Latest reports reveal that the Federal Polytechnic Nekede has released her 2012/2013 admission list of successful aspirants for the 2012/2013 academic session.

The list as reported has not been online at this time, but is available at the Federal Polytechnic Nekede, premises. Specifically at the old administration block.

The report also gave the statistics of admitted aspirants as follows

Department=Number of students admitted. First choice,second choice)
• AE=4,2
• CE=30,3
• CS=22,8
• LT=1
• ACC=23,4
• BF=35,3
• BAM=7,17
• ECONS=9,3
• PA=12,14
• OTM=2
• MAC=60,14
• ARCH=3,1
• BT=5
• Estate=3
• URP=3
• Fisheries=1
• Sch-tech=None,29
• Library=None,17
• MECH ENGR=None,3
• QS=4.. EE=14

Also to the report, There are also rumoured departmental cut off marks. Civil=280,
• EE=280,
• MECH=290
• Sci-tech=290
• P.A=280
• Library sci=240

All aspirants of the Institution are hereby advised to visit the Institution to check their names in the 2012/2013 Federal Polytechnic Nekede Admission list.

You Can Reach us by comment below, if you have any questions. We would be glad to be of assistance.

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  1. wat of hnd cut off marks and admission list?


    Greetings to you out there. I was extremely happy when i stumbled into your website and sincerely speaking i know its not by mistake. First and foremost let me say a big thank you for this great innovation because i got alot of information from this website. Please i need your assistance. I sat for the Post Utme in Nekede for Computer Science department and by the grace of God almighty i scored 280, while my Jamb score is 214. I will be very glad if you can assist me in checking if my name is on the Admission list. My full name is: OYESHIKU KOLAWOLE DAVID and my Jamb Reg Number is: 26505511JA. I will be waiting to hear from you. God bless you even as you assist me. Peace be unto you.

  3. Felix Ogbonna says:

    Good day
    Pls I’m in a state of dilenma right now I took part in the federal poly nekede post utme and my score is 180 but my jamb score is 223 pls I will like to know if I have little or no hope of getting admission there and the department I opted for is architectural technology please I will love to hear from you

  4. Emmizy Akudike says:

    plz i scored 250 in apptitude test and 233 in jamb.plz is there chance dat my name will come out in second list?Dept:EE

    • @Emmizy, Nice score you have there. Chances generally depends on general performance, but you are likely to make the list.

  5. Y is it dat u guyz re nt talking abt HND student here??….. Whatz the cut off for ACC student HND pls…. Urgent pls

  6. Tom george Happiness says:

    Pls i need help to cheack my name tankz plz reply.

  7. Nwagboso Samuel says:

    Pls Help me o. I scored 218 on my Jamb and 170 on Pume. What are my chances of getting admission.

  8. Nwagboso Samuel says:

    Pls Help me o. I scored 218 on my Jamb and 170 on Pume. What are my chances of getting admission. Please help

  9. Nna kingsley ezenwa says:

    Pls i scored 222 in jamb and 230 in putme do i have a chance of admission in computer science

  10. Please, when will the admission list be published online cos I am far away from nekede nd I don’t have anybody in the school to check it for ♏ξ.
    please nd please, help some of us to paste it online.

  11. Onyemachi Grace says:

    Pls wot is d cutoff mark for HND Business Admin…….Nekede Poly.pls i nid urgent Reply and i also want to know if d Admission list is out for HND

  12. donald-bukas says:

    plz, i wil b xtremely glad if sum1 shoud help me knw weda i hav chances for gainin admission….jamb score is 232, pume score is 260, course, architecture. Any hope?

  13. pls i scored 174 in jamb and 270 in the putme for masscomm, pls wat are my chances……i choose the school as a second choice oh…..

    • Pls i scored 174 in ma jamb and 270 in ma post utme for comp sci.wat r ma chances of gettin into the poly,and in wat time can i c ma name in the admission list

    • Pls i scored 184 in ma jamb and 270 in ma post utme for comp sci.wat r ma chances of gettin into the poly,and in wat time can i c ma name in the admission list

    • Pls i scored 175 in ma jamb and 270 in ma post utme for comp sci.wat r ma chances of gettin into the poly,and in wat time can i c ma name in the admission list

  14. dalington says:

    nekede should pls bring o2nd list in dur tme

  15. Skima boy says:

    I skima need a help

  16. anyanwu emmanuel says:

    i really like the gud job u guys are doing ‘kudos’ . I wrote pume at fedpoly nekede and i scored 250 for civil engineering my jamb score is 210 is there any possibility for my name 2 appear at 2nd batch? Please keep me informed

  17. stephen Emmanuel A. says:

    I kindly appreciate your first list admission paste in your old admin block. please i beg the authorities of the great institution for online paste of the results on behalf of those that are not close to the state and school.like us. i will be so joyous to hearing my plead has being done. thanks for your comply.

  18. Princess gbiagbia says:

    My scour 4 jamb is 212 and putme is i60(business admin)

  19. Plz help. I got 210 in putme and 219 in jamb. Scince Tech. Is dia any hope 4 me

  20. Okekenwa Sandra says:

    Pls smbody shud help me. I score 212 in my jamb & 190 in post utme. Wht are my chances of geting admision in2 Banking & finance

  21. Uche Victor Nwadinobi says:

    I scored 20 in the HND screening examinations for Biz Admin, please i would want to know the cut-off mark and my chances of getting admission, please keep me posted, i beg of u……….thanx…….

  22. Gracious amara says:

    I scored 240 in post utme & 222 in Jamb,mass comm,pls whtz my chances,they should pls publish dis list online pls ,tanx God bless u all

  23. Kanu Goodluck says:

    Pls i scored 212 in my jamb nd 250 in my post utme.nd my department is science tech.cn i get admission in second or 3rd list?pls help

    • dear no hope dnt west ur time by waiting for nekede to pest ur name, pls i advice u go for wekend programm, so if u are interested call me .08060356901

  24. Riches Gbarakoro says:

    Gud day. I wrote d putme for fedpoly nekede nd i scored 240, my jamb is 177. Is dia any possibility of gaining admission in comp sci? Pls i nid ur reply. Thks

  25. Wel nekede shuld try and reduce dia population is causin wahala

  26. Chidinma Merith says:

    Pls i scored 200 in jamb and 310 in post utme. Could my name be in d first list? Dept: sci tech.

    • Goodhope Agbawodikeizu says:

      @Sandra, waoh! ur results are rilly a gud one. congrats! will soon be your welcome adress in to fedpolynekd for admission. but neva give up to praying to God cos Hes able to do just what He says He wud do

  27. Christian says:

    Wats dh skul cut off mark nd departmental cut off f0r marketing??? I scored 243 in jamb nd 220 in postume…..wah culd b ma chances of getn admin as 2nd choice…

  28. Glory gbaruko says:

    I wnt 2 knw if der wuld b any chances of m getn admision.i had 276 in jamb nd 210 in post utme

  29. Nwafor chinonye says:

    Pls what is the cutoff mark for architectectural technology, urgent pls

  30. Pls i wnt 2 knw if dia is any hpe 4 me in getn adm. In nekede 4 computer science,i score 190 in postume and 235 in Jamb

  31. I scored 320 in my post utme. Still ive not seen my name.

  32. Plz if any 1 knws wen 2nd batch wil cm out shud plz let me knw,my no is 08160475577 tank guys

  33. igwe ifeanyi elvis says:

    i score 160 in post ume and 251 for jamb, i rot for accountancy. Any hope

  34. I score 236 in jamb and 190 in putme.i pray my name will come out in jesus name amen

  35. It would favour the students more if polynekede can put their admissions list online cuz many are far from Imo state, is not really easy coming there every now and then, pls help inform them of the need for their students to view their admissions status online. Thanks

  36. Samuel Chigozie says:

    What is the second list cut-off mark 4 ND

  37. Pls notify me wen d 2nd badge is released.

  38. Plz i scord 250 in jamb nd 240 n ptme, wat ar my chances of getin admision plz hlp..tankz

  39. Hi pals am n a quandry,nid hlp.i scored 211 n jamb nd 150 n ume. N masscom dpartmnt.do i have ani hope 4 admisn? (2) d forms 4 evnin lectures is it 4 part time or nomal schlin? Pls nid a fast rply.tnx

  40. Pls sir, i scored 230 in my post utme (mech engine dept). And i wud like 2 knw if my name will be on d 2nd list. I really need an ans pls! Tnx

  41. I scored 225 in jamb and 250 in d aptitude test for computer science.plz wat are my chances???

  42. Goodhope Agbawodikeizu says:

    i scored 169 in jamb but and i took pume for fedpolynekede but i have not check my result cox i tot maybe they wud like to give admission first to be whose jamb result ar up to 200and above. pls i need an advicer that will confise me enogh to check my pume result cox polys jamb cutoff marks were 160 and above and pls you gaysm should help me to tell the priop.of fedpolynekede that we need the admission list onnet. pls! tanx and God bless you as you do so.

  43. Goodhope Agbawodikeizu says:

    pls, this leter is directly to the priop. of fedpolynekede to pls ensure that6 we who scorded lower like 160 and above shud be given admission with our efforts towards their pume result cox those who scored 200 and above in their jamb have the hope getting admissdion into universities of their various choices unlike we whose hopes are based only on poly(federalpolytechnicnekede) tanx as u do so and may God reward you for being so kind to us.

  44. Anolue Chinaza Marylinda says:

    Pls help me i Score 199 in my jamb and score 210 in post ume pls i want to be admitted

  45. Get addmission in NEKEDE …no matter ur Pumte scor..07066120277

  46. Christabel says:

    Greetings to u all.i scored 201 in jamb and 240 in nekede postume@vnti,pls what’s my faith,am going for mass comm.thnks

  47. kelechukwu prosper ajulumuo says:

    want to study accountancy but scored 178 in the jamb and 240 in the post utme.what are my chances.

  48. AGu chinedu says:

    pls score 251 in jamb and i score 210 in postume@ nekede .coures E/E any hope 4 me

  49. Kalu amarachi says:

    Guddy,pls i scored 188 in jamb nd 210 in putme pls is there any chances of me getting admission?my dept is ACCOUNTING.And pls there should put d list online cos some persons are far away.thanks

  50. Odiegwu Daniel c says:

    Am cnfuse, i took pume=190 nd jamb=251 but i dnt no hw i feel in my self. I seriously ned admision. God help me.

  51. kingsley filest says:

    pls i scored 200 in nekede’s post utme and my jamb score is 217,do i have any hope of gainin an admission?

  52. my younger brother scored 290, and d cuttoff is said to be 280 elect elect but his name is not on the list both first and second. wat ud be the reason? wat hope does he have?

  53. Silk larry says:

    Please i scored 248 in jamb and 240 in the fed poly nekkedi apt test,do i have any chance of gaining an admission?

  54. plz jst wnt 2 knw when d admisn list wil b out.tnx nd God bles.

  55. Pls i got 177 in jamb n 140 utm do i have any chance of admissn?


    My jamb skor ws 182,,,,I wrote post Ume @Nekede,& my screening skor ws 310.0…Ì hvnt seen my name yet on the list,,,,wat shud I do pls?

  57. Mystic chioma says:

    Plz wot ar my chances of being admitted 2 study SLT with jamb score 225 and postume 280

  58. Udoba Donatus onyeka says:

    i scored 160 in my postutme and 216 in my jamb, please what are my chances of geting addmission

  59. igbo cynthia says:

    pls i score 140 in postume and 201 in jamb do i have any hope in second list pls tell me now.

  60. igbo cynthia says:

    pls what is the cut off mark in economic

  61. Udoba Donatus onyeka says:

    Gush! 2nd list is out and my name is not there, please is my name too odd to apear on the list or my performance is not good. Please i dont want to take another JAMB or UTME exam. I hope that my name come out in the 3rd list/batch. Keep in touchj.

  62. Udoba Donatus onyeka says:

    May the almighty God see us through, always focus.

  63. Udoba Donatus onyeka says:

    Most especialy, i pray that God will change the mind of my parents for me to go to school

  64. Pls,i scored 206 in my jamb nd 200 in my putme wat are my chances of getting admission in fedponek 2 study pub admin pls reply

  65. Pls some body should advice me i scored 240 in post ume and 194 in jamb and my dept is mechanical engineering will my name come out pls.

  66. Plz is there any information about evenin program, plz let me knd ma 2go username otoobong105 or ma 08035751905

  67. nnodim ijeoma paschaline says:

    i scored 242 in jamb and 240 in postume is it possible for me to get admission in nekedi

  68. ogbonna ifeanyi william says:

    please i want to know if my name is one of the people that get admition pls,my name is ogbonna ifeanyi william,my dipartiment is accountancy please

  69. Emecheta chinenye says:

    Wow u guys av been saying, “i get 290,280,289”. Pls for me I got 220 for jamb nd 220 for nekede nd I want to do mech, pls do I have any hope?. Will be happy to get ur reply thanks

  70. Mystic chioma says:

    I scored 225 in jamb N 280 postume, am going 4 SLT but i av not been admittd, do i still av any chance?

  71. okafor samuel says:

    dis pple want 2 kill us imagine thier cut off mark god pls help us oooo!!!

  72. Nnanna chioma says:

    I scored 217 in jamb and 210 in nekede .
    please what are my chances of beind admitted to Mass comm Dept.
    Pls reply ASAP.

  73. vivian nwaeke says:

    pls i scored 214 in my jamb and 210 in my post utme exams for estate.is there hope for me seeing my name?

  74. Congrats to d successful candidates.but wat is d hope of people dat got 200 to 230

  75. My name is nelson chioma chinasa.i got 227 in my jamb and 220 in my pume.i opted for slt any possibility of gaining admission.

  76. Christian ikechukwu A says:

    Wow, jamb congratulated me of being offered admission, and I haven’t check it from school I’m comfuse but jamb congratulated me and said dat I ve been offered ad.

  77. Jeez!! GOD abeg o, 1st nd 2nd list is out nd my name is stil nt ön d list…plz hlp o,wat ar my chances wit my agregate=245.,,mascom, nekede plz o

  78. Noah Adekunle Noah says:

    pls admin do i have a chance i scored 210 in my aptitude test and 212 in my jamb. Am applying for cooperative economics and management.. Pls do i hav a chance ..i nid ur reply urgently

  79. pls my course is mass communication i got 240 in jamb n 220 in postume my name is ikejimba wilson ikenna.my phone no. is 08086568918&08176763586.pls also chek oder dept n course as well as first list.GOD BLESS U.

  80. chisom precious Mbachu says:

    wen ll dey release d third batch.

  81. Frnds 2 check ur Fed poly nekede admissn status ,add me on 2go wit [Amazingpiero] tnx

  82. Okafor Onyeka Monday says:

    Pls federalpoly nekede am waitn for u pple o,i scored 195 in Jamb and 330 in post utme but i haven’t see my name in deptmt of (CEM) pls offer admission cos i need it. God bless all.

  83. Wen wl 2nd batch 4 weknd cmin out poly

  84. Christabel says:

    Gud mrn.greetings to all the great nekedites.i sat for postume nd had 240 while my Jamb is 201.i cant find my name yet.and this is jst,my last hope.ezeilo uchechukwu christiana is my name.reg no:25153516CA.phone no:08107316452.i will appreciate any help.thank u so much nd God bless u.

  85. Instant upgrade of jamb score is in effect call head office on08058176311

  86. Thanks

  87. pls i scored 180 in jamb nd 160 in post ume…i applied for SLT s dea enough hope for me gettin admission plssss….tnx

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