From each numbered list, choose the word or expression which will complete the corresponding sentence correctly 1. ‘The answer to this sum is wrong. You ——- a mistake
a. must 8make b. must have made c. can have made
d. may have made
2. ‘When you are ready, you ——- go’
a. may b. can’t c. ought not to d. would
3. ‘I wonder where Okeke is. He ——– by now’.
a. ought to arrive b. ought to have arrived c. must arrive
d. can’t have arrived
4. ‘Hurry up, it’s time to go’, ‘Surely, it
a. can’t be b/ must be c. mustn’t be d. can be
5. Bridget: I’ll have to go, now, Ada: Surely you ——- go yet’
a. mustn’t b. need to c. don’t need to d. have go to
6. Musa: ‘Where’s Aliu?’
Hassan: ‘He’s not here. He ——- early’.
a. must have to leave b. must leave c. had left d. must have left
7. Lanre: I wish you would drive more carefully, Yemi. You ——- someone just then
a. might have to wait b. had to wait c. could have waited
d. must have waited
WORD AND OPPOSITE Each question below consists of a word in capital letters, followed by four lettered-words or phrases. Choose the word or phrase that is most nearly opposite in meaning to the word in capital letters. Since some of the questions require you to distinguish fine shades of meaning, consider all the choices before deciding which is best.
8. HESITATE (a) dishearten (b) reprove (c) decide (d) signify
22. STAMINA (a) lack of stability (b) lack of endurance
(c) lack of restraint (d) sudden disturbance
9 BUSTLE (a) repair (b) cooperate fully (c) move slowly
(d) speak clearly
10. PRODIGIOUS (a) intellectual (b) adult (c) microscope
(d) intense
10. SPECIOUS (a) typical (b) narrow (c) golden (d) tenseness
(d) insignificance
Choose the most appropriate meaning to each of the underlined idiomaticexpressions from the options provided.
11. His unannounced departure from Nigeria was a bolt from the blue
(a) unwelcome (b) derelict (c) interesting (d) sudden
12. The new trade figures appear to be a shot in the arm.
(a) a precedence (b) an impetus (c) topsy-turvy (d) solvent
13. The president is going from state to state stirring his sturnpts
(a) organising his campaign
(b) interrogating some party offenders
(c) canvassing with members of his constituency
(d) seeking support of his followers

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