13-year old Visually Impaired Nigerian Author calls for Quality Education

Miss Adeife Adeniran, a visually impaired Nigerian student in South Africa and author, has urged the Federal Government to provide quality education for people living with disabilities.
Adeniran, in Abuja on Friday, said that adequate training and quality education were crucial to the lives of people living with disabilities.
She said that with quality education, the disabled would actualise their potential and contribute meaningfully to the society’s development.
“It is our right to get quality education. We don’t need pity from the people; we need the opportunities and necessary assistance.
“My parents gave me the needed attention, education, love, care and these got me to where I am today.
“In South Africa, we have the Ministry for Women, Children and People Living with Disabilities, the country had attention for these classes of peopleto enable them meet their needs.
“In Nigeria, because the Ministry of Women Affairs is not named like that of South Africa, that is why much attention is not being given to the disabled”, she said.
Adeniran, therefore, called on the Nigerian government to rename the women affairs ministry like that of South Africa to enable it to serve the people concerned effectively.
Adeniran, 13, who said she became blind when she was five years old, added that she had no regrets over her fate adding that her effort had brought glory to Nigeria.
She advised parents not to discriminate against their challenged children butlove them equally.
She reminded parents that “if you don’t give love and care to your disabled children at home, they will seek that love outside and it can expose them to evil and corruption.”
Adeniran said parents should not be ashamed of having children with disability, adding that “God loves them; therefore, you must love them too.
“If you reject them and make them feel unwanted, God will not be happy with you.
“God that gave them to you will provide you with the means of taking care ofthem.
“Introduce them to your friends and colleagues just as you do other children. You never know who God will use to lift your family.’’
She said that being disabled had conferred some qualities on those in that reality of life as they could easily say the bitter truth.”
She, however, advised the disabled to be hard working with a view to making their parents and the nation proud.
On her book titled: “Can you imagine”, she said it was aimed at telling the people that “there is ability in disability’’, among others. (NAN)


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