Latest reports from The Delta State University reveals that the 2012/2013 DELSU admission list is no longer far away, as the cut-off marks for major have been made known.

Below are the cut-off marks for degree programmes for the 2012/2013 academic session.
LAW 54,

More updates coming soon, till the release of the admission list.

You Can Reach us by comment below, if you have any questions. We would be glad to be of assistance.

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  1. @vnti I score 33 in putme and 255 in utme wats my stands

    • @Babes, calculate your average, by multiplying your UTME score by 4. Add it to your PUTME and divide it by 2

  2. @vnti after my multiplication and division I got 193.6 what does that mean

  3. I heard dat u must score 40 in ur pume,b4 u can be eligeable for admission….is that true?

  4. @anvi,
    i heard dat u have to score 40 and above in ur pume,b4 u can be eligable for admision…is dis true?

  5. @vnti pls do it 4 me pls. I hv tried bt am nt getting it

  6. @babe,to get ur score u devide ur pume by 2,and then devide ur jamb by 8 and add the two together

  7. i scored 38 in my pume nd 209 in my jamb.aggregate 45…..can i b admitted into medicin department?

  8. babes ur aggregate is 42.8

  9. @ praise ur name will nt appear in merit list,bt can appear in 2nd list bt nt in Medicine bt u ve 2 meet som1 for help

  10. @Praise u dnt kw maths is 48.3

  11. Cashkid says:

    Wat of those dat used awaiting results,wats their faith and also did dey add jamb 2 d post-ume result?

  12. How do dey arrive at d cutt off mark for dis year 2012 postjamb in delsu

  13. My aggregate is 44 cn i be addmitted into bus admim, accountancy or bankin pls

  14. Olumide says:

    my aggregate score is 50 in sociology, but i only scored 34 in my post utme examination and i want to know if these can get me admission into the university

  15. My aggregate is 47, nd my course cut off mark is 52 “Econ. Am indigen, is der hope. Plz delsu help me o.

  16. @ANTI, olumide beats the cut off 4 sociology,but i think wat he wants to ask is dat he did not score up to 40 in pume…

  17. Anthonia says:

    Pls can some1 who got 27 in pharmacy be givin admission! Or is dere any solution? Reply

    • @Anthonia, Calculate your average, and see if you meet the cut-off, irrespective of your screening scores

  18. What of the cut off mark for theatre arts? Can you kindly help us with that one also?

  19. @ vnti will my name appear on merit list? My aggregate is 45,im goin 4 either medicine or pharmacy

  20. @anthonia is 27 ur average score??or is it ur pume score?

  21. Does dat mean dat anyone who beats his departmental cut off is sure to be admitted? Pls reply

  22. I chose delsu first and second choice,I got 48 as my total going for accounting which is 50,can I be given another course

  23. @Vnti I scored 33 in pume computer science do I get a slot

  24. Will I buy d supplementary form and do u sure I have a chance of gaining admission for anoda course,since my first and second choice is accounting which is 50 and I got 48

  25. Thanks please let me know when its out

  26. @ vnti i heard d admission list wil b released 2day,is it true?…….my frnd said d notice was pasted on d notice board in campus 2

  27. Jeffrey says:

    When is delsu admission list coming out oooooo

  28. rachael says:

    I scored 29 in my pume and 247 in my jamb can i b admitted for comp.sci

  29. DONEMMY says:


  30. I calculated it,it was 44 and my cut off is 48 can they give me another course

  31. pls i scored 47 n my agg z 47,going for english nlit stusdies as 1st choice .. am n indegene..wat are my chances of gainin admission in 1st list

  32. pls i score 49 as my agg and my course cut off mark is 45…..Pls what’re my chances. Am an indigene and i took delsu 4 a second choice

  33. Plz w̶̲̥̅̊
    н̲̣̣̣̥ α̇̇̇
    is my aggregate is 51 ǟȵȡ my course cut-off. Is 50 .I took delsu as 2nd choice.Ā♏ an indigene

  34. fish brain says:

    i apllied 4 pet nd gas eng,scored an aggr of 49 nd ma cut off iz 47..i am nt an indigine nd i chose delsu as second choice..waT r ma chancez of gainin admition?

  35. fish brain says:

    is dere anY diff btw sum1 who iz behind his/her cut off mark 2 nd sum1 behind bY 6?

  36. Hi plz i chosed delsu as my first choice nd scored 184 in ma jamb nd 40 in ma post ume nd i took delsu as my first choice…after all d calculation tinz i got 43 nd my course cuf off mark is 44 for psycholgy…plzz wat re my chances of gaining admission….brightkidd dat my 2go i.d

  37. umudide peter says:

    All i want to say is people should be given admition when they beat the cut off delsu will always want to play tricks on people it should stop cuz i was once a victim

  38. pls what’s supplementary list all about…..i don’t understand

    • @Chuks, supplementary list is also an admission list but contains names of admitted candidates who were offered courses, other than the one they sat for

  39. pls what is suplimentary list all about.

  40. Thanks 2 desuls 4 d cutoff

  41. @VNTI….thanks



  44. I have 48.8 mechanical $ production eng and d cutoff is 46. An indigene, $ delsu is my 1st choice. Wat are my chances 4admission. Pl tell me.

  45. okonne benjamin says:

    My name is ben i scored 41 for pume and 236 For jamb. Total is 50 for accounting; am an indigene

  46. I hate delsu wit passion. Imagin i got 60 in pume and 250 in jamb. Just bcus i pute dem 2nd choice i wasnt gven admisio…. Nw wat is holdin d admisio list 2 cum out nw. Oda skuls hv stated bringin out 2nd batch,here u guys are stil waitin 4 1st list.,. Ahahahahahah. DELSU NO BE SKUL OOOO

  47. pls, i wrote for physiology and i scored 30 in my putme and 244 in utme, my aggregate is 45.5 and the cut off is 40. Pls i want to knw if i hv any chances of getting admission as a 2nd choice candidate. Am an indigene. Pls reply. Tnx

  48. I scored 46 in post ume and 212 in jamb,the aggregate is 49.5 and am going 4 economics,which is 52 what are my chances of admission

  49. My aggregate is 49.5 n I appied 4 medicine as 1st frm Delta state.wud I get d course?frm ZEAL says:

    My aggragate is 49.5 and I applied for Medicine as 1st frm Delta.wud I get d course, frm ZEAL

  50. I scored 31 in pume n my jamb score is 206 my agreg8 is 41.25 i aplied 4 botany wats my chances

  51. Karenwhyte says:

    I just heard recently dat these published cut-off marks are wrong and instead of 47 in nursing the cut-off is 53.How true is this?

  52. Vnti, my agregate is 39.4 putin 4 anatomy whose cutoff is 40 , delsu is my 1st choice and i am an indigene any hope.

  53. Vnti My 39.4 and my cotoff is 40 putin 4 anatomy,delsu is my 1st choice and i am an indigene. Any hope

  54. I score 260 in my jamb n my pume result is 27,after calculating my score i got 46.5 n am going 4 nurseing pls did i hv any chance of gaining admission.

  55. I believe God will do it 4 me, some even have 38 and she was admitted last year

  56. Delsu admin says:

    All delsu aspirantt add me on 2go with this i.d….brightkidd…..let talk on diz year’s admission tinz

  57. I got 57 as my aggregate score nd my cut off is 50 am an indegiene but i took delsu as second choice,what r my chances of gainin admission cos am really nervous

  58. i had 216 in my jamb score n 26 in my p.utme..i finally got 40 as my there any hope FOR GEOLOGY

  59. Pls i scored 20 in utme nd 210 in jamb wat is my faint

  60. my aggregate is 41 and i choose them as second choice. And the cut off mark is 44, what is my chances.

  61. i scored 41 for my aggregate. And choosed them as second choice. The cut off mark is 44 what are my chances.

  62. My agregate is 48 and am going 4 sociology the cut off is 47 and i choose it as first choice, am an indigine will i be admitted ?

  63. i scored 262 in jamb, n 54 in post ume. I’m an indigine of delta state, i placed delsu as my first nd second choice. So i want 2 knw wat my chances are 4 studying law

  64. Delsu admin says:

    Add me on 2go with dis i.d…….brightkidd……mind u the kidd has double d……am also an aspirant of psychology

  65. i scored 205 in jamb,i scored 46 in post utme n my aggregate is 48.d cut off mark for my course is an indigen n abraka is my first choice.pls wot ar my chances of gaini admission.

  66. Akebe patience says:

    I scored 199 in jamb and 37 in p.u.m.e and my aggregate is 43 and am goin 4 history and international studies and d cut off mark is 43 any chance of gainin an admission cos am an indigene.

  67. i score 243 in my jamb and 44 in my post ume, i put delsu as first and second choice. I’m going 4 sociology. What are my chance.

  68. Pls i av 252 in jamb and 22 in post jamb(medicine department)did i av any hope.pls i nid help 4rm anybody.pls contact 08133132923 or add me on facebook wit dis name;Maureen O Maureen;THANKS

  69. Akebe patience says:

    My aggregate is 43 and am goin 4 history and international studies and d cut off mark is 43 any hope 4 me.

  70. Why re delayn d list…delsu ooo

  71. @ vnti,we hv bin waitin 4 d admission list… it ever goin to com out?……we don tire oh

  72. Kosin efe says:

    My aggregate is 42 n MY course is biz ~ edu, n i Put DElsU AS 1ST choice. wht ar my chances

  73. I had 193 in jamb nd 35 in p ume nd my agregate ix 41 4 computer sci. . .m alxo an indigene. . .any hope 4 me?

  74. Akhimien damilola says:

    I score 26 in pume nd my jamb z 238. Afta dividin t , d average z 43.And d cut off mark 4 chem eng:43. Am i fri 2 gt admission

  75. @vnti , i scored 211 as jamb score, 46 as ume score…total agg of 49.375..i took delsu as my first and second choice biz admin which cutoff is 50…Wat are my chances

  76. i choose delsu as my second choice nd score 38 in my pume nd 258 my agg is 51.3 nd pol sci cut off is 52 wat ar my chances of admission

  77. cynthia babie says:

    as an art student i had d7 in my waec nd i made my remaining papers including maths and english, would i be given another course to study

  78. vivian obianuju says:

    i scored 193 in my jamb,and 38 in postume but the cutoff mark for linguistic is 40 my agg is 43 pls what are my chances of getting admission.

  79. Pls i scored 228 utme,37 pume,ma agregate 47,& d cutoff is 47,delsu is ma second choice.pls is dere ani hope.

  80. Pls i got 197 at my utme and 17 at my post utme, and my aggregate is 33.75 my first and second choice is delta state university and first course is electrical/electronics engineering. And my 2nd choice is physics. Amd am an indigene what is my fate


    hello everYbodY…

  82. I got 250 in jamb and 46 post ume n aggregate 54.3 and cutoff 54.any chance for law

  83. Pls i scored 47.5 as my aggregate nd my course cutof is 48 we i get admision u cn add me on 2go wit wizqueen28 4 further explanation

  84. Austin hope says:

    Pls my aggregate score was 46 and i chose mass comm which happened 2 b 50…pls can i b given another course…aside masscomm.and am also an indegiene,but i chose delsu as my second choice

  85. Hello i scored 185 in jamb n 26 in pume am an indigene n its my first and second choice civil eng. Wat are my chances

  86. My aggregate was 44 for economics which is 52. Delsu is my 2nd choice nd am nt an indigen. Wat ar my chances.

  87. Ojakovo Nyerhovwo sunday says:

    Pls hw can i chek my result?

  88. utulu ozioma says:

    i had 37.25 as my aggregate score for medicine. i put delsu as my first choice and i am an indigene. what are my chances of gaining admission into any field of study???

  89. want to know,if i ave d chance of gain admission with d cutoff 41 microbiology or if possible any other course

  90. I got 237 n jamb nd 25 n pume wot are my chances of readin Comp Eng/electronics

  91. Gabriel tobore e says:

    For direct entry:
    Pude 41
    Upper credit
    1st n 2nd choice
    Pls what are my chances n can I change course
    Pls. help
    Thank you
    warm regards

  92. I score 43 as agregate delsu as first choice an indegene pol sci any hope 4 me in another course. Pls reply me

  93. AWOTUNDE OLA says:

    Sir,i score 256 in my utme,212 in my screening,and 234 as my average scores respectively and i apply for buss admin at ABU ZARIA,what my persentage and chance of admition sir?

  94. Ateli chekwube cosmos says:

    Good-day, i scored 204 in utme, nd i also scored 42 in post-utme, i arrived at 46.5 as my final score, am going for biz admin &marketing whose cut-off-marks are 50 & 48 respectively, am a deltan nd i chosed ABRAKA as my 1st & 2nd choice, pls is there any chance ??? ‘08138330358’

  95. Gift iwebo says:

    @vnti,i scored 197 in jamb and 30 in ma post ume am in 4 masscommunication pls wats ma stand.u cn call 08094668802.tnx

  96. pls I am a non indigen, I got 45 as course cutoff mark is 46. delsu is my 2nd choice. can i be offered any other course.

  97. Ezinne nwabudike says:

    @vnti i scored 223 in jamb nd 46 in putme,i’m an indigene but choose delsu as second choice..after calculatin my aggregate i got 50 but d cut off mark 4 pol science is 52,i wan 2 knw if i hav ani chance nd also wan 2 knw wen supplementary form wud b out…..thanksss

  98. Direct entry,
    sociology, lower credit and 34 in my pume wht is my chances pls
    1st n 2nd choice delsu and indegene

  99. cn i change my course cos i need lik 4 makes 2 qualify in my cut off mark pls hw can i get d form

  100. please i can’t find linguistic cutoff mark. please when is going to be released.

  101. Helen ikpen says:

    My pume score is 18 nd my jamb score is 221,my total score is 45 .my corse cut-off mark is 50.i put delsu as my first choice am an indign wht ar my chance of having admision.pls help me

  102. Anyabuwa osaro precious says:

    My name came out in delsu’s merit list..i just got admission…pls wen ll students start payin accpetance fee nd other registrations..tanx

  103. Anyabuwa osaro precious says:

    Pls i want to knw the requirements for d admission..the certificates i nid to submit..the results..i also nid to knw wen students ll commence wit d payment of acceptance fee or d date..

  104. pls i got 229 in jamb, and 24 in pume’ petroleum and gas engineer my cut-off z 47, and my agregate score iz 41. Pls any hope 4 admi iz my 2nd choice.

  105. I scored 50 as my aggregate score for accounting,i’m also an indigene but i did not see my name in d first batch. Can i hope 4 d 2nd batch.

  106. pls i got 264 in my jamb and 29 in my pume ,my aggregate is 53 , and the cut off mark for my course which is marketing is 48,but i choose delsu as my secod choice, what is my faith of getting admission ??

  107. i scored 49.6 as my aggregate nd my cutoff is 50.delsu is my first nd second choice nd also am an indigin is my name coming out?

  108. nwankwo david says:

    pls i scored 40 as my agg but my course cutoff mark is 50 can i get admission.

  109. vikkyzubby says:

    i got 36/2=18,my jamb 233/ I chose Geo n Reg.plann.cut off is 42,i also a 2nd choice aspirant,any chance?

  110. Ashi Blessing says:

    I scored 47 as my aggregate score for medicine and the cut-off mark is 50. I choose abraka has my first and second choice. pls what do you think about the result?

  111. I applied for Political Science, I had 224 in my Jamb and 34 in Post Ume exams respectively. I want to know if am qualified. If no, what can I do if I need a change of course?

  112. @vnti. Ah had 203 as ma jamb scre. 42 as ma pume scre. Aggregate z 46. Ah chose delsu as 1st nd 2nd choice. 1st choice cutoff z 50, 2nd choice cutoff z 48. Nd ah had 46 as aggregate. W@ r ma chances…???

  113. Thanks

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