Fakunle Re-elected DVC Of The University Of Ilorin, UNILORIN

At a special meeting of the University Of Ilorin, UNILORIN Senate last Monday (September 16, 2013), Prof. Y. M. Fakunle was re-elected Deputy Vice-Chancellor while Prof. A. Sanni of the Department of Microbiology was elected into the University Governing Council as one of the four Senate representatives.

Later on the same day, Prof A. S. Abdussalam of the Faculty of Arts and Prof. J. K. Joseph of the Faculty of Agriculture were elected by the University Congregation to represent it on the Governing Council.

The Registrar, Mr. E. D. Obafemi, had earlier informed members of the Senate that the position of one of the Deputy Vice-Chancellors would become vacant at the end of September and that a new one had to be elected and presented to the Council for ratification.

Mr. Obafemi also disclosed that the tenure of one of the four Senate representatives on the Governing Council, Prof. O. A. Omotesho, had expired since July 31, 2013, and that a new representative had to be elected.

The Registrar then invited the Vice-Chancellor to make his nominations for election into the Office of the Deputy Vice-Chancellor.

Following this, Prof. Ambali nominated two candidates as required by the law. The two nominees were Prof. Fakunle, the incumbent Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Management Services) from the College of Health Sciences and Prof. A. S. Abdussalam from the Faculty of Arts.

Before the commencement of voting however, one of the nominees, Prof. Abdussalam, announced his decision to withdraw from the race thus clearing the coast for Prof. Fakunle to be returned unopposed.

However, at the 49th meeting of the Congregation later at the Main Auditorium, Prof. Abdussalam was also elected unopposed to the Governing Council, while Prof. Joseph was also re-elected to the Council.

The Vice-Chancellor thereafter congratulated Prof. Fakunle, Prof. Sanni, Prof. Abdussalam and Prof. Joseph, saying that he would convey their respective elections to the Governing Council, which is scheduled to meet this week, for ratification.


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