The University Of Benin(UNIBEN) has released the long awaited 2012/2013 UNIBEN admission list of successfully admitted students into academic programmes for the Next academic session.

Reports have it that admitted students have been given funny courses, not applied to, as science applicants are seen admitted into art courses.
This is believed to be an electronic error of the 2012 UNIBEN admission list checking portal, which should be amended soon.

The list can be accessed by signing in to your account on the University website. Follow the steps below:
1. Click here to access the University portal
2. Enter your Username and Password as Used during registration
3. You should see your results and your admission status displayed below.

We wish you all the best.

You Can Reach us by comment below, if you have any questions. We would be glad to be of assistance.

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  1. Pls oh wat is the cutoff mark oh @ vnti

  2. Stephen Dickson says:

    Thank’s u Jesus christ’ for so why d uniben post ume is out’o

  3. Tope kolapo says:

    Admision list is stil disclose why

  4. I used capital letas 4 my password but it gave me invalid credntial cos i don’t get d normal arrangement pls assist with correct arrangement

  5. Prince sylva says:

    Pls @VNTI did uniben do realeas suplementry list

  6. Prince sylva says:

    I hv check the list am nt seing anythn only seing a blank space. Dos it mean kn admisn 4 me @vnti

  7. I checked mine but i did C anything like admission status.

  8. @vnti,i hav checked mine but admission status didnt show, my aggregate is 51, course is medical biochemistry. What is my chance of gaining admission pls reply me pls….

  9. @VNTI, can i stil be given admission? Bcos i checked mine and i didnt see any admission status my aggregate is 51, medical biochem,pls reply

  10. please i tried checking mine but its alwayz writing invalid credentials please i really need assistance from any body please my email is henry_obioha@yahoo.com and 2go is dericin please

    • @Henry, log in with your correct details, you can check your email for the Username and password the uinversity sent to you,
      Note: the password is case sensitive

  11. I check my result i did not c anitin lik admision status.i score 54 pol.sci and pub.adm dat my course.

    • Peter Sule says:

      That is just the same course as mine. What is your present status as regards admission? I scored 52 aggregate.

    • Peter Sule says:

      That is just the same course as mine. What is your present status as regards admission? I scored 52 aggregate. Can you just send me a reply via books_peter@yahoo.com
      I will appreciate that a lot and i mean it.

  12. Joshua otituvwe says:

    I scored 57 but wen i checked mine i didnt see anytin like admitted so wat is my fate?. But they are givin those who scored lower dan me admittion. My course is ecostat, and also is there a second batch?

  13. I fink i nw knw wat dae r doing , iz der any ecostat applicant dat saw deir name in d merit list, mayb it wld be in d 2nd or r stil processing d merit list coz as far as i knw av nt seen any ecostat applicant dat saw hiz/her name in d merit list……..ad me at Dericin on 2go………..n if by nxt wk u dnt c ur name try reaching me 4 sum hlp ,am also a putmyt

  14. callistus says:

    I scored 62 but 61 aggr. and wen i checked
    mine i didnt see anytin like
    admitted. In short, the application process was blank, so wat is my fate? People who scored
    lower than me were admitted.My
    course is medi.&sug. I want to also know wether there will be a second batch admission for medi. & sug.

  15. p,s is dere a uniben merit list???

  16. Admin, when i checked mine i didn’t c admissin status,rather a blank application process info notice. Though i saw admitted course of study and d course i applied was highligted. I clicked on it n its talking bout sch fees. Doz dat really mean am admitted? I scored 69 n my agg is 63. (eng & lit)

  17. i have checked mine and theres nothihg although it says i have been admitted where do i pay the acceptance fee? Thank you

  18. I scored 53 as agrregate and I put in for sociology, no status yet, what could be the problem?

  19. Is it d agg dat is used,or d putme score.

  20. Hello admin..i had 54 as my aggregate n am goin 4 bus admin buh when i checkd ma admission status,it was blank..wat does that mean n when is d 2nd batch coming out?

  21. Odihiri david says:

    Xo wen iz d 2nd admision list coming out?

  22. christiana says:

    HI, i had 51 as aggregate nd i applied for english and literature, i checked i saw ‘admitted course of study:bnl english and literature’

  23. I tink dere s a secnd list..well i scored 59 for polsci/pub admin nd i waz given admissn

  24. I scored 57 in my aggregate bt d application process is blank. My chosen course is ecostat. My no is 07066703146. Tanks

  25. Pls, i Use 2 Still Admitted Course of Study Wen Dey Initially Posted D Result But Now Dat d Admission List is Out, I Cant Find it No More:
    No Admission Status!
    Wot Happening, Pls Tell Me

  26. Pls, i Use 2 Still Admitted Course of Study Wen Dey Initially Posted D Result But Now Dat d Admission List is Out, I Cant Find it No More:
    No Admission Status!
    Wot Happening,, Pls Tell Me

  27. if u av problem checking ur data base info. Just go ur email copy d pass word nd username nd paste it in d space provided. Den click d login below. Copy nd paste dnt type ur password wit d keyboard

  28. Siakpebru Vivian says:

    Pls o i scored 51 in d Putme n I’m goin for ecostat /public admin, i check my admission status bt its showing invalide credential, plz does anybody have idea wat it means

  29. I scored 52 as my aggr. I applied 4 law nd ISD any hope 4 admision

    • mehn me too applied for ISD with my agg as 55 still no show 4 my admin status, i dont understand this school’s administration at all..!!

  30. Plz,my aggregate is 62 and the course i applied foris Pharmc but my admission status is blank,will i be given pharmc in the second list??? Plz reply

  31. Helo, plz ¡z there r¡ly a 2nd list??? R dey gonna adm¡t more people?

  32. favour chiwendu says:

    pls is it dat d ist batch was 4 only science department or wat. I scored 55 but it was blank.pls i need d website 2 check it

  33. When is d 2nd list comin out?

  34. Is they any admited law student, and wats ur score. Any hope for 55 agregate?.

  35. Blessing Moses says:

    The God of bishop David Oyedepo is my God and He will not disappoint me. This year of waves of glory i will surely testify of my admission into uniben. Isaiah 51:11 is my assurance. GLORY!!!

  36. I got 44 in my post ume and 50 as my agg apply 4 ISD. But i cud not c d admitted course of studies in my profile i dont no d reason. Wat are my chance of being admitted. 08132202242

  37. Ikuedoghone Akinsanmi says:

    I can’t check d list bcoz is writen invalid password pls halp me to input d correct password

  38. I saw admitted nd d course of study bt d application process s blank,am i admitted.2go username musero17

  39. My friends, I scored 53 for Masscomm but notin yet, I knw they’re working on it, BUT I also heard dat Masscomm has not been updated yet, soo mayb sum departments r not yet touched.. Calmdown my frnds.. But if u knw of any admitted Masscomm student plz share wit me 08131386627

  40. Bro, kip calm, peepz dt scored below 66 hv nt yet bn admitted in 2 Med&surg. Well i got Dentistry, scored 62, below dz mark hv nt yet bn admitd too.

  41. Kenolaken says:

    Can i combine waec and neco gce for my clearance. I was admitted for mech engine.

  42. Pls when will the registration start and when will we resume. I was admitted as an ISD student

  43. Masud Rabiu Ahmad says:

    What is the total mark of kad poly post utme, an when the list will be out

  44. Any petroleum engr. Info pls. I score an aggr. Score of 47 but no admittion yet.

  45. i checked mine and i didn’t see anything like admission status.

  46. Blessed Jubilee says:


  47. is there any law studnt who has bin admitted? I score 61 but mine is showing blank. If any plz add me up @ eezra1 in 2go 4 info

  48. Okporua Lucky says:

    i don’t just knw what to say, but please i score 64 agg is 62 bt when i checked is showing blank y, i need a help please. if any law student been admitted in2 uniben should add me with Bigluck2012 on 2go ooo

  49. Pls is uniben 2nd list out?any1 wt an idea shld add me on 2go wit ewoma92

  50. pls VNTI, i scored 62 in ma apt test and 57 as my aggregate score and i have not being given admission yet, i applied for medicine and surgery and no news yet, i am really scared because people who got lower scores have been given admission into the university. i also heard that the list is released according to faculty, is it true?

  51. Pls i don’t know wot is happening,my aggregate score was 50 n i checked on d notice it was blank.

  52. Mykel adeyemi says:

    Guys i scored 61 agregate what is my fate and when is the admisn list b out

  53. @vinti.i scored 49 in pstume nd 58 as aggregate.i fild in pub admin,bt dere waz natin lyk admitd.any hope pls??

  54. Pls o… I scored 52 For Bus. Admin but haven’t seen anything yet. Pls, if any 1 has been admitted in that dept. Let me know at 08163329388

  55. Pls i scored 52 as an aggregate and i applied for pol sci/pub admin any hope for me?

  56. victor okpataku says:

    pls any bodi wo has been admitted in for mass communication should please contact me on diz numba 08167996041 or can also reach me on 2go victor189. tankx

  57. pls@vinti,i scored 52 as my agg for med nd surg.what is my fate?wil i be admitted or given anoda course of study nd which course.pls reply

  58. plz guys is the second batch out for uniben,i just need to know***

  59. plz is der any ecostat applicant dat was given admission ……plz i got 53 n i avnt been admitted…….u could reach me on 2go as dericin

  60. Pls frd’s when will the second list be out? I am an eco stat aspirant if any answer to my question you can kindly update me through my cell phone 07061186030 or 2GO Victony

  61. wat is happenin 4 God sake ain’t they going 2 release 2nd batch again. Am tired of waitin oooh. Pals u can add me up on 2go @ maxxxy1 love u all i rep Edo 4 real we no dey carry last oh kpatakpata e go b draw draw

  62. I scored 62 but 61 aggr. Course is medi &sug. I haven’t been admitted yet. Wat is my fate?

  63. my status box is blank

  64. I scored 50 bt wt an aggregate of 55 for masscomm.wat is ma hope of being admitd n wen wl d 2nd batch b out?

  65. Tank God i was admitted wit 51. To God be d glory, n 4 dose stil waitin 4 2nd list dont worry d lord wil see u thru

  66. I had 55 aggregate going in for mass comm,still no admission.uniben i kneel down take God beg una.we don tire 2 stay house.pls make a change.fellow unibenitez nd mass.commitez add me on 2go@brume505

  67. I got 60 nd 59 aggrt nd i applied 4 ISD nd no admission status yet

  68. pls i scored 56 aggregate and put in for accounting and eco/stat. any info pls i would b greatful 07030726280

  69. Okoroike favour chinwendu says:

    @vinti Pls i got 55 as my aggr 2 study masscom,pls wat are my chances of being admitted and is there an exact website 2 check it.my 2go username is favourchix

  70. See i am confused self i heard it second batch is goin to b released next week bt i dnt knw hw true it iz…plz oo i jst believe in GOD dat somtin will happen n my God (JESUS)will neva let me down… I believe dat somtin wil happen..

  71. please when is the registration and clearance commencing?

  72. Plz can u send me an sms on 07033478767… I scored 61 for banking and finance but cant access d mail, they said sumtin lyk incorrect password… If u can hlp me check my admission status, i’l b v. Grateful… Tanx

  73. uniben bacth B will be out on or before 24 october

  74. ADOH CHINEDU says:

    pls guys alert me when the registration starts for uniben 2012/2013 freshers

  75. @vnti,i scored 52 as agg 4 med lab,bt no admisn yet,pls has any1 in medlab bin admited?Add me on 2go akas1,nd wen is d 2nd batch cumin out?Wats d news abt d admision? pls reply

  76. All those who are unable to access their UNIBEN admission status due to wrong username and/or password should visit jamb.or.ng and check their admission status, using the UTME reg. no.

  77. for information on uniben daily activities,
    follow me @

  78. @ALL,PLS GUYS I had an aggregiate be 50. And am going 4 agric econs.nd my admission status is blank.what re my chances?please i need your replies.AND I PRAY AS YOU DO THAT,the God of Pastor E.A adeboye will work wonders in your lives.!!

    • for agric econs, u might be given admission but in a different department.
      should incase u need any form of assistance about anything in agric, don’t hestitate to call me
      i will be glad to help

  79. Best eva girl says:

    Uniben aspirant, fear not 4 it is wel. Bip me on 2go wit bestg3. Tanks and GOD bless

  80. Hello fellow rummites,i had an aggregate of 51 and there is nothing like admitted course of study on my profile again,any problem?and more significantly,is there still hope for me?

  81. lydia success says:

    plz am 4 medlab i score 55….but i saw submitted..plz wat does dat mean……and is der any body dat ve gotten admission into medlab department….pla contact me on 2go…..pearltamil2

  82. ezeofor chukwudi raphael says:

    Please Sir, This is to inform you that I unintentionally deleted my username and password from my email box. Please kindly use your good offices to help retrieve it into my mail box. (ezeoforchuks@yahoo.com)

  83. Anadile Juliet says:

    D God of Tb Joshua wil do it for me, i blv dat am already admited into uniben…

  84. Abata toyin says:

    Pls when is the second list going to be out

  85. the reason for the delay for the second batch of uniben post ume is due to:
    1. some science student where given art course.imagine some one applying for micro biology and he was given accounting.
    2. school want old student to leaving before taking new ones.

    for more information/help one post ume processes,
    follow me @ facebook: fegor henry
    or call

  86. my joy is to see all of you in uniben when next session begin.carez

  87. for those having problem on checking there result,
    send your user id and password to. fegorhenry@yahoo.com
    or call

  88. the worst uniben might do to those that score below 55 is to give them another course.
    hardly will those with 50 and above not given admission.
    remain calm

  89. Hw do i even knw if i’m admited;is it written in d ‘notice status’ box or where nd hw?

  90. henry NWOSU says:

    @ VNTI! Pls help me I scored 52 as aggregate nd my 1st choice is law my second choice is ISD pls any hope 4 me on my second choice? Pls am curious pls.

  91. Kely oyakhilome says:

    Hi everybody. Med lab cut off was 63.if u los ur pasword. Goto http://www.unibenkofa.com nd clique on login nd then clik on los paswor. Fil ur reg numb and email. Nd submit. It wil b sent 2 ur mail. Click on d link in d mail to verify. Nd copy it to login..if u didnt regista wt ur mail. U want2 change it to ur mail folow d step below

  92. pls when wil uniben release it’s 2nd admission list?

  93. Pls my agr is 51 nd course is english nd lit pls help do i hv chances?

  94. i scored 53 as my aggregate score biochemistry..yet no admission wot can b d cause

  95. which all uniben aspirant success even has they wait for admission

  96. When wil direct entry admission list be out


  98. I chked my admission status nd i saw nt admitted. Does dat me dat am nt admitted

  99. 2nd batch of uniben post ume is out
    check to know ur faith
    wishing u all the best

  100. the fact that u have not be admitted does not mean u will not be admitted.
    just keep faith.

  101. I scord 55 4 pol sci nd public adm nd i saw nt admtd.do u tink i stil av hope of bein admitd

  102. I just check mine and saw not admitted wit 55 in pol sci and pul adm. I heard d new VC said they should only admit indigine and close state, admin pls reply me. I have taken to my faith.



  104. wat is happening to uniben 4 GOD sake

  105. Anonymous says:

    Pls guys can i study mass comm in uniben wit an e8 in mathematics?

  106. for dentistry, cut off mark is 61 and above

  107. i think admission is still going on. pol. science student just relax

  108. what is the process of registration in uniben l mean how do l pay for acceptance fee

  109. tell me d total amount,i am going to pay 4 my clearance in computer science

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  112. moot post are good not all are true

  113. is uniben stil goin 2 release anoda list

  114. Plz is uniben goin to admit more students? I need a reply because i score 52 and i saw on my result …not admitted…

  115. hi admin….am so worid cos i scored 54 n i applied 4 bus admin but when i checked ma status,it was nt admitted.dnt knw wats rng…is dere gonna b anoda list?

    • i think the school will consider
      on giving another set of admission
      just relax.
      but for now nothing of such

    • i think uniben will consider giving another set of admission as
      time goes on
      but it will only take time.
      just keeping checking

  116. Is uniben goin 2 release third list?

  117. Is uniben going to release third list?

  118. for help on acceptance fees payment procedure,
    feel free to call me.

  119. adhesive application systems says:

    You can definitely see your expertise in the work you write. The world hopes for more passionate writers such as you who aren’t afraid to mention how they believe. All the time go after your heart.

  120. admission office says:

    Uniben Admission Help 2013
    FOR ADMISSION ASSISTANCE INTO UNIBEN 2013 contact admission office today on 08058176311 to secure and guarantee your admission today

  121. admission office says:

    i want to thank mr damian of admission office for helping me to upgrade my uniben post ume score, i scored 46 i just check again it has been upgraded to 62,and he is also assisting me for admission you can call mr damian on 08058176311 for possible assistance he did mine he can also do yours, ,

  122. omojola omowumi pascalline says:

    Kindly help me out bcos i fear non indigene issue i learnt uni Ben is puttting into admission. i scored 59 into mass comm and up till now its still no admission,pls help me i beat cut off mark for the course.

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