Latest reports has it that the Niger delta University admission list for the 2012/2013 has been released, and available online at the JAMB website.

We hereby advise all candidates who sat for the 2012/2013 NDU screening exercise to proceed to the JAMB website now, to access their admission status, to confirm this.

• Candidates are to Click here to visit the JAMB website
• Click on “Check 2012 admission status”
• Enter your registration Number in the space provided
• Click on “Check admission status”
• Your admission status, if admitted should be made available to you, showing you the Institution and Course, admitted for.

We wish you success, through the exercise.

You Can Reach us by comment below, if you have any questions. We would be glad to be of assistance.

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  1. Mine is showing no admission yet,does it means i was not given admission?

  2. God'sgift Richman says:

    I scored 227 in my Jamb nd scored 198 in my PUTME plz frnds tel me if i ve a chance of gaining admission in d school (LAW)

  3. Jacob tialobi says:

    Tank God. I hav been admited into NDU. My exam was second choice

  4. Mine is showin no admission yet dose it mean dat i have no admission

  5. perpetual says:

    if you chose first choice and did not find your name on the first is there any hope you?

  6. perpetual says:

    i scored 206 and post ume 129 any hope for me? management department.

  7. Done best says:

    Glory be to God i make it this year in medicine,there is hope if u are not see ours yet the 2 list will soon be out.

  8. Tnk God i av been admited in2 ndu

  9. Esther macauley Ikagbara says:

    Please is there any hope for me for science lab. Technology. I wrote for both 1st and 2nd choice. I scored 249 in jamb.

  10. What if rcf fellowship at ndu send that one is admitted and he cudn’t see it on jamb site,pls help me out my younger bro is convinced

  11. Ebikeme ezonebi says:

    I scored 202 in jamb and 246 in post ume in management department,do i have any chances?

  12. emmanuel egbe says:

    oh God help me am for medicine and surgery

  13. Amadi faith says:

    I had 217 in my jamb nd 207 in my post ume nd i was told no admission yet do i still av hope for management science

  14. I scored 191 in jamb and 250 in PUME for law, and i can’t find my name in the first admission list. Any hope for me in the other list yet to be released?

  15. I scored 191 in jamb and 250 in PUME for law, and i can’t find my name in the first admission list. Any hope for me in the other list yet to be released? Pls. U can cal me wit dis 08161271879

  16. Esther macauley Ikagbara says:

    Please is there a 2nd list, and wen wil it be out.

  17. Beatrice burutu tuboulayefa says:

    Please i thant know why ndu refused to release the 2nd choice postume result.

  18. Ugochi beauty nnanta says:

    Plz i score 235 in jamb nd 129 in my putme 4 insurance plz sumöne suld tell me if dere is hope 4 me.Plz

  19. Stan Nd Stan says:

    I wrote ndu 1st & 2nd choice pume, but my 2nd choice result was not sent 2 me and my name is not in d admission list. Plz I need answers, am confused.

  20. I scored 185 in jamb and 181 in post ume. no admission has been given 2me yet and am worried. pls is dere stil hope 4me???

  21. God has promised he will never fail. Jst pray and believe NDU will offer us all admission in Jesus name. Amen. GOD IS ABLE!!!!!!

    • Nawa for ndu oooo. pple when their score low na them ndu they give admission 1st abi bcos them be izon? Izon too abo…

  22. I score 210 in jamb, 117 in post utme, banking and finance what is my chance i did’t see my name in d 1st list.

  23. Passaogbara says:

    I scored 213 in jamb n 117 in pump, do i still hope?

  24. @stan, what are ur scores in both jamb and pume?

  25. Pls i need the website to check ndu admision

  26. I scored 243 in jamb n 164 in the pume, i am 4 polical science n first choice is there any hope 4 me? Please i need ans

  27. Plz sum1 shld help me out.i scord 246 in jamb n 254 in pume.i applied 4 1st choice n my name isnt out.wt r my chancez of being admitd? My course waz law n am nt an indigen.av calculatd my average n itz 62.5%.i nid reply plz

  28. Olalekan keshinro apanari says:

    I score 250 in my jamb and 135 in pume for polscience watz my hope of survivor in getng admision into ndu. Mine too is no admission offer yet wat hapun

  29. Pls i am becoming more & more worried. NDU, comp science, jamb 200, p-utme 142, no admission yet, pls somebody heeeeelp meeee

  30. I scored 220 in jamb and 267 in d pume,law faculty,(1st choice,n.d.u)i’ve checked my admission status but i’ve not gained admission yet,somebody should sincerely tell me if i have a chance…….i’m worried.

  31. Plz when is ndu releasing their second choice result?

  32. Am so greatful 2 God! Ndu has finaly offered me admission

  33. Plz i score 234 in jamb and 207 in pume for law at ndu,i checked nd thy said no admission yet,is there stil hope 4 me plz?

  34. I scored 208 in jamb,nd 172 in pume wot re my chances.

  35. Wen wil ndu release the 2nd admission list? Pls frnd i seriously nid an ansa to dis.

  36. Pedro steve. says:

    I got admiss in philosophy at jamb 218 and pume so happy.any body who needs info on ndu should add me at my 2go username persteve on 2go.thanks

  37. Edenbor Anetorufa Precious says:

    Mine is showing adimission not given yet, i scored 212 for jamb nd 215 for post utme for manegement department, i took ndu as first nd 2nd choice. Any hope for me?

  38. pls cn someone tell me how many list does ndu hv

  39. Plz oh has ndu released her 2nd choice result nd is d admission list for second choice out as wel?

  40. Plz oh has ndu released her 2nd choice result?

  41. I scored 189 in Jamb nd 228 in da post UME 4 theatre art iz admission so sure plz reply…

  42. i score 227 in my jamb 138 in my pume any chance 4 me 2 get admission?

  43. I score 211 in jamb nd 147 in pume, i applied 4 nursing nd ma name is nt in d 1st list do i stil hv hop in d 2nd list? Nd wen wil it b out…any bdy wit hlp add me on 2go wit ikorie34

  44. aaron diepiriye says:

    i score 230 in my jamb nd 164 in 4 medicine any chance 4 admission.

  45. stephen sussan says:

    I scored 246 in my jamb and 142 in my pume for nursing,and I chose it 1st and 2nd choice,I am also an indigene,my name came out on the merit list. Congratulations STEPHEN SUSSAN IFEOMA!!!
    You Have Been Offered Admission for a 4-Year FIRST DEGREE Programme into
    Course NURSING/NURSING SCEINCE in the Faculty of MEDICINE. I want u all 2 tnk baba God 4 me

  46. Stan Nd Stan says:

    i scored 181 in my ndu pume exam, hw is that possible since the marked over 400???

  47. I scored 246 in jamb nd 142 for post ume 4 soicology nd no admission yet do I av hope 4 d next list

  48. Gudafternun everybdy, i got 222 in my jamb and 203 in my post ume first choice ndu, going for managemt sci, and my name is not in merit list, what are the chances of me gaining admission nd when is the second list coming out? Pls i nid answas pls. Thank u

  49. Stanisluis says:

    Pls pals hu knws d cut off 4 medicine

  50. Timipre ken says:

    Plz i scored 232 in jamb while 172 in post ume to read english nd literary studies but culdnt find my name on d merit list, wht are my chances nd whn is d 2nd list cumin out, plz i nid ur reply.

  51. Stan Nd Stan says:

    i got 181 in ndu post ume and 216 in jamb, course pharmacy. Do i stil have hope? When is the 2nd choice result gona be out?

  52. Oke mercy says:

    Please wen is d 2nd choice result nd its admision list going to be releasd pls help me o

  53. i got 216 in jamb,,,147 in pume,course Economics,i check my name in merit list,,it said admission not yet given,is der any hope for me in second and third batch,pls replie me ,i amm really curious.

  54. I scored 243 in Jamb and 151 in PUME nd i wrote the first and second choice. Please do i have any chance of gaining the admission?

  55. Ben nicholas says:


  56. I heard ndu is sending text to student for there clearance, does that mean there will be no second nd third list! Pls answa

  57. happiness says:

    pls when is d second choice and second list coming out i cn’t wait pls

  58. Pls those that have gotten admission, did they send alert to u people or u jst saw it on net? Pls I need an answer.

  59. pls those that hav gotten admission, did ndu send them alert?

  60. When wil ndu release the admission list for the 2nd batch~pls i need ans im curious

  61. Swagger lord says:

    Thoes dat means ndu is nt releasn d 2nd admsn list?

  62. Stan Nd Stan says:

    Am commenting 4rm Ogobri bayelsa state. if u realy need useful information about ndu 2012 admissions, join me on facebook: stanley nd umezurike or on 2go with stanleyv511 tanks

  63. Stan Nd Stan says:

    cal me on 08063088073 and 08099529160 If u want to know more about ndu admissions strategy and other useful info. about ndu 2012 admission. Tanks

  64. justice vision says:

    scored 244 in jamb and 155 in putme, pls i want to know my chances

  65. Tnx b 2 God 4 his GUDNESS 2 me,i was given admission in2 ndu 4 merit despite d fact dat ma jamb score was very low (188)

  66. @vnti, i scored 232 and post ume 172, plz wht are my chances. eng & literary studies,

  67. jamb is responsible 4 bringin out d 1st list, oda lists will b brot out by d school so bros n sis hope still dey DIE!!!!!!!

  68. When will ndu release their second list.

  69. Precious odiphri says:

    Pls i need an info abt d admissiom list 4 ndu sch pls frnds help me add me on facebook with precious odiphri

  70. @ Tidy, did they send u alert?

  71. pls i scored 244 in jamb.hw can i check de post ume result. pls 1 really need help. thanks nd God bless u all nd may God grant us our heart desires.

  72. Stanley Nd says:

    Yello!!!!! Dis is to inform al students that took NDU 2012 pume that NDU 2nd admission list is out!!!!!!! Visit: to check ur admission status or Call. 08063088073 for help. Tanks

  73. I scored 216 in my jamb and 215 in my apptitude test at ndu, managment dep, wats my chance of having addimision,i saw on jamb website not given add yet

  74. Wat link shud we click on afta openin ‘’ inother 2 check our admission status?

  75. My reg no 26450352if,ple i ned to chick my admission, any one to help me ple, 1ch nursing,2ch med lab tech.

  76. Amadi faith says:

    Is d 2nd list rili out, hw do we check it.

  77. Plz wats happening i cnt access d recent list in d skul website how do i check. Am falling sick o i nid help

  78. Promise amadi says:

    Pls frnds wen is d second list coming out,,i need help 4rm u all

  79. Pls i need the ndu website to check admission status

  80. Why is it that NDU have not release there second choice result and they have released 1st and 2nd batch admission list.

  81. Plz i heard 2nd list iz out is it really true and when? need ur help thanxs

  82. Okocha onye says:

    My jamb score is 229 & pume is 151, wats my chance, cos 1st & 2nd batch admission list is out.

  83. Bernard Rosemary says:

    pls friends when is the 2nd list coming out and how do i check my p.ume score pls i need your help

  84. iredia justice says:

    how do i check my score

  85. iredia justice says:

    i checked mine and its showing my uniben admission status why

  86. Is d second list realy out, pls sum1…….any1 should answer!!!!!!!!

  87. itaye isreal pereswode says:

    what is happen in d admision dis year,pipo dat i kwn dat score high both in post ume and in dier jamb are yet stil b gving admision,y do nt kwn,pls great ndu gv admision to those that deserve it. Na beg i dey oh,
    Anyway congrate to those that admision are at their doorstep,welcome to ndu.NOTHÍNG DO YOU

  88. pius diepreye victor says:

    am still praying and hoping for admition,i applied for,my jamb score is 221 and my pume score is 155,do i have the chance of gaining admition into ndu? pls i wanna enter sch,and i want to knw if second list is out,thnks pals,am greatful

  89. Ezioka pius nnadi says:

    Pls frnds wen s ndu releasin der 2nd choice admission,dos it mean dat no hope 4dos dat apply 2nd choice nd until now de pume result s nt out 4one 2knw his or her totaly confused

  90. online casinos US says:

    Congratulations online site, it appears great. I would love to send you some notes for the content that you will dsicover of use if you have time.

  91. Anokwuru hope says:

    Pls wat website can we use to chek d second list?

  92. pls here is my reg someone pls check it 4 me

  93. second list will be out by wednesday

  94. wat excatly is ndu’s wahala me i taya oh…pple wit smal score are der while us wit d whole score r stil at home

  95. Pls I hv a serious problem,I got ds txt 4rm (ndu pume) on wed 6th dec,sayin:You have been offered a provisional
    Admission into Niger delta university,Wiberforce island through Jamb for
    the 2012/2013 session.follow up your registeration on
    congrats.,wit no name,reg no,admin no,I checked in a cafe dey still sayin no admission yet,soo worried wat shuld I do,pls add me on fb,cindy yobana,or herez my number,08166770872

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