The Nnamdi Azikiwe University(UNIZIK) awka, has released the 2012/2013 UNIZIK first batch admission list of successfully admitted students into degree programmes for the 2012/2013 academic session.

Candidates who met the earlier released UNIZIK departmental cut-off marks for their departments are to access the admission list by following the steps below:
1. Click here to access the admission status checking portal
2. Click on Admission status
3. Select Undergraduate(regular)
5. Click on Next
6. Your Admission status would be made available to you.

The list is the first batch merit list, if you do not find your name, do not panic since other lists would follow soon.

We wish you all the best.

You Can Reach us by comment below, if you have any questions. We would be glad to be of assistance.

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  1. napoleon says:

    Its not working.. What’s the problem ??

  2. I dont tink d result is out yet, cos any no typed in wil bring out doesnt exist

    • @Ella, They are currently experiencing a problem with the portal. We would inform you all as soon as it is resolved

  3. please do notify

  4. teln me invalid reg number y??

  5. Its telin me invalid reg number, me dnt undastnd oh

  6. Pls wen shud we b expecting d list

  7. Is it true dat jamb disagreed wit d cacthment cutoff mark,dat dey wer ask 2 recomply d list?

  8. Opadoja tunde says:

    they said my jamb reg is invaild wat are my going 2 do! plz.

    • @Tunde and Others, it was reported that JAMB failed to approve the list, and as a result, the University has to return and amend the list, before taking it back to the board for approval. Till then, your reg would be invalid.
      We would inform you all when it has been uploaded again.

  9. Mine is sayin invalid reg number oh, lately it waz shown 1 stupid language followd by does nt exit buh now na invalid reg number

  10. Omo i don get admission….my own don show!!!

    • Tony I wonder where you saw your own unizik has not released the Merit list yet,though it is said to have been ready,but Prof. Egboka the VC is yet to confirm it or post it,I’d advcie wen it is all out u shld go and chek yours again coz if anytn shld hapen we’d b among d 1st 2get informed.Though I wish u success my guy.U have d admission already my hisgrace.u can reach me on 07038304339 4any info.

  11. Ezinne okwudili says:

    Mine is showing does nt exist

  12. Pls sir,is it all those dat pass d departmental cutoff mark for his course dat will be admitted in d merit list?

    • if u calculate and confirm dat ur agregate isabove cut,u’d b given d admission no doubt,oda wise u had beta start walkn 4it,u can cal 07038304339

  13. Pls sir,is it everybody dat pass d departmental cutoff mark for his/her course dat will be admitted in d merit list?

  14. Mine is shwin doesn’t exist

  15. Mine is showin invalid reg numba. My jmb is 208 n pst ume 45 for comp sci. Any hop 4 me…?

  16. Precious says:

    Mine is showing invalid postume number when i’m above the departmentental cutoff mark by almost 40 points I’m damn confused now wat an i going to do ?

    • @Precious, its not your problem, You are probably admitted. The University has a problem with its portal, which should be rectified soon. Its a general problem.

    • @Precious,u shld go home and relax,u deffinatly wil get d admission if u are 2ruly 40mrks above ur departmental cut off,u can rch me on 07038304339 4info. or updates

  17. Precious says:

    Mine is invalid wat would i do

  18. Pls sir,is it everybody that pass the departmental cutoff mark for his course that would be admitted in the merit list?

  19. prince onyisi says:

    pls you guy should stop this rums,stop hunrting people i beg you in the name of God ok

  20. Chuks Chukwudi says:

    Mine is showing invalid REG number.Please wht’s d problem?

  21. I scored 226 in jamb and 60 in pume.. I’m goin in for biz admin..is dere any hope 4 me?

    • @Sandy,there is a very big hopefor u,u are beta off dan many odas,u con reach me on 07038304339 for more info.

  22. Pls sir,thanks 4 ur good wrk,may almighty reward u,is tru dat one’s a student is admitted in an institution he automatically loose admission in oda institution,e.g sumone gain admission in esut and pass unizik cutoff mark,can he aslo b admitted in unizik?

    • @Steven, If that admission has been registered on the JAMB website, then its final.

      Your true admission is that seen on the JAMB website.

  23. @vnti does unizik give anambrarians a special cut off cos my GP IS 252 ND MY DPRTMNT CUTOFF IS 254

  24. Mine s sayn invalid reg number

  25. Igboanugo callista says:

    Pls do i av hope of admission in unizik bcos my Gp is 207.5 nd dpcut.off is 221 for botany i dont no wat to do i pray mi name is in d list so help me God.pls any1 can help e check my name igboanugo ekwutosi callista my reg no 26375634HC ok.tanx.

    • @Igboanugo,my broda dis is nt about prayer coz 4rm d look of tnz u are waitn for a mirracle,u definatly can get d admission but u can not get dat ur course,dr r some tnz u jst have to do about it,cal 07038304339 for more info.

  26. chioma muarine says:

    my post utme result is showing 251 but i did not meet up the cut off mark in economics but for my second choice, bus education(228) i did meet up, is it possible that i will be admitted

    • d post utme was scored all ova 100 hw cm u hv 251,besides u can get d admission if u meet up wt d cutoff,cal 07038304339 1st so I’d find out sm oda tnz

  27. Wen wil it be correctd? I’m reali gettin impatient.

  28. Onyedinma says:

    mine is shwing invaild reg number, i hav try ad try bt tired, wat shuld i do.

  29. Hi guyz,my agregate z 220 but theatre art cutz 230,but i beat d catchment area cutoff,jamb shudn’t spoil dat..abeg

  30. bernie hxess says:

    4 all those whose jamb reg no is rated invalid.,jst dnt panic nd dnt be botherd….u all re admitted already.jst be prayerful nd have faith in God…

  31. My own question is kinda diff…i want 2 knw,hw do u apply 4 ur supplementry form 4 those who did nt meet d cutoff mark??

    • unizik doz not sell supplementry form any more and I’m sure dey won’t sel dis year,there are some other forms privildgd to sm senior lecturers through which u can be given admissn,cal 07038304339 for more info.

  32. Pls,i had 240 for biochemistry nd my general cut off is 243.Am an anambranian i dnt knw if d new cut off wuld favor me…Pls i need reply

  33. vnti thanks 4 ur works.plz wen wil dis portal problem be rectified?

  34. @vnti pls u vnt answrd ma queshon,,tnks

  35. Pls i scored 252 in jamb,nd 54 in pume,ma dept. Z econs…pls u guys shud tel me wats up,i rily nid dt admin in unizik nd dt econs….anybdy cn add me up on 2go via SMITHCOOL …pls VNTI rply me or add me on 2go plz

  36. Pls i scored 252 in jamb,nd 54 in pume,ma dept. Z econs…pls u guys shud tel me wats up,i rily nid dt admin in unizik nd dt econs….anybdy cn add me up on 2go via SMITHCOOL …pls VNTI rply me or add me on 2go plz…anybdy wt any vital info help awt plz

  37. helo, pls i wrote 4 sociology nd i score 56 in my pume nd 260 in jamb. Pls do i hav d chance of getin admission?. Thnkz.

  38. i typd in ma utme reg num and ìt showd:invalid numba.
    doz it min dat i didnt take jamb or wat?e b lyk say bomb dy deir head.

  39. Pls wen will d portal problem ratisfied am anxious to knw which way am going abeg man

  40. Pls i scored 245 in jamb, and scored 30 in ptume, my dept is Economics 1st choise and pub admin 2nd. Pls tell me cause i need to knw, is their any hope for me?

  41. unizik admission list is xpected to be out in two or three weeks time,before then,candidates should have checked their aggregates to know their admission fates or call 07038304339 for help for those who know not what to do

  42. @vnti i wnt 2 knw if unizik gives anambrarians a special cutoff i heared is minus 8 4rm d general cutoff..my gp is 252 buh they cut 254..pls dtz ma queshon

  43. @VNTI,pls do u ave d new catchment cutoff marks cos i heard dat it was changed….jamb rejected d last cut off 4 catchment bcos unizik is a federal schl,d difference btw d merit cut off is too much 4rm d catchment cut off…so d list is been recompiled.dats wats delaying d list….PLS DOES ANYBODY AVE D NEW CUT OFF MARKS???

  44. @VNTI,i had 240 as my aggregate 4 biochemistry nd d general cut off is 243…am an indigene do u tink d new cut off wuld favour me?pls reply

  45. Pls i want to knw the new cutoff mark for medical radiography

  46. pls sir y did d jamb ask 4 amendmt of d list

  47. @ vnti nice home page buh am still waitin 4 ur answer

  48. wats d cut-off for med.lab science

  49. I did dat bt was tld invalid reg.number,pls wat does dat mean

  50. Ebube izuogu says:

    I got 230.5 aggregate,pls do i ve d chance of gettng admission 2 study accountancy.

  51. Ebube izuogu says:

    I got 230.5 aggregate,pls do i ve d chance of gettng admission 2 study accountancy.pls i nid a reply urgently

  52. Vinti plsss my dept cut 243 and i got 244,are dey really goin to amend dat in students favour or wat.my stat shows invalid reg no and am really becomin impatient.

    • @Kachi,2b sincere wt u Kachi,even if u are .1 mrk away 4rm ur cutoff,unizik might not gv u d admisson,1ce u notice somtn lik dis,it’s rada wise u take a step,u can cal 07038304339 for some info. or help

  53. Plz wat is d cut off 4 civil engr

  54. ikeh cornelius says:

    i dnt fink u guys should b worried.if d list is out,it can neva b a secrecy 2 anybody

  55. Vnti, did jamb ask unizik 2 increase or decrease d various dpartmental cutoff mark?.

  56. Vivian slim says:

    Pls when will dey start selling suplementry form

    • @Vivian, Its not announced yet. We would surely inform you all, when its out

    • @Vivian,unizik has long stoped selling suplementry form,if they ever will push it out this year as we have confidentially heard,it would be a previllegd giving to some staff and senior lecturers,strictly on a low key.U can call 07038304339 for help or info.

  57. Pls when is unizik writing their 2012/2013 direct entry exam

  58. ojukwu oluchi says:

    Pls I want to know whether UNIZIK has started selling their screening form for Direct Entry.

  59. Doreen chy says:

    Pls VNTI wots dat catchment cutoff, wot does it mean?

  60. Pls when is unizik first list cumin out cos am worried

  61. Okoro charles says:

    Please i did not see my post ume result i’m so confused pl’s i need ur advice

  62. Somebody should talk to me, my is showing invalid registration number. What is really happening, God in ur hands i commit my admission o……

    • @Jennifer,it’s notn 2worry abt,it wz programd so by d skool,d list is yet 2cm out and dat’s y it’s lik dat,do nt panik,jst pray u get d admission

  63. Umelo mirabel says:

    Plz i want to no wen real list will be out….my jamb z 212 nd pume z 52,ave..210 lib info mangement…dear viniti z dia hop of gettin.

  64. Its saying invalid reg nos why?

  65. I have been checking for the admission list.. But right Now i am checking It and the page ȋs saying invalid reg number. Pls what should i do about it

  66. Kingsley chukwuma says:

    Call 08168908874 for unizik help

  67. Ples i got 210 in jamb & 68 in putme do i have chance 4 admission to study accountancy. I need answer ples

    • @Angus,if ur aggregate is up to d cut off mark,u definately wld gain d admission.Call 07038304339 for more info

  68. Please what iz the dept cut 4 pub admin,I scrd 221 in jamb nd 56 in pst utme.do i hv any hope of getn admited.

  69. Why is dat if i check my admission status it will reading invalid reg number

  70. Pls cn i know wen d new cut-off mark wil b releasd nd d admission list?

  71. Pls i want 2 c d new cut off 4 law faculty,cos my aggregate passed d previous cut off 4 law faculty.(i got 261.5 but dey cut 258)LORD I TRUST IN YOU COS U WILL NEVER FAIL UR CHILDREN!!! AMEN.

  72. pls i got 228 jb nd 52ume,wats my aggregate?bus admin

  73. I got 218 in jamb and 52 in postutme and my course is mass com and i am an Anambarian,Pls is there any hope for me to get admission.

    • okeke queendanline in enugu state says:


  74. Pls i hav 223 and scored 58..postume…i’m an anambrian,do i hav hope of gettin pharm?

    • @Nkeiru,u r far 4rm d cut-off mark 4 pharm. u shld beta go in srch of anoda course nw dat u still can coz u can’t get pharm. wt dat…u can call 07038304339 for info. or help

  75. Anyaene Jennifer says:

    Is d list finally out?

  76. Pls vitn is unizik no resuit problem solve,my is stil no resuit dis my reg no 26035236fa

  77. Pls vnti ans me my unizik resuit is stil no result dis my reg num 26035236fa

  78. Odogwu luke says:

    How many candidates are 4 plo sic?

  79. efizzi manizzi says:

    please. You should all go and sleep. Your score n cut offs re low, n u people re searching for a fedral scul like unizik to attend. People wit high score re in skul doin regristration to year1. People wit low score re here complaining.

    • @efizzi,plz it would be rada matured dat u leave dis room and dn’t throw fear and confusion into candidates please,unizik hasn’t gvn out admission tlk less of strtn registratn

  80. Watz d latest 4 new cut off mark nd admission list?

  81. @effizy…wetin u sabi…if u were God,i would have shed tears but since u’re not…keep ur big mouth shut jor

  82. Pls when will unizik start selling their 2012/2013 direct entry post ume form

  83. What is wrong wit u people, no result is uploaded yet

  84. Ogbu prince johnson .c. says:

    Please i’m looking for political science & my post ume was very low….{216} and my screening test was….{44}, i dont know if dere is still hope 4me plz.

  85. Pls,is the new merit cutoff mark higher or lower?

  86. Ma aggregate z 184, i had 191.5.. Z dere any hope 4 me?

  87. sir,i got 246 in jamb and 68 in post ume any hope for me?also in the process of checking my result it kept on displaying invalid registration number haven’t the portal been rectified?

  88. was it d v.c dat went 2 submit d list 2 jamb?

  89. My name is chidi frank ijeoma,i wrote unizik exam n i got 64 in postume n 246 in jamb n agrregate 251 pls is there any hope 4 me 2 study med n surg or 2 b given n course close 2 d med n surg 2 study pls i nid reply?

  90. make anti cult no catch u 4 admission racketin oh.dis 1 u get ans to all admission problem,dey fill lik jame bond.na slap dey go tak finish you oh.

  91. I dnt like d way some universities ar runnin admission ths yrs o.whch one b catchment cutoff self?

  92. NB:Know it to you all that the admission can not work out for everybody,you should first calculate your aggregate by multiplying your pst-utme score by 4 and add your answer to your jamb score and then divide by 2,what eva you get is your aggregate.Compare it against your departmental cut-off to see if you stand a chance of getting the admission,if not,you can call 07038304339 on what to do…

  93. for those of you who might not be previledgd to gain the admission into unizik or other schools of your choice,there’s still an opportunity for you,if you can afford and have the interest of schooling in a Ghana starndard university,you can go online and check out ‘knutford’ university in Ghana,Accra…The university is open for admission now and the requirement it just your O-Level result,but it must be a very good result.Call 07038304339 for more information or help.You can see me in person.07038304339

  94. Greatboy. says:

    pls i checked n calculated my sch n it was 187.9 for sci.edu bt i dnt knw d cutoff mark n i av checked d admin list,nt valid.pls help me out cuz i dnt want to stay at home dis yr again.u knw dat it wasnt our fault cuz they gve us commercial subje to write in d post utme

  95. Okoye Ewezugachi says:

    What is d final cut off mark 4medical rehabilitation

  96. Wat’s up_F! Is it now confirmed dat d admission list 4NAU is out or not ? Bcos most ppll are busy deceiving students;collectimg money frm dem in d name of ‘I can help u’ witout assurance… I tried to contact sm1 abt d list,he said d 3rd list is on to Abuja,if I would get him cash,he can fiks my name. Pls,can smbody help wit d tru fact? I ‘ll appreciate.

  97. mine is showing pending

  98. Plz, i dont reli tink i wud be consistent in dis site inoda 2 get d latest info abt unizik’s ad list 4 2012 session…n 1 benevolent enof cud reach me out wit dis no 08133747656 so as 2 hint me on diff development on d issue at hand…tnx in anticipatn

  99. Mine is showing pending y?Plz reply fast

  100. Check out knutsford university in ghana on knutsford.edu.gh…For those who admission into UNIZIK and other schools might not favour,all you need to get admitted into knutsford university in ghana isa very good grade in your O-Level…Call me for more details and assistance…The school is open for admission now and will close very soon.

  101. Check out knutsford university in ghana on knutsford.edu.gh…For those who admission into UNIZIK and other schools might not favour,all you need to get admitted into knutsford university in ghana is a very good grade in your O-Level…Call me on 07038304339 for more details and assistance…The school is open for admission now and will close very soon.07038304339

  102. If u need vital and reliable information and admission help on UNIZIK,u can reach me on 07038304339

  103. I wan 2 chkd my name in d admision statz nd dy r sayn invalid reg numba,y?

  104. I hrd recently dat jamb took unizik 2 court over d cuttoff.pls hw true is dis?

  105. i hrd recently dat jamb took unizik 2 court over d cuttoff. pls hw true is dis

  106. My departmental cutt off mark is 233.5(geology) and i got 229,am from awka..am i hoping 2 get admission ?

  107. Pls, i applied for industrial chemistry and my total aggregate is 250 but d cutoff was 219.5, when i checked i saw invalid reg.am i not supposed to be in d merit list?

  108. Pls, vnti is the admission list really out and how can i check it?

  109. Bros emma mine ws showing pending bt nw its like dis[+]____________ i dnt undastnd it cn u pls tell me d meaning?pls.

  110. Mine ws showing pending bt nw its like dis[+]____________ i dnt undastnd it anymore.

  111. Y nt confirm ur admsn on jamb website its bin uploaded naw go nd brng d gudnews


  113. Tried checking but it keeps saying invalid registration number. Why? And please whats d cut off mark for Parasitology and Entomology? Hoping to hear from you soon. Thanks.

  114. Please I has 234 in my jamb and 66 in my post UTME my course is computer science, is they a chance for me getting the admision ? please inform me

  115. Please I had 234 in my jamb and scored 66 in my post utme my course is compyter science, is they a chance for me getting the admision

  116. Echenwune francisca says:

    Pls i scored 216 in jamb nd 48 in post ume…mass com…sir wot r my chances of beein admited…chectn admisn status nd i was told dat my reg no…is invalid!sobssss

  117. plsssss mine is writing invalid reg num, what am i going to do abt it

  118. That’s good,I think UNN should borrow a leaf from her,meanwhile,unizik should reduce politics from in it’s admission system.

  119. I score above cuttoff mark 4 micro biology bt dey gave me different course(agriculture) I saw dat on jamb website. Wot should I do pls

  120. Godwin ekene mercy says:

    I put 4 civil tho min is sayin no admition givin yet dats 4 first listbt i dont knw if my nam wil be out in second badge bcos i scord 243 in jamb &52 in post jamb &agg is 256 so pls i want knw if i can stil mak it

  121. pls up till now its still showimg invalid reg no….and i have been offered admisson by jamb..help pls m confused o

    • @Jennifer, As long as You have been admitted at JAMB, Just go and print your Admission Letter

      • @VNTI Why are you here disturbing people’s mind about admision. Go to Hell and Rest yourself at home, the day unizik uploads every one will see it, you are just fucking spiting on rubish. Dick head


  123. Pls is d list really out??? I checked mine today n it says invalid reg no what do i do????

  124. blessing boy says:

    please VNTI do reply me……i had 229 in jamb,42 in post utme and an aggregate of 397…unizik site is saying INVALID REGISTRATION NUMBER….and JAMB site is saying NO ADMISSION IS GIVEN YET… So, please my brother WHAT DO U THINK MY FATE IS?…Ooops b4 i 4get MY FACULTY IS MEDICINE AND THE DEPARTMENT OF ANATOMY…TNKS ND GOD BLESS U!

  125. Otutu Azowenubi says:

    My jmb score is 205 and my post ume score is 50 and my first choice of course is mech engin wich is 233.5 y my second choice of course is environmental managment wich is 194 and i bit d cut of for environmental management . O pls wat am askin now is if dere is stil hope 4 me to b admited into unizik.

  126. My aggr is 276 bt d cutt of mak 4 economics 277 i check unizik invalid & jamb no admission given yet any hope 4 me some 1 shuld tel me

  127. Venti.plz has NUC aceptd 2 increase d numba of studnt 2 be admitted..cos i had d V.C is pleadin 4 d increament in d numba of studnt.

  128. Plz if u want 2 check ur admission status make use of http://www.jamb.or.ng and click on check admission status is out

  129. I scored 248 in jamb an 76 postume aggr 276 4 economics bt i check my admission status dis mornin it says admission process in progress dose it means de list is out or not

  130. I been offered admsn by jamb bt unizik site said admsn in process,check later.am confused

  131. Mine is showing admission still in progress.what does dat mean

  132. ugwueze evans says:

    sir pls,i scored 212 in jamb and 50 in putme. my dept is med.lab.sc.sir do i hv hope of gating admission

  133. The admission list i can confirm is out. Cos i hv bn admitted thru d sch website.

  134. i hv been admitted into unizik .thankGod .u can check urs from unizik undergraduate regular

  135. Ahiaogu ben Chinaemerem says:

    pls sir,am totaly confuse,so unizik doesn’t gv admissim by merit anymore? My mark z high up 2 nw if i check my result it wil ony show my personal information nd said admission stil in proces dat i shoulld check bk soon. Pls tel me wot z dis al abt?

  136. Truly unizik has relised d 1st list, if urs isnt dia pls, pray and hop on God 4 urs. I hav not seen mine bt not much woried but i am weary bcos i don dey tey 4 my papa haus. And 4 dos wey don get, abeg put ur reg no. 4 odas 2 confam dat its true. Tnx

  137. Adeyemi felix says:

    Pls…wotz abt p.d of uniben….i nid info..on datz pls

  138. Pls wen wil their second list comes out?

  139. thank d almighty god iave bin granted admission in unizuk to study economics, my jamb score was 257,and my post ume score was74, dis isnt a fake information, dis is my reg no, 25897258IF, confirm it urself, welcum to unizik, God is wonderful;

  140. Unizik admission list is out.. This is the link… My.unizik.edu.ng congratulation to those admitted..for more information on how to do you clearance call me @ 08067169152 or add me on bbm 28207091..

  141. hello friends the merit list is out now i have just see my adimission letter now my.unizik.edu.ng call me on 08033874347 THANK GOD AT LAST

  142. Olabamiji olarewaju samson says:

    Pls sir, i could not able to check my admission status, becoz wenever i wanted check it! It always said invalid information

  143. dis invalid reg no. Problem am sure its only frm unizik i’v heard of it am over dissapointd on d skul. My reg no.is 25898409CH I need help

  144. Mine shows still in progress,why?

  145. Chuksdonald says:

    God help us all Amen!

  146. Chinonso smart says:

    May God see all of u through,i pray for all to be admitted,mine is nest year nd i know by faith that i will be admitted

  147. i score 66 in my post utme,254 in jamb,am studing bus admin,wot r my chances

  148. oluruntoyin fawas ayinde says:

    i jus wat 2 no if there is any help u can do 4 me am not in a good mood at all pls help me out unilorin i was score 235 in my jamb and 28% in post utme i knew dat may score is not ok just help me in de name of GOD am having a good 0level result english b3,maths a1,econs b2, acc a1, governmeent b2,comm,b3, bio b2

  149. Plz,wot does it mean by still in progress?will i stil b givin admission?i nid urgent reply to my question.

  150. Pls God help me i scored 216 in jamb nd 62 in pume.dis is a seed of faith if i got admission i wil continue 2 magnify ur name bcz u r lord. i no u wil do it 4 ur child amen.

  151. chiamaka destiny says:

    i score 236 in jamb nd 30 in pume nd my course is edu management nd policy, wht are my changes of gettin admission

  152. Tanx be 2 God i hv been admited in2 Economics department here is my reg numba if any daught 25135003hf i made it at last

  153. i was admited in 2 economics

  154. Nice rum. I jst want 2 let u guys no dat surely by d Grace of God we wil gain dis admission. Only by his Grace

  155. Pls sir my jamb is 236 and pume 36 agr8 190 and am going 4 accountancy is there any hope 4 me even if it is anoda crs

  156. ANIEROBI DAVID says:

    i scored 212 in my jamb and 64 in my post ume in economics do i have any chance

  157. I did not meet my faculty cut-off i scored 226 in jamb and 50 in p-ume, is there a chance of me being admitted into a related course.

  158. Nwanokwara Jude says:

    Pls, after typying my Jamb Reg No in the admission list of Unizik, it displays my Name, Jamb score, Putme score and i then saw this which is still confusing me, . . .

    “Admission Status Information
    NOTE :: IF YOU HAVE BEEN ADMITED ON MERIT, YOU HAVE UP TILL 30TH SEPTEMBER TO ACCEPT THE ADMISSION OR YOU WILL STAND THE CHANCE OF LOOSING IT.” pls sir, does it mean that i have gotten admission or what, pls am waiting, thanks so much to your reply

  159. Unizik’s 1st batch list is finished,wat we are now looking forward for is the 2nd list which will be out on monday afta the 1st batch must have accepted there admission.do not panic if u reached catchment nd indigene cutoff mark 4 ur name wil come out.any oda help or information u would lyk to get,u can call me on 08091136880

  160. Vacancies In Nigeria 2012 says:

    Thanks for the admission Information, please keep it up!!!

  161. Pls what is d cutoff mark 4 civil engnr?sombody help

  162. Pls wen is 2nd list going 2 b out

  163. queenneth says:

    Pls sir I got 237 in jamb nd 60 in pume. My aggregate is 238.5 am goin for sociology nd their departmental cutoff is 262 am an indigene and indigene cutoff is 255. Pls wat are my chances

  164. I checkd my postume result nd its teln me dat i hv no result… Y is it so? Y will unizik faustrate someone like this? Remember we r all humans… Do onto someone what u will want dem 2 do 2 u o.. My God will surely judge…

  165. how to make money online says:

    I’ll immediately grab your rss feed as I can not to find your e-mail subscription link or newsletter service. Do you’ve any? Please allow me know in order that I may just subscribe. Thanks.

  166. Mine is still showing admission in progress kip on checking n pls wen is d second batch cuming out?

  167. iyanda abiodun says:

    its ok

  168. ugwu chioma says:

    ugwu chioma

  169. ugwu chioma says:

    pls help me to get adnmssion oko

  170. OKOYE EDITHJANE .C. says:

    Pls VNTI when will unizik 2nd list be out.

  171. Ngwu Darlington says:

    pls,i scored 245 in jamb and 62 in post utme. do i have any hope in getting admission.?

  172. Can ones name come out twice on Admission status Check?

  173. Wen is unizik 2nd list cumin out

  174. obi chiamaka u says:

    My score in pume is 34 and my GP was 2.73 pls ‘ll unizik give me admission in there 2nd bath and when is the list coming out.

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