The Niger Delta University (NDU) has released her 2012/2013 first batch admission list of successfully admitted aspirants for the 2012/2013 academic session.

The NDU admission list for all departments in the university have been uploaded and is readily accessible from the school portal at

Candidates who took part in the 2012/2013 NDU screening exercise are required to check theirs now by accessing the link above.

Congratulations in advance, to those who made it.

You Can Reach us by comment below, if you have any questions. We would be glad to be of assistance.

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  1. Pls bt i heard ndu has releasd b4 on d 4th of august nd de said we shuld chk jamb site 4 dis 1 nw dat u said 1st batch is out nd dat we shud chk questn is does it mean dat merit list is difrnt 4rm 1st list.

  2. Victor brandy says:

    When is d second list comin out?

  3. 4th of august,we wer askd 2 check jamb website if we’v gotn adm,nd nw dat dosnt even show any newest news in ndu.plz we nid 2 no wats goin on.nd wen we are 2 start checking again

  4. Plz i learnt dat d ndu admission list is out nd wz equally tld it has nt been uploaded yet. Cld any1 tel me hw true is it. And if dias any1 who had been offered admsn recently apart 4rm d merit list

  5. Reuben ologbo says:

    Plz dah ndu site is nt gven any useful info abt d admission stuffz

  6. Who has checkd

  7. When is 2nd choice admission list coming out?

  8. Ugochi beauty nnanta says:

    Plz why is it dat its only on d merit list u can chack d admision? Nd y jamb site?I see ordas but u cant see any tin dere.Is it dat its just d merit list.

  9. Y is dis year’s admission so difficult? NDU? U gv websites wit empty information concerning d admission list. 4 how long r we going2 wait? 2nd list is nt yet out y?

  10. Plz who knws wen ndu second list wil be out. I’m jus gettin diffrnt infos ab@t it. Some said it has ben publishd, whle sum said it is in d net, so whc wil i believe?

  11. FAVOUR ALEX says:


  12. Pls peep me wen d 2nd batcg is out pls pls pls lt som 1 nce do it 4 me

  13. Abeki gloria says:

    Pls der nothin new on ndu site.pls help us we nid info on d adm

  14. Abbey tamounengiofri says:

    pls help me n chack dis resuit i chose it as a fist n secod choice d is knw reply yet pls here is my numba 07038714448 or 08162892627 tank un God bless

  15. Pls keep me posted when the second list is out.

  16. Ukpong Gabriel Dominic,, says:

    D elda’s rule acording 2 undrstnding,,,d young shive’s oura misundrstnding,,jst finking “NDU” has a bera way of geting us updated on dis,.let’s jst relax n kip our ears down!

  17. Please I want to know when the second batch result will be out. Have been hearing different things.

  18. I got an admission into ndu i checked tru d jamb website n it was correct.a wik later i checked d jamb website again n it said dat hv not been given any pls i want sum1 2 tell me wat happened

  19. Daminabo williams says:

    Ndu result is comfusing,they said the first list release was not from dem yet they went on to send the aspirants to start clearance y?

  20. Al dis rumourp wic one are we goin to believe? Ndu i dnt undrst wat u people are doin, says go to to check ur admt status bt nofin is gv dere an empty site. Am comfuse pls any one wit vital info pls cal me 08106197115 God bles u

  21. my friend told me that she received admission alert frm ndu jst dis thursday. My question nw is, has ndu sent alert to anybody dis 2013

  22. is the e-pin available in the bank for clearance?

  23. I dont understand n.d.u anymore,how can one find useful information,is their second list out?why dont they have any good sites abt the admittion confused

  24. Atikumoses says:

    Pls i am confuse about ndu addmission stuff pls i wrote exam in second choice nd i have not see my result nd clearance is goin on in order schools pls ndu staff answer me wat is goin on

  25. Bethelite says:

    Am sure NDU first list is out. Bt nt too sure abt d second list. An alert has been sent to d first batch admitted students to proceed wit d online clearance. For dose who has been admitted u go purchase ur e-clearance pin 4 11,000 naira. For more info call: 08060412994 (am also an aspiring student oooo God help me nd dudes pray 4 me)

  26. Pls wat is happening~im sick nd tired of ndu

  27. Ndu 2nd admissn list is finaly out!!! U can go 2 any cyber cafe 2 chek urs, wish all of us gudluk…

  28. pls i real need help from any one who can.i wrote the 2nd choice, but right i can’t get 2 the admission list. den the problem i had right now is that i am going 4 petroleum but i have d7 in chemistry so i don’t just knw what 2 do, pls if have any thing 4 me pls sms me on this no 07031084823.thanks & god bless

  29. N.d.u i dey hail even thou u dey wail but u still dey sail.

  30. Saturday afanide says:

    Pls wen ll dy bring out d second list

  31. Allison Blessing Boma says:

    Pls dey keep telling me no admission yet n i sat 4 law n management science ma jamb reg number is 26521699CG pls do help me tnx

  32. i had 254 in jamb,and 147 in pume,pls do i hv any chance of getn admisn 4 nursing? Dis my num if u hv any ansa 4 me 08174032524

  33. Ogbudu ndidi says:

    Pls guys if u know the site i will check my result and the admission list pls alt me ,08183359498,i don’t want what happened to me in 2010 to happen again, tanks God Bless.

  34. pls, wen is d 2nd batch cum out?

  35. precious pp says:

    Is the 2nd list realy, truely, surely out? Pls u guys should b sincere and specific. If yes, wen did it cme out? Any news abt 3rd list? I scored 220 in jamb and 210 postume and am going 4 accounting any hope?? Pls answer any of the question u can, tnx 4 ur answers

  36. Pls pals hw can i checked my admission status 4 dis second batch admission list. 195 in jamb 237 in pume, course Accounting,wat are my chances.dis is my number 08129159370

  37. Pls, somebody asked me to pay in some money into his account that i would be admitted within 2 hrs, does anyone have anything to say about it? I hope he is not a fraudster

  38. i heard 2nd choice admission list is out so how can i check mine somebody told me 2 buy a form of 1500 b4 i can check mine i dnt knw how true is dat

  39. Pls pals, am so so confused right now. i wrote NDU sec choice Pume and uptill now, i’ve not even seen my Pume result let alone to see the admission list. and i heard they don’t bring out Pume score, pls i want to confirm if this is true.
    Pls anybody who acn help me out in explaining better to me, you can give me a Flash so i call you. please. 08039733138.
    i also want to know when the sec. choice list will be out. Thanx and Godbless.

  40. Ndu wat is happening? I scored 209 in jamb n 260 pume y av i nt been admited?

  41. my exam no is 26530167DG and phone no 08166917706 someone shud help me out

  42. Pls does anyone knw if ndu second batch is really out?

  43. ibogomo sam amabebe says:

    pls Ndu gv me admission 4 so long am writeing dis exam

  44. Miss-Splendid says:

    Plz i nid help. I scored 226 in my jamb nd i pume in ndu as 2nd choice bt up till date they’ve nt sent me ma result nd i heard clearance is on. Plz u cn reply me thru dis line 07030574159

  45. Ndu wat are u up to no site 4 gud info y the delay

  46. Peter Glory obowoma says:

    Wil 3rd batch b out ndu?

  47. Woyen-ukie kpou says:

    helo @chris mich sorry,no admission given yet.

  48. Woyen-ukie kpou says:

    i just hope we all are going to get wat we are expectin frm ndu

  49. Arumona prince says:

    Pls i 1nt 2 knw my stand in ndu. My jamb score is 242 nd my pume score 4 1st choice is 168. I hv nt heard any fin abt my 2nd choice scores also. Pls shld i kip hoping?

  50. winnifred says:

    Pls have nt receive mine

  51. Nwadioha Goodluck says:

    flood abeg free us. At least i want 2 c my last semester result. I tek God beg u

  52. Japhet cindy says:

    Wen is d third list coming out?

  53. I’m a fresher in ndu,computer sci dept,i need a roommate,a studnt in d same deptment wit me,av seen d room,u can rich me via 08032662064 or 2go ibinabo159.

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