All students who found their names in the 2012/2013 FUTO admission list are to follow the steps below for a successful clearance process.
Click here to check the admission list if you have not

Federal University of Technology, OWERRI
Office of the REGISTRAR

On accessing their admission status from the University website, fresh students’registration begins as follows:

1. Print JAMB and University Admission letters;

2. Proceed to the First City Monument Bank (FCMB) for the payment of twenty five thousand naira (N25,000) Acceptance Fee and thereafter to the Student Accounts Unit of the Bursary to exchange the bank teller with the University official receipt;

3. Obtain Confirmation of Admission Letter from the University Admissions Officer;

4. Collect two copies of Validity Form (Forms 18 & 19) from the Admissions Unit on presentation of Acceptance Fee receipt, Confirmation of Admissions Letter, and/or JAMB Admission Letter;

5. Proceed to their departments for clearance on presentation of original copies of their entry credentials and Acceptance Fee receipt.
Thereafter, qualified students are issued with a Clearance Form (Form 6) duly signed and stamped by the HOD. Candidates whose Form 6 is not approved but are desirous of sourcing for an alternative programme of study should proceed to the Admissions Unit for change of department, after the payment of N5,000.00 to the Bursary. The candidates who are offered alternative programmes of study should then proceed to the new department to continue the clearance process. Such candidates are advised not to pay any other fee until they are cleared in the new department. Note that candidates who are not registrable in any department will forfeit their admission;

6. Collect username and pa ssword from your department;
Please note that only the Successful candidates who have been satisfactorily cleared by the Departments are required to proceed to the University portal for their school fees and accommodation payment processes;

7. Go to www.futo.edu.ngand click on FUTO portal;

8. Log into the eduportal with your username and pa ssword. Click on fees menu and then click on the Print Invoice button to generate your school fees invoice. Remember to change your pa ssword on first log-in;

Amount to pay:
All students offered provisional admission into the University, on acceptance, should proceed to First City Monument bank and pay a non refundable acceptance fee using the Bank teller.
a) Acceptance Fee(bank teller):
i. Acceptance – N25,000.00
b) School Fees (via E-tranzact platform):
i. Geology – N45,800.00
ii. Others – N44,800.00
c) Accommodation Fee(bank teller):
All students offered accommodation should pay the accommodation fee at FUTOMicro Finance Bank into Account No. 01-1557.
i. Accommodation – N8,000.00

9. Go to the FCMB bank with your printed invoice and fill the bank teller accordingly. On payment of school fees, you will be issued with an E-tranzact slip containing your name, pin number and receipt number. You must not lose your E-tranzact slip;

10. Go back to the FUTO Portal and login with your username and pa ssword;

11. After logging in, look at the left side panel and click on the “Fees” menu;

12. On the Fees page, scroll down and click on the “PAY FEES” button;

13. By default, e-tranzact payment option is selected, click on the “CONTINUE” button;

14. Enter your Confirmation Number and Receipt Number and click on the”SUBMIT” button;

15. Afterwards, you will be notified if your transaction was successful or not;

16. Return to the Fees page by clicking on the “FEES” menu on the left side panel;

17. Scroll down and click on the “PRINT RECEIPT” button to generate your school fees receipt;

18. Proceed to the FUTO Health Services for registration/examination. If successful, you will be issued with a Clearance;

19. Proceed to the FUTO Library for registration and you will be issued with a Library card;

20. Proceed to the Admissions Unit for registration/collection of Green File withoriginals and photocopies of the following documents:
– Clearance Form (Form 6);
– Original and photocopies of WAEC/NECO Certificate or Statement of Result duly signed and stamped by the School Principal;
– Original and photocopies of OND/HND Certificate for Direct Entry students;
– Original and photocopies of Spread-Sheet of School Certificate Result duly signed and stamped by the School Principal;
– Original and photocopies of JAMB and Post-JAMB result slips;
– JAMB and FUTO Admission Letters;
– University official receipts for Acceptance Fee, Medical Clearance, Library Clearance, e-transact slip and School fees Receipt;
– Original and photocopies of Birth Certificate or Statutory Declaration of Age;
– Letter of Identification from Local Government Area of Origin, and Confirmation of Admission Letter; and
– Undertaking Form duly processed for stamp-duty at the Sub-Treasury.

21. Sign the Freshmen Registration Data Form (Form 11) on completion of registration;

22. Thereafter the Admissions Unit will forward a list of freshmen who have successfully completed their registration and duly signed Form 11, in batches to the Director, ICT Centre, who will a ssign a matriculation/registration number to each student and forward the batch list to the relevant Heads of Department for issuance to the students; and

23. Finally each bona-fide student will on receipt of his/her registration number, complete an ID card application form and submit same to the HOD for onward processing to the ICT Centre.

Other Relevant Information

How to do online course registration and edit profile:
– Visit your Cla ss Adviser to confirm the list of courses you are supposed to register;

– Log-into the portal with your username and pa ssword;

– Click on the “Course Registration” menu;
– Select your level and semester(s) as necessary;

– Select the approved courses to be registered for and click on the “Register Selected Courses” button. If you want to unregister a course, select it, and clickon the “Unregister Selected Courses” button;

– Go to the STUDENT DASHBOARD, Click on the PRINT course Registration Slip; and

– Send a copy of the Course Registration Slip to your Cla ss Adviser to endorse.

To edit your profile please do the following:

– Log-into the portal with your username and pa ssword;

– Click on the “Edit Profile” menu;

– Upload your pa ssport photo by clicking on the “browse” button and then selecting the photo file resident on your computer hard drive. Click VIEW to preview what was uploaded. (Picture size MUST be 64kb and MUST be in jpeg format.);

– Continue to input any missing information about yourself such as Address, Phone, Next of Kin, Place of Birth, etc; and

– Verify all information on the page and then click on the “SAVE” button at the top bar (Note: you might need to Logout and Login again to see your photo displayed at the user photo-section).


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