Ahead of the Ahmadu Bello University 2012/2013 Admission list, Latest reports from the University reveals the following cut-off marks for various faculties within the Institution:
Faculty of Administration-190
Faculty of Social Science- 180
Faculty of Arts- 180
Faculty of Sciences- 170.

This is still not verified by the VNTI team, and would be dully updated, upon verification.

You Can Reach us by comment below, if you have any questions. We would be glad to be of assistance.

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  1. Yusuf Dayo says:

    What of cut-mark faculty of engineering

  2. Jolly Jonathan says:

    When is the admission list coming out????

  3. Vincent Daniel says:

    what is the cut-off mark for Engineering?pls I need an urgent reply.

  4. Umar saeed says:

    Hi, is ABU admission list going to be release soon?

  5. I would pls like to know whether the 2012/2013 admission list is out.

  6. YAKUBU USENI says:


  7. Salihu shehu sambo says:

    Its not yet out

  8. Are this post jamb cut off mark or jamb cut off mark

  9. i dnt undastand,whn i check my result i saw 160 nd 194 am scare coz i saw sum people wt 255 am realy scare.

  10. whn is d list comin out?

  11. Iorfa meeme says:

    I got 200 in utme and 202 in putme ll i be considered for admission?

  12. Ibrahim muhammad muhammad says:

    Ahmadu hello university is our hope,we keep praying for God to make us among their student.ISA we will reach dere wit Almighty Allah power…

  13. Abu will only admit only 100 student in each dept is it true?

  14. Bivan blessing says:

    pls sir,cud u pls make visible d Admission list of faculty medicne.tnkx in anticipation

  15. Oluwa folarin says:

    Pls sir or ma is d list of abu admission out or d cutoff mark 4 accounting out 2012/2013 pls if is out pls call me becu’t i scor’d 227 in jamb and my putm sco’d 172 and avgee’rg is 200 did i enr’d d cut off mark 4 accounting pls

  16. Why they delayed to release the admission list?

  17. Pls i got 238 in my jamb and 260 in ma post utme,which gives me an average of 249.what are my chances of gettin admission to study pharmarcy?

  18. M,mubarak says:

    Alhm…!!hv scrd d necesary mark ol wat i pray nd fast 4 z dat almity Allah shd mak me 1 of dos dat wil b offrd admisn into d institutn dis very year we ar….may d almigty grn8 evry 1 his/her wish amin suma amin.tnx sir

  19. Denis Titus says:

    when is unical admissions coming out.

  20. Shuaib ALI says:

    Amin summa amin@mubarak


  22. ummusalmah says:

    pls wen wld abu/fcekano 2012/2013 direct entry adimision list goin 2 b out

  23. Please when will d admission list for zaria (abu)be out ?????? Plz i really need to knw

  24. Sani Aminu Yusufu says:

    Abu are nt yet release their admision list, keep waiting abusite, i am wishin u all d best.

  25. will i b given admission with 184 as aggregate to study building?

  26. Abubakar Abdulkadir says:

    Pls. I am using waec and i have 8 credits bt my english is pass, i am using ijmb o level eng. I have c. Can i pls attatched them?

  27. Pls wen will d list b out

  28. Moses gambo says:

    I scord 198 in my utme nd 212 in putme nd d aggregate 205 studyin civil engr.wat is my chance of getin admission

  29. How many student sat for the 2012/2013 abu post utme?

  30. I applied 4 pharmacy i had an averge of 237 n my prayer is dat may almighty ALLAH in his infinite mercies grant me admission dis year allahuma ameen

  31. What is the cut-off mark for faculty of medicine?

  32. I blv i wl b amng d dos dat wl b offerd admisn in2 abu dz year itz a blv in jesus name.

  33. I blv i wl b amng dos dat wl b offerd admisn in2 abu dz year itz a blv in jesus name.

  34. i scored 198 in utme nd 212 in putme nd ave. Ov 205 nd want 2 study electrical engineering, wat ar my chances ov gtn admitted

  35. YA ALLAH!!! Pls make it posible 4 us 2 get admission dis yer insha Allah…plsss hlp us…ameen YA ALLAH

  36. adetola david says:

    plz my average score is 235 we i be admitted 4 medcine

  37. Agboola soliu says:

    pls when exactly admission list we be out is getting too late, we re in need of it and what is the cut off mark for business education,

  38. Chiamaka juliet chukwuka says:

    Sir wen will Abu adim list be out,i got 246 in my jamb nd 221 in my post ume but i strongly believe in God almighty to grant me success in my adim dis year in Jesus name Amen.

  39. abu samuel o says:

    i score 197 for jamb and ptume 196 average 197 dpt of Economics can i b concider 4 admison?


    Dear sir/ma,
    I scored 217 in the UME and 172 in PUTME giving an average of 195. What are my chances of being admitted in the faculty of social sciences (economics)?

  41. When will d list 4 direct entry students be out?

  42. dauda itop suleiman kogites says:

    As iam posting these nw the abu admission list is not yet out but a fine majority of the posting state that admission list is out but all these information are false cos is not stated in abu site if you say is out what is the site to check it.

  43. In my post jamb, my aggrgt score is 221 nd i applied 4 econs in ABU zaria….pls i neeed immediate update dis is my num 08030481008


  45. when is A.B.U list coming out?

  46. Salaudeen afolabi says:

    Wots cut off law,could u pls tel d actua time dat admsn is gona out

  47. Vincent Daniel says:

    I applied for E.E,I scored 210 as aggregate,and I STRONGLY believe wit God help am getting admission into Abu dis year,and notin will stop me,just have faith and Allah will see us through……

  48. Vincent Daniel says:

    I applied for E.E,I scored 210 as aggregate,and I STRONGLY believe wit God help am getting admission into Abu dis year,and notin will stop me,just have faith and Allah will see us through.

  49. na wa ooo….am tired for ABU oooooo…..make d list kum out naw…lets knw out stands….almst all oda skuls has released dier list……i prayed that my name is among the studnt addmittd……..cus my scores are: jamb score: 248….utme:272…..averg:260…..and i applied for political sciecnce……May God help us in Jesus name “Amen”

  50. Kenneth B David says:

    I scored 287 in Jamb and 292 in post utme,with an average score of 290; I applied for Medicine and surgery. VNTI,pls what are my chances? You can add me on 2go with my username: KENNETHBD

  51. Umar muhammad says:

    I really want to known on which month and date ABU Admission will be released?

  52. Pls wat is d average score for engineering in ABU

  53. Audu muahammed says:

    Am really scared, sir I score 225 in jamb and my average is 181 and I applie 4 bussiness adm….er dey going 2 consider me?

  54. Jonathan haman jat says:

    Pls i score 218 jamb and 88 post jamb total avrage 153, can that score give me admission pls

  55. hi all, pls when will d direct entry admission list be out? God bless u

  56. pls wats d cut off mark of economics?

  57. pls i had 14 points in my ijmb,pls am i worthy of law and pls when will the direct entry admission list out?08130589389

  58. Najeeb Tijjani says:

    Ahh? Aveg nah! A.B.U release admission nah, I wonder how they will have their @50 celebration while still bouncing on our admission list

  59. I heard d list is ready 4 upgradn buh it bin delayd by d prep 4 d 50 yrs aniversary…pls wat d skul sayn abt d date of d realise of d admision list.pls i need 2 knw ASAP.

  60. when is the admission list coming out…. Pls let us
    no our faith So will can no the next step to take… glory be to almicty Allah couz i believe am going to be addmmite……. I shall Allah

  61. Bilal Abubakar jega says:

    We pray may Allah (S.W.A) make us among the bonofide Abusite

  62. Shettima hauwa says:

    Got admission last yr,but 4 one reason or d other it wasn’t sucess realy hope my goin 2 get it dis time around,pls sir wen is d admission list goin 2 b out,huh!am realy getin tensd

  63. This year i hav 100% confidence of getin admission into A.bu zari M.B.B.S programme,God has done it 4 me i aint know about the person handling ur case!GOOD LUCK 2 ALL ASPIRANT

  64. Dauda Abbas says:

    Wit God all tins are possible.may God Almight who make 2day been d last friday in the month of september and d first friday in the month ofzul hija make dis day 2 bring more happiness in my life and my family, and make my admission into abu university 2 cum true and dose who think they reach d cut-off mark. Insha Allah (AMIN)

  65. l score 237 in jamb 212 in utme and my agg is 225. Is there any help 4 me 2 get public admin in abu. God pls help all of us

  66. God help us, my agg is 225 any hope to get public admin in abu?

  67. SAID A IDRS says:


  68. Sale yusuf Abubakar says:

    When admission list out.

  69. Ifeoluwaseun Adeyemi says:

    The admission list will soon be out. May we be victorious in Jesus name.

  70. sarki paiko says:

    Oh Allah! The sustainer,the cherisher of the world..please grant us admition..pharmacy na war wo!

  71. shuaib ali says:

    abu admission list will be out on the 8th of october———confirmed

  72. Oh Allah am into you, bless me with this admission that is yet 2 come out in countdown days. Count me among political science fresher 4 the year 2012/2013

  73. Do u mean both Direct and Jambite ?
    Oh Allah ! , let me b among d successful candidates

  74. John danlami says:

    To the general public and ahmadu bello university candidate that the admission list wil be out this month unfailinly thanks

  75. George t ifeoluwa says:

    I heard dat it ws only kad indigin dat wil b given adm, is it true?

  76. ah was kinda wonderin if d cut off mark is just the post utme or d agregate of ma jamb n post jamb…nid an ansa pls

  77. Umar Ahmad says:

    Allah is the giver of everything in this universe so seek from Allah(S.W.T) You will truely succeed.

  78. when is d admission list cmin out

  79. This is to officially announce to the public that the long-awaiting 2012/2013 admission list of the Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, would be out not lately by 14th Oct, 2012 according to the source.
    I also apply for International Studies Department, and I had 238 as in average. 08182641594 or dammylola1 @2go.

  80. Today is d 8th of October and there’s still no news about the admission list…………pls what is the cause of this delay?

  81. Adeleye rihanat akorede says:

    pls i av 192 in jamb 172 in post utme my aggregate is 182 can i av adm 2 social science economics

  82. We are sick and tired of waiting 4 d admission list to be release…insha Allah, we all wl be given admission this year

  83. naandem dapak says:

    i have been looking for admission this is my third time and have been doing very well but dont no why i have not been giving admission. this year i goy 201 in jamb and 244 pume and my course fine art. so my question is will be giving admission this time?

  84. Olayiwola taofiq dauda says:

    Pls i dont understand why abu is delaying their admision list

  85. Abdulkadir sauban says:

    Pls any person dat apply public administration direct entry abu

  86. Aluta Prince says:

    Pls sir,just wanna knw.Wen is A.B.U admission list 4 special admission{S.P} direct entry,coming out?

  87. Aluta Prince says:

    Pls sir,just wanna knw.Wen is A.B.U admission list 4 direct entry special admission coming out?

  88. Pls sir,just wanna knw wen is A.B.U admission list 4 direct entry special admission coming out?

  89. Muhammad Abba Ali Mande says:

    What is the cut-off mark for Environmental design (ARCHITECTURAL DESIGN)?

  90. moses nyityo says:

    notify me when the list is eventually released. Pls .

  91. Abdulazeez abdulrazaq says:

    May d Almaighty Allah help us we should b amoung 2012/2013 admision set insha allahu

  92. when will 2012/2013 admission list out?

  93. Ahmad almustfa says:

    Pls am 4rm kwara.my jamb score is 224.post jamb iz 218.am i due 4 admsn to study acountancy.also pls frndz alert me when d list is releasd

  94. Add me on 2go wit alifacebook

  95. Folks! ABU-ZARIA admission list will come out 28th-Oct-2012. It’s from a realiable source. Contact me: 07033494724. Wish you guys the best… LOL…!

  96. I beg i get 253 as average, A B U fit gve me civil Law?

  97. mas'ud gwaska ukt says:

    Hmmmmm….may Allah helps us 2 get admission @ abu

  98. aliyu mukadam says:

    pls let me know when the admission list is out or call my no 08153516564

  99. nuradeen faruk says:

    i wish the entire management, staff and student happy 5oth years, long life and prosperity

  100. Ifeoluwaseun Adeyemi says:

    Let’s post our 2go username to congratulate ourselves when the list is out. Mine is: lovenabest

  101. Admission wil be cuming out on sallah day 27th oct 2012.

  102. My advice to who ever applies ABU to have a constant prayer to Almighty as the admission will soon be released. My thanks to the management of the site by keeping us well informed.

  103. jamb result 2013/2014 says:

    so when is the Ahmadu Bello University admission list coming out?

  104. Musa ibrahim musa says:

    Well. I too scored a very high mark, but we pray dat the almighty Allah wil si us through wen the list is released.

  105. with God i am admited in to abu zaria

  106. ramatu abdulrahman isiaq says:

    salam, i will like to know if Abu runs master in law, if the form is presently on sale, and also where i can get it to buy, without coming to zaria to get it, i live in abuja, thank u, ma salam

  107. pls wat is d cut-off mark for pharmacy.pls i really need to knw

  108. OSCAR MATHIAS says:

    Plz hw cn sumbudy chak d admission list.

  109. Terlumun terkuma says:

    Am glad its finali out,but r we sure its ok distym?

  110. Terlumun terkuma says:

    Ist ok distym?

  111. yusuf k Rasheedat says:

    I wish to know the rough estimate for abu Zaria tuition fee for this year

  112. NanaAyshat says:

    Pls wen wld abu 2013 direct entry forms wl be on sell?if u had any info pls cal 08138036663 dan ALLAH

  113. Kasimu Abdullahi says:

    Hasbunallahu wani’imal wakeel

  114. adusitiya japhet says:

    hi i want to know the reqirement for direct entry into the engineerin departement that is elect elect pls u can send me ur reply through my e-mail address thanks

  115. kwagemusa says:

    Ipls I wnt. To realy now the cut of mark for. Business administration and english language course cut of mark

  116. kwagemusa says:

    Ipls I wnt. To realy now the cut of mark for. Business administration and english language course cut of mark. For aby zarai

  117. Aliyu Sani says:

    Pls what is the cut of mark, for Business Administration Course ABU Zaria. Thanks

  118. Aliyu Sani says:

    When is the Admission List coming out.

  119. Temuya Isaac says:

    Gud day friends i aplied mass-comm at abu zaria i scored 207 in jamb am waiting 4 pume, d problem nw is dat i jst checkd my waec 2day i got 5bs three Cs including maths and eng bt my literature is e8, pls do u tink dat abu gv me d admsn den i write an undertaken to produce the result nxt year? Pls somebody answer me. Tanks pals….

  120. Yakubu Musa Ibrahim says:

    Pls let me know the chances of my Daughter’s admission into Accounting in ABU
    Her Jamb score-189,PostUME -216 Average-203. This is to make alternative decision since ABU can not be predicted as I do not want her to miss admission.
    I have gone to the Dept in ABU as an old student of same dept but the impression and reception given to me is not encouraging as the answer is we have finished.
    what are the chances of a candidate with average of 172 to read Architecture!

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