Latest reports from the Kogi State University ahead of the 2012/2013 KSU admission list, Indicate that the Cut-off marks for major courses have been revealed.

According to the reports, cut off marks for courses are not high, when compared to the figures of the previous session. The Cut-off marks are listed below:
1. Agriculture- 45
2. Arts- 45-50
3. Law- 57
4. Management Sciences- 53
5. Natural Sciences- 45-50
6. Social Sciences- 53-55

We wish our Fans all the best, as well as all aspirants of the Kogi State University.

You Can Reach us by comment below, if you have any questions. We would be glad to be of assistance.

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  1. i applied 4 biochem can i go 4 medcine in ksu

  2. Shingyu says:

    Pls hw do the calculate the cut-off mark?

  3. Shingyu says:

    Pls hw do the calculate the cut-off mark?!!

    • mrdeal onche says:

      well my name are prince daniels onche from benue state. i scored 47 in my aptitude test and the test is 45 – 50. and still yet, i’ve not seen my ame on the admission list.

  4. so when are we expectn d admission list nw

    • @Charon, the cut-off marks being released implies that the list has been completed. It should be uploaded soon.

  5. I scored 52.8 and i choose economics am an indigeine any hope for me?

  6. Stephen says:

    VINTI, I just thank you for what you have been doing for Nigerian student. You’ve been a great help to thousand of Nigerian out there. Almighty will continue to help you in Jesus name.
    Please do you have idea when Kogi State University will release her admission list?

  7. Pls guys is dear hop 4 wan who got 42.40 in kogi pstume?natural sc

  8. Olayemi says:

    I scored 53 and i applied 4 masscom.Is it posible 4 me 2 change my course? If posible hw can i achieve it?

  9. Ochuba Elochukwu says:

    Pls my dear good people of kogi state university pls i apply for political sci. And i score 45.10,i dont know if i have any hope or can i switch over to any course my mark is up to.if i can do so,pls how wil do that.thanks,waiting for ur reply

  10. Pls reply me

  11. monday enejo abuh says:

    I apply political science in ksu and my postume score is 48.40 while my course is 53-55, is it possible for me to get admision even if is another course like art,agriculture,humanitie where my score is upto please I need your assistance am an indegene of kogi state thank u

  12. pls sir/ma when is the admission list for 2012/2013 be out shuld we expect it this month.(july)

  13. is ksu going on strike this year again

  14. Gabriel says:

    VNTI, you said cut off marks for social science is 53-55. And people in d school are saying its 55. So does it really means that those of us who really scored 53+ but less than 55 now are not eligible?

  15. Gabriel says:

    VNTI, you said cut off marks for social science is 53-55. And people in d school are saying its 55. So does it really means that those of us who really scored 53+ but less than 55 now are not eligible? ?

  16. The question i asked is that,is there any hope of gettin admission for someone who scored 52.80….and choose economics as a course..?pls i really need your concrete reply…thanks

  17. ..Thanks so much….but i learnt the cut off mark for social science is 53-55…..in result to this is there any hope for me..as i scored 52.80 pls i need your reply.

  18. Victor ugede mathew says:

    Am in troble ho
    i score 40.30 is there any hope.
    I have been seaching for addmission over 6 years.
    Pls help me ho.
    Have mecy

  19. I score 45.40 and i choose mass communication. whould they consider me 4 another course?

  20. maji o friday says:

    am Friday. I scored 51,i applied for computer sc….God almighty wil help us all

  21. Pls i scored 50.5..and i choose economics any hope for me?

  22. Pls when will k.s.u admission list be out

  23. Pls when will admission list be out 4 k.s.u

  24. I score 56.50 and i applied 4 accountancy pls hope d score is ok 4 me.and when wll admission list be out.pls tell us

  25. I score 53.50, am I qualified for mass comm that I applied for? Pls reply.

  26. @VNTI.may God strenghten and be wit u 4 ur kindnss towards d issue of school matters.how long does the admission list take b4 it wll b uploaded on d site

  27. Emmnuel Attah says:

    Plz Is dere any hope 4 me i score 50.90 nd i choose Economis plz

  28. Emmnuel Attah says:

    Plz is dere any for me i score 50.90 nd i choose Economics plz?????

  29. Emmnuel Attah says:

    Those dats score 50 are dey counted among dose dat pass while d cut off is 55?? Shuld dey expectin admission? Plz i nid a reply.

  30. Emmnuel Attah says:

    Those dat score 50 ar dey counted among dose dat pass d cut off while d cut off is 55? Plz i nid a reply.

  31. Can 56.50 score be in first list wen it wll b released.pls reply me

  32. I apply 4 accountacy.

  33. Bayode benjamin says:

    Plz wen is ksu’s admision list coming aot,am tired of stayin at home o

  34. Bayode benjamin says:

    Do i av a hope,i scored 47.20 nd i applied 4 biology science

  35. Everyone who is really willing to get admission in k.s.u God will grant it 4 us including me

  36. Wen will Ksu release Their Admission list?

  37. precious says:

    expect it is month

  38. Please wot is surplementary list and hw long does it takes 2 b released

  39. pls any hope for english and literary studies and my scores is 50.10

  40. Pls i score 56.50 4 post ume and my course accounting,i saw i check admission ystday bt my name wasnt on d 1st list wats going and wat am i to do.is d admission list really out or wat pls reply me pls

  41. Pls, i apply 4 Business admin and my call is 46 and my course cutoff is 53. Pls is dere hope 4 me 2 give my another course without doing change of course but i am nt indigene. Pls any help 07062165456

  42. Pls VNTI can i be checking daily or wait 4 2nd list and wat culd hav happen dat make me nt 2 b first list pls am very wk and sad since ystday.reply

  43. Adeyeye busayo says:

    pls, i score 48.20 my course is economice. I am indigen, is dere any hope 4 me? Pls help me out.

  44. Tenk u mr VNTI how long does 2nd list take b4 it cums out.do u hav d idea pls

  45. Fatima useni says:

    I score 50.10 my course is biz admin is dey any hope 4 mi bcoz am tired of lyf nw.ya Allah help us.

  46. OBA GODIN says:

    I score 51.10 and i apply for microbiology,pls is there any hope

  47. samuel Emmanuel says:

    pls wen is d supplementary list coming out

  48. Ochedi banabas says:

    Is it true kogi state admission List is out?

  49. Ogungbe Anuoluwapo says:

    I score 52.60 in post utme, i apply 4 political science any hope 4 me?

  50. Can some one help me,i aplly 4 economic and score 43.10,can i do change of caurse?plz repply.

  51. Alake samson says:

    I score 50 i applied 4 accountancy is dere hope 4 me

  52. ojih seral 18 septenber 2012 1 pm says:

    is there any hope for me ,i scoured 42.09 n i aplied for phylosophy n the cut of point is 43 please reply me .

  53. Pls i choose kogi state university in my direct entry form as first choice but now my point did not reach d cut off point. Pls is it possible for me to be given admission into 100 level instead of 200level . Pls i need an answer from u pls

  54. loveth j2 says:

    when is the last list coming out and what if you score 40 is there any hope

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