UNN Direct Entry 2013: Important Information For All Applicants

Firstly, I want to say congratulation for opening this post because many people are uninformed which makes them outdated and misinformed. This article gives an important information every direct entry applicant to UNN suppose to know.

All prospective direct entry candidates are required to register with JAMB though they don’t write JAMB examination. The registration enables them to get a JAMB registration number too which will enable them to register for the school Post UTME for Direct entry students. Last year, someone came to register for the post UME without registering with JAMB but couldnot register because she was not informed.

The subjects that you will take in your post UME are the subjects required for UME applicants in the course you applied for, For instance If you applied for Medicine and surgery People that wrote JAMB exam for medicine and surgery wrote English, Chemistry, physics and Biology so that means that people that applied for medicine and surgery in Direct Entry will write the same subjects in the POST UME, The only difference isthat your questions will be more advanced when compared to UME candidates

Study your JAMB past questions very well and advanced textbooks on the subject you are writing in the post UME. For those writing for science courses, studying first year courses in chemistry, physics and biology will be an added advantage. Studying post ume past questions is also an added advantage. English is a compulsory subject in the post UME so studying FELAR 909 for UNN post UME will help.

The exam normally holds at the Nsukka campus of the University of Nigeria. The venue for the exam inside the campus will be out 2days or a day before the examination. The exam questions is 15 questions for each of the subjects which is a total of 60 questions. The exam is usually on a Thursday or a Friday. The result comes out 24 hours after the examination while the interview is the upper week.

NOTE: From previous years, if you don’t score up to 200 and above in thepost UME exam, you are not qualified for the interview and that’s the end of the admission process. So candidates that scores more than 200 attends the faculty interview which holds at the different faculty of the course you applied for, for instance, the interview for those that applied for marketing will go for interview at the Faculty of Business administrationin UNEC (Enugu Campus of the University)

The student affairs department will provide accommodation for candidates at the different hostels

The interview is majorly for those that scored 200 and above in the post UME, In the interview the faculty board wants to see your qualifications, That means that while coming to the exam, you should come with all your certificates, They want see your original results not statement of results, This is the major reason why undergraduate finalists don’t succeed in Direct Entry even after scoring 300 in the POST UME but the strictness of the faculties differs, Your dressing also matters in the interview because the University of Nigeria awards its degree in character and in learning. I want to say here that there are some conditions to some courses in UNN based on Direct Entry admission which you will never until the interview date which disappoints alot of candidates.

Such conditions which am awareof are:
1.Pharmacy does not accept OND and NCE
2.Engineering don’t accept OND and NCE but accepts HND and Degree
3.Nursing don’t accept School of Midwifery certificate
4.UNN generally accepts IJMB and A level certificates and other conditionswhich i may not know

Come to the exam with enough cash because you can stay up to 5 days in school, i.e staying from POST UME to the date for your interview especiallyif you are coming from a far distance.

I want to use this medium and wish you success as you prepare for the post UME

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  2. I want to commend you guys for the good work you’ve done ,that you’re doing and yet to be done.
    Please when is the exam(DE) date

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