ASUU Strike: Poor Varsity Education Standard, As A Result Of Greed And Poor Vision, Not Inadequate Funding- Obasi

This week, Obasi. D. C. Chinedu of VNTI take a more critical assessment at the ASUU Strike, Falling standard of Nigerian Universities, especially the South Eastern Institutions, and Their Claims of Poor Funding.

Its all greed, and all about their pockets.
They are keeping the Nigerian students(future leaders) at home Just because of “their Unpaid allowances”, not even monthly salaries.

The University Of Ilorin, UNILORIN, an Institution to consider, is not a member of the Union, and they are doing fine:
• Academically
• Infrastructurally
• In terms of student Life
• In terms of teaching culture
• In terms of the quality of graduates
• In terms of her tuition fees
• Technologically advanced

One of the best, if not the best in Nigeria.

Don’t go on Unnecessary strikes to destroy the mindset of their students.

All This, Without being a member of ASUU, or receiving any benefits of membership.

As a point to note, Federal allocations to Nigerian Universities, are shared equally by age and Size of the Institutions in the same class.
Now tell me, Is it not the same amount of Money that the Federal Government provides to the other Federal Institutions???
Especially those in the South East Of Nigeria???

Take a Look at UNILAG , UI, OAUIFE and other South-Western Universities and Compare their Standard, Facilities, Infrastructures, Tuition Fees With those in the south East of the Nation.
Having equal Allocation from the federal government, You would agree with me that the Poor standard of academic and infrastructures in the south Eastern Universities is more as a result greed and Poor Management without Vision, than Inadequate Funds, else, Someone is not telling us the truth here.

Only in the Person of Prof. Bartholomew Ndubuisi Okolo, The University Of Nigeria, Nsukka, UNN has found a rare Missing gem who is on a mission with a vision to transform the Face of Africa’s Once greatest University with more buildings, structures, to cover the shame of an Institution who before his appointment has more Uncompleted buildings and dilapidated Classes than Standard ones.

The Falling Standard Of education In Nigeria Is Basically not a result of Inadequate Funds but more as a result of Greed, Mis-management of available funds, and Poor Vision of the Institution Leaders.

Having The Best Facilities, Structures, Laboratories and Standards in Nigerian Tertiary education Sector, the Universities Of Lagos, UNILAG, Ibadan, UI, ile-Ife, OAUIFE, and Ilorin, UNILORIN, still charge the standard, low(lowest) tuition fees for a Nigerian University, with none of them exceeding the N20,000 mark for a first year student ion a federal University.

The question is, Where do they get the funds used for their development and infrastructures???

This is in comparison with south-Eastern Universities like the University Of Nigeria, UNN, the Nnamdi Azikiwe University, UNIZIK, Federal University Of Technology, Owerri, FUTO, and others, none of them collecting less than N50,000 as tuition fees, with FUTO looking more ridiculous having an admission acceptance fee of N40,00 to be paid by an excess of 4,500 newly admitted students each year.

In The University Of Nigeria, Nsukka, UNN tuition fee receipt, She has a “Developmental Fee of N20,000” payable by all students.

The question is, What are all this Funds used for??
And why do these institutions look more like abandoned projects, especially the roads of FUTO and UNIZIK??

To move education forward in the country, especially in the south East, we need born leaders in the Varsity management, who are determined to create changes, and a vision to be ahead of others, not on a mission to extort more money from her students, their parents, and the Federal Government all in a single package of “Inadequate Funding”.

A Management who can be Able to do what they can with what they have.

Much more has to be done about the Management of these institutions, rather screaming Inadequate funding Like a vampire thirsty for blood, if any progress would be observed in our tertiary education sector.

– Obasi. D. C. Chinedu

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  1. Assu is greedy, to me the FGN ve done enough by honouring part of the agreement on that note, if ASSU was a union who love the progress of the nation they should ve called off the strike @ the main time. Yes the may say ‘they want 2 get done ones and for all but that will definetly poss treat to the progress of the nation as it is doing now esspecial as the FG is saying that they have done all they could.

  2. ahmad muhammad says:

    We are tied of staying at home this asuu strike wll definately affect our academic calender I therefore call on the federal government and asuu to resolve this strike for the interest of nigerian student

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