(A-Level Certificate) at BRAS Poly, Igbaja, and benefit from 2 chances of admission, at next years JAMB, instead of the Usual one, that is;
• Via UTME(Using O-Levels)
• Via Direct Entry(Using IJMB, A-Levels).

For Candidates planning to Apply for the 2014/2015 JAMB, why not also apply for IJMB at the same time, so in a year, you could have 2 chances of admission.

Apply for IJMB Now at BRAS Poly.
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  2. ijmb website says:

    all informations given here are true

  3. IJMB has been around for a some times, but only a hand full of student who applied into this programme actually gets admission with it into universities, this is due to the fact that many university dont accept it. Though i know ABU Zaira do accept. IJMB programme are usually based on three major subject in your field e.g Biology, Chemistry, and Physics and are graded in 5points per subject, so at the end of your programme you will be aiming at 15 points. To get admission, you should score from 10 points and above but the requirement for some school may differ. IJMB is a sure way to get to 200 level but you most work hard.

  4. Rudolf Zinnia says:

    Has the issue of jamb 3years stood? I mean is it concrete now?

  5. ijmb website says:


  6. pls can i have a guideline on southwest schools that accept ijmb in their humanities,arts or social science faculties

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