ICPC, SAV, NYSC Team Up To Fight Illegal Varsities

The Independent Corrupt Practices and other related Offences Commission (ICPC) has enlisted the support of the Student Anti-corruption Vanguard and the National Youth Service Corps in the fight against the operation of illegal institutions in the country.

The chairman of the commission, Barr Ekpo Nta, in a statement made available to LEADERSHIP, said the commission had established Student Anti-Corruption Vanguard (SAV) in various tertiary institutions across the country with the objective of enlisting youth support and participation in the crusade against corruption in the nation.
He also said through a strategic partnership with the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC), the commission had been meeting with products of tertiary institutions at orientation camps.

According to him, anti-corruption sensitization lectures are delivered by ICPC officials in all the 37 NYSC camps across the nation three times in a year with the aim of sensitising corpers on the ills of corruption and encouraging them to form the NYSC community development groups where they would be at the vanguard of the crusade.

He said the proliferation of illegal universities across the country had become a source of embarrassment, lamenting that “although, the illegality of unauthorised ‘universities’ in itself is enough reason for their closure, the root cause of their continuous resurgence is not far to seek. The uncontrolled population growth of our society makes it not unexpected that education seekers would look for an outlet should there be any delay by government in establishing enough schools to keep pace with the educational demands of the populace.”

Nta contended that “ the end result has come to be the embracing of ‘illegally acquired’ education through the cutting of corners by approved universities which create sub-standard satellite campuses, study centres and outreach programmes. Worse still is that these unapproved establishments are usually manned by unqualified personnel.
The most outrageous is the outright establishment of fake institutions masquerading as universities with all sorts of affiliations. These became a common feature in our educational system”.

The ICPC boss said the solution to Nigeria’s socio-political problems lay in a high quality and sustainable education system, pointing out that the nation could do with better curricular, infrastructure and closer ties of its educational system with the industry. Any investment in this sector is an investment in the future of Nigeria, he further contended.

He added that quality and sustainable education sector, especially higher education, have the potential to create employment, improve wellness, create a well-informed or politically informed citizenry, and effectively tackle corruption and impunity in our body politics, hence the determination of the ICPC to curb the menace of illegal tertiary institutions.


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