This write up is specifically meant for all aspirants of the Micheal Okpara University Of Agriculture, Umudike, who are still yet to see their Names in the 2012/2013 MOUAU admission list.
Read It Carefully And Attentively.

Basically, admission at MOUAU is based on a competitive quota system.

What does that mean?

This simply means that during the admission process, each department/course is allocated a certain number of student slots within the total admission quota for the entire University and these slots are competitively allocated.
So assuming the University has about 2,000 slots approved by NUC for a particular session, this number is divided between the depts/courses.

Soil Science, Botany, Agronomy may be given less than 50 slots each, while the more competitive Agribusiness, Microbiology, Comp Eng, Comp Science, may be given about 150 slots each. And other depts/courses in order of size and competitiveness.

During the selection process, all the students who applied for each of these courses are listed according to the scores they have, in descending order.
Then selection is made based on the quota allocated for that dept/course for that year.

Therefore if after sorting the names a candidates name falls as the 88th person in order of score for a particular programme that was allocated 50 slots, obviously such a candidate will not be admitted.

Typically, applications received for the programmes mentioned earlier ranges around these figures during Post UTME:
• Soil Science – less than 20,
• Botany – about 100,
• Agronomy – less than 10, while
• Agribusiness – abt 1,300,
• Microbiology – almost 1,000,
• Comp Eng – abt 900,
• Comp Science – over 1,000, etc.
• Civil Engr – abt 300-400.

With the explanation above and the figures shown here, you will discover that a candidate who was denied admission in Comp Engineering, will find another candidate with the same scores, being offered admission to read Civil Engr.
This is because the competition is less heated there.

Equally a candidate who was denied admission to read Biochemistry, will find out that the scores of several of those admitted to read Botany/Zoology are much lower than his/hers. And when this happens such a candidate will start complaining and claiming that he/she was denied admission as a result of corruption and bribery, obviously not understanding the way the system works.

I can categorically tell you that the merit admissions at MOUAU are processed 100% on merit. After the merit admissions, then comes the supplementary admissions. But many of our prospective students do not know that supplementary admissions is not automatic.

You need to indicate interest and apply for it. If you don’t apply for the supplementary admissions at the right time, the result is that a candidate who scored lower than you, but who indicated interested and applied through the proper channels will be admitted and you still find yourself without admission and probably complaining.

That Shall Not Be Your Portion. Amen.

AUTHOR: Obioma Anyanwu(Webmaster at Micheal Okpara University Of Agriculture)

Be ready when the supplementary comes, and Note: Its about being First.
Apply for the less populated courses to have a higher chance of success through the process.

We would keep you informed, when the supplementary forms are out.
We wish you all the best.

You Can Reach us by comment below, if you have any questions. We would be glad to be of assistance.

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  1. Anyanwu chiamaka says:

    Wen wil d suplimentary form cm out

  2. Nwosu F. Eziubochi says:

    Pls can somebody who scored jamb 231 and post-ume 52. Course ACC. get admission?

  3. Pls…….., when will mouau supplementary form come out, pls

  4. Nwankwo zimuzo louis says:

    Pls wen wl d supplementary form come out..i scored 80 and got 227 4jamb bt am nt admitted yet …cn i knw why pls i went 4 microbiology thanks

  5. Eze chiazoka says:

    Wen will the supplementary form be out for 2012/2013 session

  6. Andrew Nwuguru says:

    I wish 2 knw whn we ll be expecting anoda list bcos i got my avrge as 57.750 in civil engr and am nt yet admitted

  7. Victori eze says:

    Pls wen is mouau starting to sell pree-degree form

  8. I got 48 in post ume,252 in jamb nd a 1st choice candi,mech .ENGR.PLZ any hope!

  9. Ezionye Modesta says:

    I need to know when the supplementary form would be on sale.

  10. levi chinedu emmanuel says:

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    Pls is agric economics a competitive course?

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    when will mouau supplementary form be out?

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