Students are to be present in the venues 30 minutes before the commencement of the examination for their batch.

Students are to come with their ID cards and anything that will identify them as LAUTECH students. Students whoare not in possession of their LAUTECH ID Card, should come with any ID Card showing their full names and picture.

For the Login details:
For 100 level students
Username: CBT11XXXX
Password: PDS numbers or UME as the case may be
For stalites
Password: Portal Account password

Find the time for each group below:
Group 1 (8-9am)
Group 2 (9:30-10:30am)
Group 3 (11-12noon)
Group 4 (12:30-1:30pm)
Group 5 (2-3pm)
Group 6 (3:30-4:30pm)
Group 7 (5-6pm)

The list for each Group has been sent to all LAUTECH EmailAccounts (both staff and student)

Please note: All stalites are automatically batched into Group 7. Also, any student whose Name and Matriculation Number does not appear in the lists above, should join Group 7 to take their examination.

Students having complaints during the examination should call on Invigilators to attend to him or her. Students are not to help their fellow student in the examination hall for any reason.

Best of Luck to all students.


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