Latest reports reaching the VNTI desk reveals that some witheld results from the 2012/2013 WASSCE examination held in may has been released by the council.

This was confirmed by some students, whose entire results or specific subjects, were initially withheld, but have now been able to access and print them.

VNTI hereby advise all candidates who sat for the examination, and have not been able to check theirs to re-check their results now, if they are among the lucky few whose results have been released.
Click here for details on how to check the 2012/2013 WAEC results

It has come to our notice, that some dubious persons have been taking advantage of students desperation to see their results released to FRAUD THEM in the name of helping them to release their witheld WAEC results.

VNTI wishes to state clearly, that Only The West African Examination Council(WAEC) has the ability to release or withhold results of the Senior School Leaving Certificate Examination(WASSCE).

No other person can help you in that respect, and any person who contacts you or ask you for a sum of money to help you with the process is a CERTIFIED FRAUDSTER, and should be reported to the authorities before such a person causes more harm to the society.

VNTI Nigeria bears no responsibilities for Phone Numbers posted on our comment box, be careful in your dealings with such fraudsters.
Associations made with such persons is at your Own risk.

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  1. Taiwooyeniran says:

    Is NECO form out

  2. i guess nigeria government should call waec board in nigeria to order before things get out of hand,waec as exam body in nigeria does not have the interest of nigerian student at heart,all they care about is the money they make every year and moreover waec have allow politice into her affair hence they treat nigerians anyhow they like,how would waec release some held or withheld result without telling the public?presently there are scam information online informing students on how to release their held results ,what is waec doing about it?are they saying they dont know anything about it?what about the ministry of education,what have they done about it?i think the nigeria government should know that nigerians looking at the whole situations and very soon they will see protests all over the country about this whole nonsense of held,withheld results drama by waec.

  3. Some few days back i was reading a publication online on why some waec results were held in a particular state in nigerdelta by waec and i wept for the innocent students which did not commit anything in their exams center allowed to pass through pains just because the state government that have pay a lip service or announcement that the government has paid for the enrolment of these students but it fail to pay the money before waec release the results of 2011 exams hence their result was held,what a shame to waec and the governor,ministry of education.According to the publisher,when the parents of the students that sat the 2011 waec exams went to waec office to verify what happen and the reasons why results are been held,the head of waec office told them that the state government is yet to meet her part of the agreement,that is the state government has not pay not the students enrolment fees hence they have to withheld the results pending when the state government pay the money or else waec will run at ground. Is this kind of people or exam body nigerians should trust?ministries of education in this country have fail the system and also allow politics to destroy the education in this country,pls release all withheld,outstanding and held results as soon as possible.

  4. Kalu Grace says:

    Pls my results have not been released I am begging the waec board in the name of God to please hear my cry and release the result. If only waec board knows what I have been going through its unfair!

  5. Celestine says:

    Why is it all our center result was with held

  6. Is this for only Nigeria or the whole Africa. What about Ghana. Most of the result withheld are thoes student from the village school. Why.

  7. Japhybest says:

    I trust,hope and believe in God Almighty that All the 122,000 waec result being held will be release with good grades. God bless you!(AMEN).

  8. jeremiah azibakayam says:

    my waec result is been witheld,nw am helples.i nid it badly 4 my clearance plz waec release my result.i did nt engage in anyform of malpractice.am a chld of God,a deeper lifer.tnxs

  9. Amoure of GOD says:

    To u does who have their waec been held am also affected i wrote sss ce 3 times after my waec 2009 becos of maths alone i knew how i was egearing to see my result been release bt i take every thing as test of faith believe in GOD and pray when mine was held in 2009 two paper was cancled let join our faith together and cry to GOD so that our needed subject will not be affected

    • How long did it take b4 waec release ur 2009 held result?pls i need ur reply.

      • Angel mercy4all says:

        It take waec 5 months 2 reasle the held waec of 2009 that is august 2 january so let pray they conclud their investigation on our result and release it in good faith i need thise result for my own clearance by next month 23rd. GOD her our lementation help us soften the heart of waec bord.

    • When ur waec result was held in 2009,how long did it take b4 it was release?

  10. pls waec release my held result that is my only source of happiness

  11. Mohammed Al Abubakar says:

    I m one of the tallented student in our school,but its unfoturnate when i check my result, the commentry I sow is held! I yell morthan three times.oh God, i know this meanacin stuation that i m Passin through is to testifyed my faithfulness.ple conceder my RQ Ipass jam lookin 4 admission to Un Gombe my exam no,4330207then serial no 136God bless u.

  12. Please waec board why can you people held the result of innocent one who know nothing about mal-pra or are you! trying to tell me that all result been burn and brought up are not from mal-pra please! please! Check our papers so that we will be happy and celebrate like other and may good lord guide and protect waec official how has been ruing from pill to post to ensure our dreams is archived!

  13. Please,the waec board should try and release the result of d innocent students,they have weep wen their mates are rejoicing,please release our result, so that we can rejoice with others. Please! May God bless u all

  14. Obi Austine says:

    Plz and plz waec board we are beging u in the name of almight God unheld our result so that we will rejoice with our fellow student. May the good God continue to bless u.

  15. harry boy says:

    God touch waec official sothat they will release our result we have weep and suffer for d exam some people in our center are rejoicing why others are crying bitterly dis is my center number 4112020 God help us

  16. Ahmed James says:

    Woe To The Waec Board, U relish d pain of my frustration, My grief are ur relief but nemesi wil rise in righteous ire, Waec pain shall be ur shadow.

  17. Eteng clement says:

    Waec fade me with all the hope nd trusth i ve 4 dem, after i wrote last year nd ve 3 credit, i read hard not 2 bcome a total failure, i wrote again 2 make me keep on with my readings, unfortunately waec made my lose appetitte of reading, pls waec board release our innocent result i beg of u, may God take absolute control over waec board amen.

  18. Pls Waec board,relaese all held results,u are frustrating the students,u are adding insult to injury despite all what the country’s economy is going thru,do u want to them to rob or prostitute to re- purchase ur form? Waec board FAER ALLAH!!

  19. God wot sort of madness is this.waec pls release my results for me.i need it now more dan ever pls.am tired of waitin.pls do something am very miserable.those i took with in the same centre already ve dia results pls.

  20. Abba musa muhammad says:

    Plz nd plz waec bod u tok piety on mi, cz i wrote waec tyms 3 but i did nt get wat i ned, then my 2012 result was held. U knw any body help some 1 god wil help him,once again wit god u release final with held result cz am about writin post ume god help us ameen.

    • Muftahu Aliyu says:

      please and please waec release all my nine subject,becouse i was very suprised when i checked my result but it was unfurtunate with held all ,after all the nyt and days i have spent reading doing nothing but reading.
      i hope and wish my request will be considerd and urgent reply,GOD bless you waec GOD bless you all amen

  21. osemudiam agihike says:

    It surprises me that all my outstanding result was release this morning after i contacted Mr. Harry last week. He is a very nice man…. you can call him through 08078927387.

  22. salam sabur says:

    this is my 4th time that have being writing waec pleas help me to release my result

  23. Miracle ella says:

    Waec board,pls nd pls 4 God sake,pls release our held results o.

  24. Ajimuda samuel says:

    Pls release my result

  25. I thank god 4 my wonderful result,i praise him and glorify his name,and i also pray 4 those dat their results are witheld may almighty allah answer their prayers and let d results be released very soon.

  26. Odo Anselem chimezie says:

    Waec officials plz reales withheld result

  27. waec board pls i beg u in Gods name pls release all withheld results, most of us hv gotten admission but dew to dis withheld stuff we are still @ hum, u hv children shuld in case u are nt in d seat nd ur children are in dis condition u wunt feel good so pls release our result’s nd God bless u as u do so Amen.

  28. pls release our result.

  29. I tink it’s better we all forward our complaints to their email instead@ Hnowaec@yahoo.co.uk wit dat more listening earz will see to it..,tanx mine is also held.

  30. Udele bernard says:

    Waec pls release our held an outstanding results i beg u pple in d name of d lord. Most of us ar jambites who needs d result bastardly

  31. Orjiako ifeanyi kenneth says:

    Oh Lord Jesus, touch d hrt of whoso ever tht is in possession of my centre waec may/june 2012 result, 4171505, to release it. Thz is the 3rd time, i weep al nght, i fel pains al ova ma bdy. Have mercy on us all in Jesus name,AMEN. My hope wt psalm 123, in d lord. Waec pls nd pls release our result in Jesus name! Amen. ThnkGOD 4 ANSWD PRAYERS, amen

  32. Ashiru sani muhd says:

    Pls waec bord release our result we are weeping

  33. What do u gain in sufferin student… Do u knw hw many pple mit hv died cos of heart attack on seein deir result bin witheld? Wat do u gain in lettin dz poor children beggin u… Remember d sayin dat says: wat goes around kumz around or do 2 odaz wat u wnt dem 2 do 2 u… U pple suld try 4 nigeria coz i knw only dz country z dng dz nonsense.. If nigeria is a great country lyk u cliam upgrade it wit d education standard 1st cos children r d leaderz of 2maro.. A jouney of a thousand mile beginz wit a 1st step. Start ur 1st step 2day by releasin our witheld result nd c d great country Nigeria wil bekum… Tnx

  34. ukara-christ peter Amah says:

    My result has been held, i don’t know wot 2 do again, if anybody body result shud be held, myn, i hav reason of sayin so, bt i kw dt de God whom n Tithe n offers un2 wil nt disapoint me, am sure abt dt,


    I tank God 4 realesing my waec result bt am nt happy to hear sm 122 result z held wot a shame 4 waec may God touch u pples heart to reasle the waec result

  36. Desmond adiele godwin says:

    Please waec please….release my result so dat i can further my education plz am begin

  37. Plz waec board relaese ur result

  38. pls waec my result is held,since dat day till nw tears has bin my food.all my hope lies in dat waec result,my gurdians has givn me alot of hard tym and insult since dat result came out,nw dey ar thretnin to send me bak to d villag.and my parent dnt hav moni to train me,pls waec hear d cry of an innocent child,i do nt deserv dis…….all my lyf suffrin has bin d oda of d day,pls God toch der heart

  39. Greeting to u all my fellow student, greavin in pain am so sowi for us all i had admission bt my waec result held am supose 2 resume and do clearance second next month but hear i am this my 4th time of writting jst becos of maths my result was held and remark some paper council in 2009 it painful bt this is worst bt my fellow student nothing can change the heart of waec official bt let join hand and pray 4 mercy that GOD soften their heart keep ur faith and hope alive frm mercy4all i love u all and i fell ur pain GOD knws best.

  40. When is dis yr witheld result will b out. waec may/june 2012?

  41. pls waec release all outstanding results we have sufferred enough please release it


  43. Waec pls release mi result hv already writn mi post ume nd pasd pls diz z mi centre number 4331613

  44. Mustapha O Adams says:

    Plz waec realise my rsult, i collapse d 1st day i check my result, & uptil my hrt is ful of solo & tear. Plz in d name of God realese my rsult. I need it badly

  45. It z pains n sorrows 2 dos hu dere result ar held.weac officials if dat ur chldren ar in our wat wil u do.pls 4 d sack of ur luving children release our held result 4 us.

  46. God y me waec no no no neco no no no 4 3yrs nw i hav been takin waec nd neco bt nting is hapnin i got addimtion in unn last yrs wer r mine vila doin wat waitin 4 waec nd neco infact am tired i dnt knw wat else to do God am in ur hands help me.

  47. Ukena Victoria says:

    i am so happy in seeing my result after so many people who scam me and take my money, i decided to try my last chance with Mr.Harry who now surprise me on what i didn’t expect after so many disappointment from many people who claim to be of help, my advise to you all today that need your result to be out successfully contact Mr.Harry on his phone number now 08078927387 he will help you the same way help me to up Grade my result.

  48. If we were ur kids would u lyk dis t happen 2 us……..almost everi day i cry askin God 4 dem 2 release my waec….pls help me….and God will bless u and ur family

  49. Olamide oladejo says:

    Waec plz release my result am beggin u in d name of almighty God dat we all serve nd worship..dis is my second tym of writin waec

  50. Temitope morenikeji says:

    Waec pls release my result,or is it a crime 2 b a nigerian.

  51. muftahu aliyu says:

    please waec release my result i beg in the name GOD, waec help us .

  52. Dolapo adekoya says:

    we re in need of our waec result,plz release our result oo,b4 we start protest.

  53. Waec plc becouse of ur creator in heven releas my waec am nt hapy at all i need it serously

  54. Stevo mark.co says:

    Haba, waec officials u dey born at all?

  55. hahahahaha,someone will go fr school and waste money,when the person writes the exams you pple withheld it fr no reason,mmoa. You pple releases the qtns fr money whiles we pay and collects to pass,mmoafo) dnt even knw what to say,agyimifo)

  56. Eze collins c says:

    Waec plz release my result plz let me do my clearance dis my only hope,God bless u all.

  57. For God sake what are you up to with our result,will you eat the result? Plz realese it we have sufferd allot

  58. Theo nimiye says:

    So so not in a good mood…waec please release our results for us

  59. Waec plz haba y r u people doin lyk diz?plz pity us na and release our result plz i’m begin wit GOD ALMIGHTY.TANKS

  60. Waec pls release my result pls.

  61. jeremiah dalene says:

    pls waec, wat have we done 2 deserve dis kind of tritment frm u pple. I sufered gathering dis (sweat) money. Now kaduna state university have releseased dia first list and i hapen 2 b one of lucky candidate witout waec 2 show 4 it, pls am beggin u once again release our result centre no 4190233094. Thank u God bles as u comply amen.

  62. Plzzz release our result..for the sake of God bcos av had mine admission and my resukt is no where to be found for the registra..i need dat result urgently..ma centre numba is 4252327 and ma exam no is 150..plzzzz u people should release it..

  63. Safiyah baba Adams says:

    Pls waec board release my result..my parents are poor and relying on me because a the first born and I have 2go 2 skul so dat I can help dem…please spear my lyf.. I hv wrote waec 7 tymz and it’s always on held please release it and help orders dey might be in worst situation than myn..thank you

  64. Aka.Lax b.. says:

    Lets kip prayn..m 1 0f d candidts..n lets chck bk by endin of dx month bn octbr..n also pray dat our nided subjcts wnt b cancell…

  65. pls i nd dis waec result. hw soon are they releasing d result 4 nov/dec 2012/13? i hpe d result wil b better.

  66. Nze anthony emeke says:

    Please the result o

  67. Why will d council held result why lots of tins are as stake,i feel like dying not seeing my result i ‘d already waste 2scratch card checking in d name of dis result,y wud people not turn dre self into sometin else,am really mad bcos of dis…. I urge u ma/sir in d name of d highest GOD dat created us all; pls release our held result do’t let us die in hypertension trying to check our result

  68. john joyce says:

    before it was held and i heard dat some withheld result has been released.but it is a pity dat i went there to check it,all i could ever see in my result was cancelled.and i wept. but in all i still put my trust in God.bcus he is the God of the poor.weac in any way i hv offended you people pls hv mercy and relased my result.dis is making me 3 tyms of writing weac.God let ur pefect wil be done.Amen.

  69. I beliv in God cauz he creat d waec official an we the waec candidat, he iz goin 2 do d best cauz my result iz also held wich i need 2 submit my course form, i no the God i serve wl nt disapoint me.it iz wel.

  70. WAEC pls as a body which you are, try to realize that your candidates are as well living souls. they took your exams for higher enrollment in education, but you are becoming a stumbling block to them. how can I write your examination without a result. I got admission, spend all I have in all kind of registrations, seat for the exams, and can not go further because WAEC.

  71. GOD pls touch dre heart let dem release our result, i cant even compose myself i cant take it. This is absurd,red over d nyte, burnt candles in d name of rytin xam and i my result is not released yet. U dis people no one tin today dat u collected money from us. We do’t obtained d form free of charge and u are still surfering 4 givin you food…. GOD will surely judge you!

  72. Pls my results have not been released I am begging the waec board in the name of God to please hear my cry and release the result. If only waec board knows what I have been going through …… plssssssss

  73. Do no let d frud star get advantage of you bcos dey just did it T̶̲̥̅̊Q̶̲̥̅̊ M̶̲̥̅ε̲̣̣̣̥ bcos i was desperate i lost 10thousand for dat d person name is caleb 07062477447. Pls don’t get involved

    • His real name is olowokere godwin okheime A̶̲̥̅̊₪d̶̲̥̅̊ is account num is3047815001 fiirst bank he is a frudstar e collected 10 thousand naira from M̶̲̥̅ε̲̣̣̣̥ in the name of waec, e said e will help M̶̲̥̅ε̲̣̣̣̥ with my witheld result A̶̲̥̅̊₪d̶̲̥̅̊ e did not if anyone can get T̶̲̥̅̊Q̶̲̥̅̊ him wit dis detai please arrest him his phone num is 07062477447 A̶̲̥̅̊₪d̶̲̥̅̊ 08160261369 save odas from him save d nation cos it will get odas T̶̲̥̅̊Q̶̲̥̅̊ do more dan dat

  74. Hello ,my name is Victoria i was helpless with my waec result

  75. my result is released

  76. Aliyu yakubu says:

    My comment goes to minister of educ & other stakeholder on educ. The act of withhelding result can’t solve d prob of exam malpractic. Student are being sufer in finding money 4 reg after that they saw withheld result. Why every nigeria sectors are so corrupt. Why they withheld some result& release others in d same center. WAEC BODY is discouraging student 4rm education & not encouraging. Known that God always be with cheated person. Be careful God is still there

  77. AMICABLE says:

    please and please waec release our result,we need to further our education now that we have strength and zeal to do so,dont pull down our self esteem low,make us a beta Nigerian that a theft terrorizing the country,thanks and GOD bless you all.

  78. okorie godswill says:

    plz, waec board, i beg of u, my waec 2013 govt nd biology r outstanding. plz hlp m release them nd i wil nt 4gt 2 tel my generation 2 cm ur good wkz in my lyf. i wnt 2 read law, bt u gav m D7 in my LITERATURE, PLZ HLP M UPGRADE IT 4 MY FUTURE 2 B SCURE. GOD BLESS U ALL.

  79. WAEC!!!fear God almighty seen i check my result av been in sorrow when other were rejoies.my waec result for 2013 av been held.the only hope i am having now is god.i pray u wn’t loose hope dis year.waec officcer were tarnish the image of dis country bcos of money,where are we going in this nation.pls if here is any body dat can help me here is my number just flash me i will cal u back,08135113948.A good citizen of Nigeria pls dnt let my dream fade up.

    • Dont Fall Into the hands of fraudsters.

      No one can release your result if waec withelds it.

      Simply pray to God

  80. Am confused right now.All my result in this 2012/2013 is out except my physics.they wrote “outstanding”.please what does that mean.your comments please.

  81. Adetoyinbo Adeyemi says:

    .I’m an innocent kid,..i mean a rily poor 1…i cudnt do any oda exam except dz waec coz i’m catered for by a single poor mum…..i rely on waec alone 2 get admission in2 d uni,…bt i jes want u 2 help me…plz…plz…d future starts 4rm somwhere, nd always note dat if ur results ad bin witheld bak den, u wudnt av bin employed by dat institution….plz broda WAEC…plz…ma centre num is…4251053…nd ma serial num z….015…..plz,(sobing)…may/june 2013….

  82. Plz HOW LONG dose it take for withheld result to be release (may/june2013)

    • @Vans, There are different types and categories of witheld results.

      Some are witheld for more investigation and would eventually be released after a month or two, while some are witheld after confirmed acts of malpractice, and such are NEVER RELEASED.

      NOTE: No individual has the power to release a result, so beware of fraudsters who tell you otherwise

  83. bello mistura says:

    waec pls release my result,dere was no form of malpractise in my school cus my center was very strict,pls i nid my result for clearance in d uni,pls don’t let my drim die…m begging in Allah’s name ooo.

  84. My WAEC 2013 result have

  85. around when will waec released witheld results Ify students

  86. Thanks

  87. Thanks

  88. Thanks

  89. Thanks

  90. BUSH D UGONNA says:

    please my 2012/2013 waec was seized please that is part of my life i see in Nigeria if you write exam and make it very well it will be cancelled if you did not write will the same thing please i need my result i can see haw we are sited one person a site still they said they is exam malpractice

  91. Thanks

  92. damilola talabi says:


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