Latest reports from The Kogi State University(KSU) reveals that the University has released her 2012/2013 admission list of successfully admitted candidates into degree programmes for the 2012/2013 academic session.

The List as reported is currently not available on the University website, but has been uploaded on the JAMB official website, as detailed by aspirants who have been successful inchecking theirs.

To check your KSU 2012/2013 admission status, simply follow the steps below.
1. Click here to visit Admission status checking portal
2. Click on “Check Admission Status”
3. Enter Your “JAMB UTME registration Number”
4. Click On “Check Admission Status”.
5. Your Admission Status will be revealed to you.

If you have been admitted, share your testimonies here. Let’s know your course, Jamb-UTME score and post-utme score, so others can have an experience.

We wish you all the best.

You Can Reach us by comment below, if you have any questions. We would be glad to be of assistance.

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  1. Inaju Anthony says:

    i check my own and they said no admission is given yet

  2. have they uploaded this very one on jamb site? In the school site too there’s nothing.

    • i tink d reason 4 dis is jamb is capable of givin admission 2 doz student dat scored above 250 in jamb…bt d schl is yet 2 admit its own student base on d post utme performance.

  3. Bayode benjamin says:

    Plz wen s 2nd batch coming aot

  4. Abdulkadiri yahaya a says:

    When are we expecting 2nd batch.

  5. Suleman Musa says:

    Pls when will them start releasing that of direct entry student? Bcos I asks and the response is that u have not be offered admission yet!

  6. pls try 2 inform wen d 2nd batch is out

  7. Olayinka says:

    But y is it tellin everybody sorry: nt yet given admission?

  8. I am yet to see anyone who has been successfully given admission

  9. y is it sayin ‘sori,no admission is given yet’? Has it been pasted in school?? Pls reply

  10. Why is it sayin “sorry no admission yet”? Has it been pasted in school? Pls reply shortly..tnx

  11. I score 48.10 bt i applied socio, i hv check bt no admis yet.

  12. Abraham Yusuf says:

    whats happening now pls? They said no admission is given out yet..what is the next step 2 take now?

  13. Shuaibu Muhammed says:

    Is it true that ksu mgt upload this List effectively,why is it that no one can say Thank God I have made it this Year otherthan SORRY NO ADMIssion Is Given Yet,what is Happening My StateMen.Thanks

  14. Idajili Innocent says:

    i scor 53 and i v shek and they r tellin me No admision is giving me? Pls wat is hapenin?

  15. Habibat yusuf says:

    I score 56 nd i made d cut off mark 4 my course,den y ist sayin no admision has been given yet

  16. eneojo s. Kadiri says:

    will indigen with the cutoff mark of 46.70 in post utme exam been considered into management science dept.as an indìgen??

  17. Waz hapenin,no admission yet,am fed up o

  18. when will they past it in the skull site

  19. ABU TIJANI says:


  20. the admission list is not yet out and all we are hear just a rumor.let us just keep praying that the list should come out in our favour

  21. .Thanks for all your info…but the question is how can we know our names are out on the list when its all say “SORRY NO ADMISSION HAS BEEN GIVEN YET..,@VNTI,PLS give us concrete info about how to check our admission status..thanks

  22. Aminu okeme says:

    It jst a way to luk for mony, the are not right information. It is not by force to luk for mony, only those who don’t have faith wonderin about with all this mony seekers, with all those misinformant, all this mony servant, my bros no information yet when there’s u will know thanks.

  23. audu friday akwu says:

    well i have check butv is not yet out,may god help me this year oooooooooo

  24. audu friday akwu says:

    well i have check but is not yet out ooooooooooo

  25. Bello kolade says:

    Wht hapen abt admisn na GOD hv mercy on me o,every body not yet admsn y na

  26. I check d list bt no admission is given yet pls when wil i be expectg my name. Pls

  27. I called sum1 at d sch ystday and they make it cleared to me dat it has nt been released pls u ppl shuld stop giving fake news pls

  28. CHIEF OMONU says:


  29. modupe opeyemi says:

    no am in skul nothing lyk dat it is 2 semester eyam we are preapering 4 now

  30. No admission yet

  31. JUMAI LAMIDI says:


    • chris ,matt says:

      and who told you the admission list is out,is not yet out all are rumor or have you held that any body has bin given admission?NO ADMISSION GIVEN YET.that is,it not yet out.

  32. if the list is truly out, then why is there nobody 2 testify that he or she has checked, if all this is not rumours? Tenx

  33. idowu segun owolabi says:

    i scored 60.02 i check admission status, reply dat NO ADMISSION GIVEN YET why oooooo OR the list is not yet out ni

  34. Adams Jubril says:

    Dis information is false & shld b discarded, if it is tru, why is it dat d information is nt on d skul’s site? Besides, av cald few frnds who are in d skul, & they al said d list is nt out. Stop deceiving us please

  35. wen will admission list out cos no one av testify dat he/she av gotten admission

  36. Wat apenin naw, ave checkd mine but d result is no admision gven yet.

  37. OLUWATOBI says:

    wats d meanin of this now.i hv been checking everyday and it keep telling me,No admission given yet.can any1 tell me wen dis list will b out.

  38. Solomontino says:

    all dis ase remour, adimission should b something around september ending because of d skul exam we commerce 1st week, so after d exam admission list we b out, we just nid to came down, aw prayer is to b given d admission. All we ask through christ our Lord. Amen.

  39. Basil james A says:

    I hate pple wo gv fak in4m.abeg mak wu na no gv us d aplican hypa.any1 wit useful in4m shul email me=anekwubasil@gmail.com=tyx

  40. i just chacked and i got admitted by jamb so go and chack ur own

  41. Mercy johnson says:

    I av been given admsion in kogi state uni 2 study international studies…check jamb website now.www.jamb.org.ng

  42. I cant blv dis i just check d jamb site nw and i was giving admission.am i dream or dis is real.pls u all shuld go check bak dis is amazing

  43. Obenege benjaming omeiza. says:

    All hails to the God of Pastor EA ADEBOYE. I have been offered admissing. I scored 58.10. Law and legal studies. Let’s go there.

  44. Checking my,but telling me admission not giving yet.i score 266 in my pd exam.ksu pls do something to save us from heart break.

  45. Oluwatobi says:

    God u ar so grateful,i just check nw nd i hav been given d admission

  46. The lord showeth mercy 2 those he which. It not by Merit @al

  47. Hosea Baba says:

    I scored 51.90 in my post and i made the cut off point for Biological science and what they are telling me is that NO ADMISSION YET! What’s happening?

  48. i have bin given admission into ksu.am so hapi.praise be to God

  49. salifu ojonuma says:

    i need the information about direct entry list pls

  50. i hav check,jamb don gv me admision,chek urz,ksu hia i cum

  51. cris matt says:

    oh tank God ave been offered admission in k s u to study economics,oh God may ur name be praise

  52. am so gr8ful 2 God, i jst check mine and i was offered addmsn… is this list relevent 2 the schls own list?
    hw guarantee am i?

  53. Sunnyadaz says:

    Pls, guyz am new here. Am tired of rumour, anyone wit correct info on de said admission list? is it 2ru dat is out? have u confirmed your status? pls, gist me.

  54. Abiola Segun Barnabas says:

    God of Pastor E.A Adeboye i wl 4eva praise ur name cos u ar worthy 2b praise.GOD I THNK U O,COS U DNT BEHAVE 2ME D wAY I AV BEEN BEHAVIN 2U.wao i av bn offered an Admsn into Ksu.am hapi.cos God has done me gud nd i recieve d gud news on d 1st day of d month of september.U GUYZ U AR DOIN A GRE8 JOB O.MOR GREASE 2 UR ELBOW O.

  55. i am so happy i was offered admision and i got 50.80 in geology and i pray 4 those luking on God face that u will find ijn

  56. Amusiru olawale says:

    It’s nt beans i scored 249 ume,57.8 postume n I’av bn admitted in2 BussAdmin department KSU Ayingba.

  57. Lucky umoru egbedion says:

    I wrote my post ume exam on Saturday in kogi state university anyigba with the following reg number 25426849fj which i could not be able to check my result up to date, pls help me out

  58. All praises be 2 God i av bin offerd admission

  59. hurray!!, i’ve checked its nt a rumor at al, i’ve bin offered admisn 2 study geology in k.s.u,…any geology studnt cn ad me wf ma 2go a/c:- daben21 1 <3

  60. which of all this are to believe now……i beg am confuse oooooo

  61. Olorunfemi tomi says:

    Check jamb website by going 2 google n clicking 2012/2013 admission list ksu…..d list is out 4 real…u‘ll b asked 2 type in ur jamb reg.number nd dat‘s all…..thank God my sis nd i were given admission 2 study accounting

    • viviene isah says:

      congrats to u femi,pls can u tel me if u bot anyfin lyk scratch card to check it,pls reply n i ll b very gr8ful.

  62. It is true dat jamb ave release their list,two of my frds ave gotten admission stil trusting God for mine. But d school ave nt release theirs

  63. Pls how about d admission letter.how are we going to get it and also acceptance fee.pls kindly highlight it out pls

  64. LAWRENCE OLA says:

    i got 244 in jamb nd 29.8 in post utme i check my admission status which says congrate u have been given admission in ksu course accountancy

  65. It’s so confusing, i’ve been having sleepless 9yt abt dis admsn stuff. Has d list been release?

  66. Mehn…..followin coments, it shows dat majority had their names nt pasted amongs the admited wic is nt fair. K.S.U is a skul of integrity nd honour, so pls, try doin tin in it rightful manner.

  67. Mehn…..followin coments, it shows dat majority had their names nt pasted amongs the admited wic is nt fair. K.S.U is a skul of integrity nd honour, so pls, try doin tins in it rightful manner.

  68. i tank God i jst checked mine ad i was given law 2 study

  69. Savvy Abbas says:

    I went to the cyber cafe but there was nothing till I checked through my phone and I am admitted

  70. Savvy Abbas says:

    I went to the cyber cafe but there was nothing till I checked through my phone and I am admitted. How positive is this pls???

  71. Pls has any 1 be given admission on biological science?

  72. who has been given admission on biological science?pls signify

  73. I have been given admission to study Geography and planning in K.S.U

  74. 4 dose sayin they av gotten admission…drop ur jamb reg numba lets see

  75. Hav bn offa admssn 2 study accounting.any accounting stdnt dat jst gain admssion shuld add me 4 a big hurray and celebration 2go me at (karikati1) or fb jimohalhadi@yahoo.com. Xo happy happier happiest ksu here i cum o

  76. when will second list be out oooooo?

  77. pls o its jez a jamb admision shit nt skul’s own xo dnt panic,…even me i waz given admision tøø,…itz only few lucky pple dat jamb do giv admision.,…xo itz jex a luck shit…..xo no nid 4 panic

  78. I score 40.30 and when i check adm status no addmmision been
    given yet pls is there any hope 4 me.

  79. Guy i’m given admisn there. Just kip prayin

  80. when would kogi state university will be out?

  81. am really confused it says no admission given yet.

  82. if u are truely given admission will it rite on jamb website dat u have been given admission instead of writing no admission is given yet

  83. it is bcs u have not been giving adm so just wait and pray for the secord barch

  84. Oluwafemi Patricia Bisola says:

    I av checked mine yesterday and God has been so faithful…..so much happy.

  85. Well well, i want 2 thank God dat i hav been given admission 2 study ECONOMICS.

  86. I scored 57.90 in d post ume for pol-science…I just checked my admission status…all I could see is “sorry no admission have been given yet”…wats happening…I scored 240 in my pd quallifying xam

  87. Major isaac ikojo ojih says:

    I score 223 in jamb nd 57.90 in post ume.thanks God i have been offered admss in 2 ksu.department of ACCOUNTANCY.I’M SO HAPPY.

  88. Tank God 4 al dose dat av been givin admission in ksu,,, am believin God almigty for mine , 4 i Knw my God neva slip nor slumber nd i ask dis through christ our lord,,, amen

  89. Abdulmajeed abubakar says:

    Tank u God.I hav been offerd admison in k s u 2 study economics in d faculty of social sciences

  90. Y ar frivolous stop talking abt 2nd list just ave faith in God dat u will be count worthy wif d first list so stop doubting

  91. Denis Ramson says:

    Praise “God Almighty”, i have been give admission by jamb.

  92. thank God i have been given admision bye bye to jamb for life

  93. mariara elvis says:

    der is a sayin dat d greatest maketh it posible to only thos dat beliveth………………..kogi state univeristy here i cum LYF…………ara.nwam

  94. its complicated,they are not certain

  95. Mine s biological science u can contact me on 2go benbob1 or u flash my no 08161642835 i wil b xpectin @kemi

  96. What is the cut off mark of the department of Agriculture economics

  97. i am very happy today iam give admission in ksu.

  98. Some one should help me now

  99. mehn,am damn in haste to resume ksu..tnks to ma aunty,d man wey dy inchrg of ksu admision list b ha man frnd,if nt,i 4 no c admision..God thnk u o

  100. I score 52.60 in my post jamb and put in for political science any hope for me?

  101. adeniyi abiodun says:

    aftr 4yrs at home,av been offers admsn by jamb.i scr 254 in jamb nd 55.1 in post utme,nd i was givng d course i applied 4.mass comm deprtmnt,faculty of social sciences here i come by novmbr.

  102. oguche moses says:

    Praise d lord I av bin offered Admission in2 ksu 2 study Econs glory b 2 God almighty

  103. Well thanks b to God….for everybody>>for yw guyz dat avnt bin given yet….yw dont av 2 b worried<>ah know God neva forsakes his beloveth….rili wanna appreciate God on ma behalf….288 in jamb…72.40 in post-ume…ACCT dept..here i cum

  104. Pls help me, am in a state of confusion, my cousin av been admission, bt stil hoping in God 4 mine.

  105. Tanks 2 God av been offer admission score 250 jamb n 68 pume may d lord b praise

  106. k s u here i cum 223 in jamb and 56 in post ume and have been offered admission by jamb.

  107. Audu A Joshua says:

    First of all, all glory, praise and thanksgiving be to Almighty God for giving the admission. It’s God doing I can’t do it on my own. From my jamb God has been helping me down to my admission, and I pray may Almighty God in his infinite Love continue to help me in Jesus name

  108. Jaybee noni says:

    Wat z goin on abt dis pple r sayin admitn z out while oda r sayin nagative,pls doise wul r bein admited drop ur jamb reg number 2 bear ur witness

  109. ‘I count it all joy’ despite the fact that is till sorry u’r not yet offer addmisn it keepn on telln me now, i still holdn on 2 my faith that this yr is mine yr by his grace.
    If throughly u pple dat shared ur testimony dat u’v been truly offerd addmisn, am happy 4 u pple tiwa na de o.

  110. those dat av been given admission to pls drop their jamb reg no so dat we can b sure and stop doubting

  111. Yes,yes,wat else can i say heaven noni,hv bn given admission 2 study pol.sci.,at ksu,am so happy and i gv glry 2 God,yeeeeeeeeeeeeeh;, jamb mo bo lowo eeh

  112. Lucas george says:

    Glory b 2 God i av been offerd a 4 year degree program in KSU 4 real ooo.

  113. Tank God 4 dose hu made it nd expectn mine by his grace i scord 51.30 nd my course z pub admin ,weda rumour or nt i pray 4 mine so i cn b hapi 2

  114. I congratulate evry1 dat ve offered admission into ksu, nd 4 we dat ve nt bin given i pray dat God in his infinite mercy wil put smile on our faces as regard dis admission stuff IJN(amen!!!)

  115. ibrahim nasiru says:

    pls i scored 217 in jamb and scored 51.10 in utme,i apply 4 masscom am i still in the race? Pls help me out.

  116. All wat u guys re sayin re rubbish cuz if it 2ru y dnt ksu paste it in der own website

  117. I wrote my post ume in ksu bt neva see my result till nw. Wat do i do ?08064941495

  118. I hav been oferd admision,busines admin..add me on 2go,username 2drp

  119. Pls wen will ksu registration commence.i had dat it wll b jan isn’t dat far cos i can wait o.pls sumone shuld pls tell d 2rut

  120. bonire ismaila says:

    i dont think d admission list is out,if d admission list is out yyy cant dem post it on d skul web site

  121. Joseph james says:

    I check my admision. But is stil no admision is given yet. Wat wrong. Pls u guys should help me out o

  122. mine is sayin no admission yet

  123. Av been offered admision into dept of biochemistry in ksu! Am xo hapi.Ah wish al mai fellow applicants best of luck too.

  124. adegun olusheyun says:

    i scored 53.10 in my post ume and applied 4 economics,av not been admitted.i’am an indigen,i put my faith in GOD i will surely be admitted no matter d criteria.

  125. Alexandajet says:

    I av been offered admission 2 study mass communication.. Jamb score-229, nd postume score-61.90.. Halleluya

  126. Pls i had dat k.s.u admittion list s out is’t true?

  127. Emmanuel Abutu says:

    I scored 205 in jamb and i scored 47. And am goin political science… Do i hav any hope of getin d admission?

  128. I got admission to study economics thank God am so happy

  129. I wish to suggest that JUSTICE and EQUALITY should prevail in admitting candidates bsaed on this is accademic but not politics, tribalism, regionalism and religionalism should be avoided, OK.

  130. jemila wat ws ur pume score,pls?

  131. I thank God for what he did…….I have been offered admission into k.s.u To study sociology I can wait to resume @november…..

  132. Av chcked mine and it sayin no admisn gvn yet Lord help me o

  133. Please, i score 240 in jamb and 45 in post ume to study mass com, but i later do changing of course, is there hope of admission for me?

  134. It is true if u are given admission by jamb becos dat was how i was given in 2o11.For those that have nt seen their own keep calm.D list is frm jamb d sch have nt release their own.The first list wld be frm jamb while subsequent one is frm sch.Am a student of ksu.All of u wil gain admission to my own experience becos education is starting so i tink those that did nt perform well wil b given admision to education.Best of luck to u all.

  135. For people who predigree exam ur result is out u can check it at d sch portal.i wish u all d best.u can me on 2go karikati1 or facebool jimohalhardy@yahoo.com boys and girls are welcum

  136. Adedayo hollyboy says:

    I scored 55 nd when i checked i saw congratulation u hv been given adm into ksu to study political science. Bt sum said dat it is d jamb nd nt skul i dnt knw if am 2 rejoice or nt

  137. Prince Oluwambe Adeleke Lu-jay says:

    I thank my God 4 recorn me among the greatest achiever in kogi state university,glory be to God in the highest. Long live kogi state,Long live KSU.

  138. IDRIS NURUDEEN says:

    All wot u people ar hear is romur just keep praying u will get admission,4 me oooh i,am kogi indeging i seck my they orffer me admission,but i don,t kn when center list will be out…….

  139. pls evry day i cheaked and it reply no admission yet pls i dont want to lose this amission.

  140. pls we english and literary students need our list especially we who did pre-degree as programme.in my jamb i scored 239 and in my pre-degree exams i scored 368 which would be d third or fourth in the pre-degree successful students list in the department of english and literary study.i was arts and humanities REP b4 we were through with our programme.pls kindly admits me ksu.tenx

  141. Abutu onuche says:

    God i tank u! I was given admission,go check urs people

  142. hi palz go nd check ur admission in cyber cafe nt on phonez except u ar using bb.coz i av been offered admission.contact 4 more info 08161858516

  143. whene will there place the list?

  144. Adebayo omowumi says:

    Glory be 2 almight allah 4rm d beginin i knw u wld’t let me down,am nw appy dat i av been offer addmission in to ksu faculty of mgnt science course bankin nd finance

  145. ogidi Ronald Ogor says:

    pls and pls, help me out . I have jst been offer admision and i want to check it now, but is asking of my pin no, reg no, serial no which pin no, reg no, and serial no will i use? Pls help me, you can send it to me on rolswits@yahoo.com pls thanks.

  146. odike adam says:

    Hv bin given admision bt d skul list yet out do I stil get hope.

  147. 25654651BI i ws given admission if u tink it is a rumour checked ma name

  148. Enenche Ameh(AMENTO) says:

    For those that got d admission,it is true that d list on jamb website.for more updating u can ping me on 23902889 or 2go me @ AMENTO. U call me on. O8184983981 0r 07036349044. I will give u information abt. ksu thanks.

  149. Andrew kenyode says:

    Do KSU accept 2seating in NECO result? Please I want to know. Help me out.

  150. Jamb have Released the Merit List that was sent to them by Ksu management. For all those that saw their names there Congratulations! The Sch will soOn Post it on their Site. For those that are still expectin their Names You will all see it on the Sch Site. I was given Accountinq

  151. when is d list going 2 b posted on d sch website


    God almighty is great. I have gotten admission o!!!

  153. oh God,am still expect ur anwser i know u will never fail me pls friends help me to cheak this is my reg.no25879425 god bless u.

  154. this is my re-number 25879425ea

  155. Ksu na reall kasala o.jst as slow as tortoise.jst 2 upload dey take dem more dan 3month.mtchweeeee

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  157. iko fumen victor says:

    i checkd admission status bt it was showing sorry,no admission given yet! Nd my jamb score ws 197,putme 268 nd my average score was 233 i need encouragement plz

  158. mathias patience says:

    Pls hepl me out i need dis addmission badly i have 202 in my jamb and i got 50 in my postume my jamb reg no is 25653770ec and dis is my number pls i dnt kown wat to do again 08165616050 tank u

  159. mathias patience says:

    Pls hepl me out i need dis addmission badly i have 202 in my jamb and i got 50 in my postume my jamb reg no is 25653770ec and dis is my number pls i dnt kown wat to do again 08165616050 tank u i apply for accounting

  160. mathias patience says:

    My name is mathias patience Pls hepl me out i need dis addmission badly i have 202 in my jamb and i got 50 in my postume my jamb reg no is 25653770ec and dis is my number pls i dnt kown wat to do again 08165616050 tank u i apply for accounting

  161. Iwohanmi segun says:

    When is D E admission list coming out?

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