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••••••: Who Is To Blame For The Rot In Our Education System?

1. Teachers in our schools are generally low-grade, poorly motivated, ill-equipped for their sacred duty.
2. Exam malpractice has become a culture; the most important friend tostudents. Even teachers are products and fans of the monster.
3. WAEC, NECO, JAMB and every other exam body thrives on the proceeds of exam malpractice, yet we have a government in place
4. Cult activities blossom in the primary schools right now. All imaginable acts of hooliganism are perpetrated by young children, sometimes under the supervision of one or two shameless teachers.
5. University teachers belittle themselves before their students by selling grades for money or sex. Yet we have establishments that should check the activities of these criminal and abominable lecturers.
6. Books to be recommended for study in schools are selected on the basis of financial gratification and not quality
as Officials of the ministry of education reek of graft.
7. Parents connive with corrupt teachers at every level to buy results and certificates for their children.
8. The government is guilty of criminal negligence. They sit at ease in the government houses and luxurious offices while our future burns
Concerned parents who can afford it quickly send their children to quality schools abroad or in Nigeria. Is this really the solution we need? Will these privileged children not come back to meet the rot they are running away from? What is the way out? Who is to blame?

A. The Nigerian Student
B. The Nigerian Government
C. The Nigerian Lecturers, Professors and Teachers
D. Politics
E. Corruption
F. The Devil
G. Internet and Technology
H. Not Mentioned, Give Your Reasons and Points

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  1. Racheal ebunoluwa says:


  2. Racheal ebunoluwa says:

    All of d above.cos each 1 of dem ave der on quota of contributn

  3. nigerian government is to be blamed no any other person or organisation

  4. balogun joseph says:

    Pls, i really agree wif dis write up in all sincerity cos all d aforementioned are really 2blame. Not only d government buh also d parents and etal. My only observation z dat d article says cultism z also rampant in pry schools. Pls dis z not true in nigeria. Our pry pupils have their own vices buh not cultism

  5. The teacher, basically education is to bring out the best in us. In a situation where by know good foundation is lay it affect the other side of the society at large and the nation followed suite. Government also contribute to the falling illness of our education.

  6. Nelson mark says:

    All of the above.

  7. Umenzeakor Kenechukwu says:

    all r to blame esp d rot in govt. Govt take d lion share of the blame

  8. Akinlusi Sunday says:

    All of the above.
    Students are no more reading, Teachers are not teaching well, Lecturers neglect their primary duties, poor funding of education, available fund are not used judiciously, students bribe their lecturers to have good grade, improper dressing among female students,
    laboratories are not well equiped, parents pay invigilators to allow their children to cut corners, students prefer facebooking and pinging to reading, students take their study with levity hands, students are not encouraged to read, Teachers and Lecturers are not well paid by the goverment……………..
    These and many others have contributed to the waning standard of educational system in Nigeria.

  9. victor cletus says:

    All i have to say is corruption have make the downfall of nigeria the says that teacher,lecturers are collecting bribes from their student by belittled themself to d student,n selln of certificate,expo for exam malpractice all dis just d handi work of corruption.

  10. Majorly d gvt cos they allow every vice

  11. ugwunwa momoh says:

    I hereby write to speak out the cause of the rot in our education system.
    First and foremost, the government is one of the cause: the nigeria government are only interested in making money from our educational board. Here in nigeria, before a student will find his/her self in the university, he/she must posess the following:
    What the difference btw utme and postutme?
    They are only making money in conducting the above exams.
    Now compare this kind of educational system to all other countries in the world,
    In other countries, they only need
    A high school certificate and an apptitude test for the student to be in university.
    So in a situation whereby a student sat for all these exams,passing the cutoffmark without gaining admission will fustrate him/her which will also encourage the student in seeking assistant from the lecturers and professors in form of runs.

    Secondly, the lecturers and professors have been so corupt to the extend that they give admission to student who scored below the cutoff mark just because of the money given to them by the students.
    Now it has been in the mind of most student, that even if. Pass the cutoff mark, u still need to see one or two lecturers to secure their admission..
    Mmmh, what an education system in nigeria.
    May God help us (amen)

  12. Devil is the evil of all evils. And that is why you can see majority of Nigeria student not serious and he set before them examination malpractise,unseriouness,cultisim and prostitution all because he knows there the FUTURE of tomorrow and neva let them to prosper.
    And also we can see how devil is making use of our lecturers,professors, even secondary school teachers against the rising the STAR for him to condem there carrier.
    Student are no longer serious like ever before all because they can bribe,purchase and sorthing either with their Money or their Body as the case may or by both. Worst still by godfathers or knowing people why not when the children of our rogue leaders are schoolin in the best universities oversees.
    Corruption as filled the Nation it’s a work tools of Devil used to jeopardise student carrier and lead to a wasted Life.
    Government has no choice because there the Tap Root of all educational abnormallity, it’s what thy they do themself and they can’t find solution to Exam Malpractise.
    Parent has the major role to take part in their{student} children live.
    Internet Technology also have their own bad contribution when it’s EXCESS toward jeopardisation of student Carrier.
    All you Listed has one bad contribution or the other.

  13. smarttiwo says:

    all are to blame, but government is high partaker of these problems. Because they neglected all the neccesary place to check in and move ahead to area of no merit. our children should be our priority in anything. in summary today government influence other option mentioned above.

  14. Grace Uzoma says:

    All of d above except option H are responsible 4 d rot in edu. most especially d Govt.

  15. adeyemi sandra says:

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  16. goodness says:

    The teachers,the school authorities and the government are all to blame.if the teachers,school authorities or the invigilators put their feet down and decide that their would be no exam malpractice that how it will be but the teachers would want make little money from the students thereby creating room for exam malpractice and also the government makes it difficult for students to gain admission into the higher institution causing students to look for alternative means.

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