As the University of Lagos, prepare to release the 2012/2013 UNILAG admission list, Below are the Cut-Off Marks for all faculties in the Institution:
Pharmacology 66
Physiology 65 Physiotheraphy 68
Radiography 6Psychology 63
European lang\russian. 58
European lan\ franch 55
Linguistics\yoruba 65
Linguistics\igbo 58
English 62 Philosophy 57
Creative arts 58
History&strategic studies 59
Computer 72 pharmacy 69
Maths 57
Accounting 72
Act.sci 62
Bus admin 70
IRPM 70 Finance 67 Adult 54
Biology 54
Chemistry 52
Crs 52
Edu admin 59
Edu geography 51 Eco 71
Geography 63
Mass com 68
Pol science 67
Psychology 64
Sociology 66 Social wrk 67
Law 73
Dentistry 67


The Cut-off Marks above still remains unconfirmed by the VNTI Nigeria team. More details on the cut-off marks and the 2012/2013 Unilag admission list to follow soon after confirmation.

You Can Reach us by comment below, if you have any questions. We would be glad to be of assistance.

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  1. odukwe says

    good morning o u.i scored 56.25% and i applied for computer science,i ve seen the cut-off mark.what will i do to get this admission,should i wait for the supplementary form?what will i do co i need this admission

  2. oluwaseun says

    Pls I scored 50.5 in my post utme result and I applied for micro-biology,now am wondering whish corser I can change to,am from ogun state

    • VNTI says

      @simdam, we would update the list when other cut-off marks are obtained.

      Supplementary list contains the name of applicants not admitted on the Merit list.
      Here, candidates can switch to a nearby course, provided they meet the cut-off

  3. lolis says

    pls wat’s d chance of some1 dat got 54% for med lab? will it b more advisable 2 go 4 a change of course? or wat pls?

  4. omotayo says

    Pls wots d percentage of dIs to be the real cut off.coz am already hapi.i scored 53 4 chemistry science

  5. Olamide says

    My curse s psychology nd i scored 52.38 pls watz my faith?nd i also heard dat without money smone cant gain admissions into unilag,pls is it true or not?

  6. Abiola says

    Am going for med lab sci and i hav 54.25 pls what are my chances bcous d merit list is out already w@t shld i do

    • VNTI says

      @Abiola, see the list of cut-off marks above, and Check that of your state of you are from states around lagos or lagos itself.

      Your cut-off should be lower: Click here to check

  7. Taiwo mary says

    pls i wnt 2 knw if unilag undergraduate part time form for 2012 is out. And if not, when it will be out. its cost and how to go about registeration. Pls do reply. Thanks

  8. Dammy olii says

    Plz i got 64.63% in my post ume nd i choose mbbs as my course plz wats my chance of gainin admission dis year or wat cos can i use as supplementary

  9. Ehigiator Destiny says

    Pls palz,i nid an advice on d next n best step 2 take in order 2 gt admissn dis yr.i applied 4 philophy nd my aggregate is 42.88% (unilag)

  10. Sayo says

    Pls i got 57.63 in d postutme nd i applied 4 economics,did i av any hope nd can d skul still offer me any course

  11. Afolabi says

    Pls is there any science course that does not require physics ? I have credit in 7 subjects including geography but unfortunately D7 in physics .

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