The deadly islamic sect known as the boko haram has treaten to visit the Delta State University (DELSU) in no less time. The university who planned it 7th convocation on 7 and 8th Sept is now under fear.

Students and the school security is now out with great vigilance as they go to class in fear.
More updates will come your way, if confirmed. We however advise all DELSU students to be extra vigilance.


  1. Rheriobore victor says:

    Helo my fellow delsu student be vigillance because the so called boko haram hav sound warnin us on the covocation day which is comin on the 7 nd 8 semptaber so be ready

  2. Mbah chukwuma.C. says:

    Pls when is 2012/2013 neco result coming out

  3. Francis thomas says:

    Hope d University authority has taken care of d area of security personel and other strategies 2 over dem incase dey cum.

  4. oyibojohn says:

    dont be afraid bccause God is with delsu student, nothing will happen. believe in who in the protector.nothing will happen.

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