The Federal Polytechnic Oko, has released the screening results of Candidates who sat for her 2012/2013 post-utme aptitude test.

Candidates who sat for the screening test can now check their results now after obtaining a result checking scratch card from the University by following steps below:
1. Click here to Access the result checking portal
2. Enter Your JAMB registration number
3. Enter Your Scratch card PIN.
4. Click on Log In.
5. Your results should be made available to you.

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You Can Reach us by comment below, if you have any questions. We would be glad to be of assistance.

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  1. Pls,hw much is d scratch card

    • I got 40 in d postume, my jamb ix 181, my course is foodtechnology, my shoool ix oko polytechnic, pls ix der any hope 4 dis admission…? Bt i believe God ix possible 2 do so..

  2. @steven, No idea of that now, we would get you details soon.

  3. EXPENSIVE says:


  4. Everest chinedu says:

    How much is the scratch card. Plz i need a reply

  5. kenneth ifeanyi says:

    u sat 4 nekede utme and u scored below d cut off or above it and u are desperate 2 get admission. Make sure is 1st choice .just contact dis number..08124097304.

  6. Oko boy. says:

    The result is out since 7 of august and u can check it on the sch. Official website. U have to buy a pin frm the bank worth of 1300 naira only. Bank charges maybe applied.

  7. Ah ah! Dis is unfair na….hw do u guys want us to buy anoda sratch card worth #1300 for result checkin?

  8. Why 1,300. Its kind of much.dis is bulshit man

  9. Ugo fortune says:

    Nawao, wats all dis? Why is their own different frm other’s? Scratch card again? I wonder o

  10. Wow its kinda much.buh u av to buy it 4 ur result.its only sold within d skul premises.buy urs nw.for assistance call 07067168667.wish u sucksex.

  11. It cost #1300 plus #300 bank charge makin it #1600.if ur livin vry far 4rm d skul,trust me i can help u buy d pin. Call
    07067168667 4 assistance.

  12. Pls who knws d cutoff mark 4 biz admin?

  13. For those of u asking for the price (scratch card for post ume result Oko poly ) is #1,300.in any ov this banks zenithbank, Ecobank ,Finbank ,Accesbank and OKO Microfinance bank. Note is the bank withine d school and Ekwulobia. For assitance if u can’t find it or any prob u can call me on 07033025855 or visit me on face book (EZE EMMANUEL UCHENNA )if ur location is far u can call also for solution. Dont be afraid i have don it for many people,trie n cee

  14. psl somebody ans me i score 50 for post ume .what is my hope of getting admission while my jamb score is 225 and i appilied to study E E

  15. Onyinye okorie says:

    Pls tel me how to calculate aggregate. Is it post ume x2 +jamb divide by 2. And cutoffmark for business admin

  16. i just hope i will get admission,God help me oo. But the price for the card is too much

  17. I score 44 in my p umte and my jamb is 252 mech eng do i have hope for admission in okopoly pls someone should tell me pls

  18. Y oko dy do lyk dis nah c dere card costly 1, nd dey no sale am 4 anoda bank apart 4rm dere e knw gud nah. Wen 9ja go beta

  19. Plz i scored 30 in d postutme and 256 in jamb.building tech. Do i ve any hope

  20. Odohifeanyichristian says:

    Post latest news of universities plz

  21. Eze Kelechi says:

    I took jamb n i score 207 n also took oko post ume exam. D tin wey dey vex me past be say, i have brought d card n check it do u knw wat dey dat MY JAMB REG NO IS NOT FOUND. Wat wil i do nw. Pls i ned una help. 07068019185 datz my fone no. Pls cal me if u knw dat my problem can be solve.i really need help.thanxs

  22. Vnti, wen would d course cut off marks b out??

  23. Nnamdi puntual says:

    I dnt hav money 2 buy dis scratch card, can somebody help me out

  24. I scored 240 in my jamb nd 44 in my post ume my course z pub admn.i hope oko poly wil gv me admsn.reply.

  25. if I didnt check my result will there be any problem cos I dnt hv money 4 the card

  26. Onyinye okorie says:

    I got 34 in my post ume nd 210 in my jamb nd i go for business admin. Pls do i hav any chance of gaining admission

  27. Pls, wat is d overall score of the Oko post utme? Over wat is it calculated?

  28. Remi okey says:

    oko poly general post ume cut off mark is 130 which is your jamb score+pume score/2.i wish u guys d best of luck for more information call 08065950578 or visit remiworld19@yahoo.com

  29. Wat is the p umte for each department in oko poly i score 44 in p umte & 252 in jamb pls someone should reply to me pls

  30. Dile Franklin says:

    I scored 58 on post ume and 235 on jamb. Please any hope for me. My name is Franklin. Faculty of computer science

  31. Christian... says:

    How is †̥ђe̶̲̥̅ average calculated… I scored 48 in †̥ђe̶̲̥̅ test and 203 in jamb… Pls call M̶̲̥̅ε̲̣̣̣̥ on 08138353380 or add M̶̲̥̅ε̲̣̣̣̥ on bbm 20FD8F82 Ŧђɑ̤̥̈̊п̥̥̲̣̣̣kƨ̣̣̣̇̇̇̇ …

  32. Srich.... says:

    1 has got liberty reserved…the Best dollar exchangers in nigeria, try IT!!!

  33. I scored 54 and my jamb score is 172 my course is computer science

  34. ohanefo chigbo says:

    pls i got 225 in my jamb and 76 in my post utme business administration and management,do i av a chance?

  35. I got 46 in oko postume and 230 in jamb pls is thare any hope for me in computer sci i beliv God will help me

  36. Una just dey wori una self, all d qustion wey una dey ask who dey answer una. Just leav evrytin 4 GOD. Cjack say so 08130457968

  37. Ifecahalinho says:

    I scored 237 in my jamb and 58 in my pume, do i have hope for buss admin

  38. mbaefo cynthia says:

    i got 238 in my jamb, n 50 in my post utme pub admin, is dia any hope

  39. My jamb score is 221 and my post ume 46 do i ve any hope in mass com

  40. i got 212 in jamb n 54 in post ume,i applied mass comm,i know i’ll make it

  41. The best option is to pray to God

  42. Onwuka sharon says:

    Pls hw much is oko skul fees & d aceptance fees

  43. Anyaegbu evangeline says:

    Pls i score 50 in my postume ad 250 in my jamb ad my is bank ad fin any hope 4 me pals am wat is oko cut off mark.

  44. I score 40 in my post ume and 171 in my jamb, is their any hope 4 me studyin accountin in oko

  45. I scored 236 in jamb nd 52 in post ume. What ar my chances of getting admission in oko. My course is pub admin

  46. obiano kingsley says:

    pls i scored 228 in jamb and 54 in putme i applied 4 mech eng do i hv hope pls reply 2 08164686084

  47. I want 2 b sure of ma score,can I say i had 68 wen ma pume score is 34 i.e multiply it by 2

  48. I want 2 b sure of ma score,can I say i had 68 wen ma pume score is 34 i.e multiply by 2.

  49. Guys I scored 71 in ma putme n I got 205 in ma jamb, will they giv mi admission?

  50. I scored 71 in ma post ume n 205 in jamb,any hope 4 mi?

  51. is the 1st badge out i mean for fed.poly.oko.I got 60 in screenin exam and 169 in jamb,is there any hop) for me

  52. Instant upgrade of jamb score is in effect call head office on08058176311

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