From my observation and closeness to unilag admission process, I have observed that there is hardly any one who scored 70 and above in this year post ume exams, if it exist they are very few, in fact we can count them.

The general score is between 40-69. Please post names of those who scored above 70 below.

Here is my assessment and advise to everyone.
If you score 60 and above for competitive courses, like
Mass comm.
computer science,
IRPM, and the likes, if you score above 65 you should be rest assured you are IN.

If you scored between 60-64 for this courses your chances are very very bright. like 85%.

If you chose courses that are not too competitive, especially all educational courses, you are Home and dry-you are IN.

If you scored 50-59 There are courses you will still be able to get in for this marks.

But let say if you are not got in because the
cut off is high, then you have to make do with lower courses – find out the course you can likely do and chose collect the change of course form for this.

Written By: Victor Onowori, a Medical Aspirant of The University of Lagos

You Can Reach us by comment below, if you have any questions. We would be glad to be of assistance.

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  1. arolambo says:

    What is the cutoff mark for mathematics science

  2. thnks for dis info. pls wat course requires a pass in economics i av all my result includin govnmnt,maths,eng,commerc,acct,biolo,geo,yoruba except a pass in economics…i chose accting initially b4 i realise i nid a credit in econs.pls list couses i can study with dis olevel av chck my result i had 57% aggregate.thnks in anticipation

  3. Olumide says:

    Pls wat’s d cutt off mark 4 economics edu last year.

  4. ayo opeloyeru says:

    how many candidates applied for architecture in unilag?

  5. fredrick says:

    please i chose microbiology i scored 58.5,please what are my chances of gaining admission.please am waiting for your prompt response.

    • @Fredrick. Your chances depends on general performance. You did well though, and you are likely to get it.

  6. i scored 56.25 and i applied for computer science.what re my chances?

  7. Vincent says:

    Please, Help me out my score is 50.13% and the course i choose is medicine what are my chances of gaining admission? please am eager to hear from you, maybe i can do the changing of course? please help me out

    • @Vincent, if you are not admitted on the first list, we would notify you, when the change of course begins

  8. prudence625 says:

    Pls i scored 60.25 in post ume nd my course is mech. Eng. Wats my chance of admsn?

  9. Good afternoon i score 51.33% in my putme what is my chance

  10. I scored 60.5℅ in post utme aggregate for finance(59.63). please I would like to know if my admission is secured and when the merit list is coming out

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