This post was originally drafted from the speech of David Silva(VNTI Nigeria) on his return, after a brief illness.

This post is aimed at prospective candidates of Nigerian Universities who has lost hope in this sessions admission, as a results of several reasons, ranging from:
– Poor screening results.
– Not being shortlisted
– Not being listed on the released admission list
– Did not take part in your University screening

as well as many others.

It is always advisable to be optimistic in all your activities in life, knowing that THERE IS ALWAYS HOPE, IF ONLY YOU CAN FIND THE ROPE. The night has not come to stay, but is only a passing phase, and joy cometh in the morning.

A number of Candidates have this particular thought in mind, that its already over. Whatever reason which pushed them to pulling out of the race, without crossing the Finish line, is still not clear to Me.

Perhaps, This might be due to poor outputs in their post-utme screening exercise, or not being shortlisted, as is the case with many UI aspirants or other Unknown reasons.

I don’t know what you are thinking, but Its good to note that THIS IS JUST THE BEGINNING, the test of your faith. If you have this belief that you will be admitted this session, prior to your JAMB UTME exams, then Your belief should be an act of worship.

Away from SERMONS, because it is evident that most of you are not interested in listening to sermons, This speech is targeted at those aspirants who has lost hope in this years admission. WHY?

Admission is not meant basically for the rich, the intelligent, or the connected, its meant for everyone, and that is why the APPLICATION IS OPEN TO ALL.

A number of Universities, both the Federal and state, the New and the already established are open for application, to all students, including candidates who did not select them in the 2012/2013 JAMB UTME. These Universities, are institutions with accredited courses, and a conducive atmosphere for learning.

A number candidates has this mind set that, such Institutions are only out for their money, but I oppose that, simply saying its not true. The institutions concerned have a limited admission quota(capacity) as ascribed them to them by the governing bodies(NUC, MDCN etc) and they are determined, to fill every department to its maximum, hence their reason for inviting Non-applicants.

There is nothing wrong with applying for a place in these institutions as a non-applicant, who knows, you would be very lucky, and get a higher course, based on your performance.

If you are interested in applying to such institutions, I would advise you to opt for scarcely populated courses. These are courses with fewer number of applicants, from the JAMB registration, such courses are almost a guarantee during admission as they admit all candidates who applied to them, as well as those who would eventually switch to them later.

If you are successfully admitted into any of this courses, and you perform excellently in your First Year programmes, chances are that you would switch over to a better related course and still continue your second year.
For example: A student admitted into Biology(Education) can switch into Biochemistry(Biological Sciences) or Microbiology after a good first year performance, and still continue to the second year, without having to repeat the already completed session.

This is a practice in most Universities.

As at the time of writing this(04-07-2012), Two Universities are currently open to applicants who did not select them in the 2012 JAMB UTME. They are as Follows;
– The Federal University Oye-Ekiti(FUOYE)
– The Anambra state University(ANSU)

Unfortunately, the Federal University Oye-Ekiti(FUOYE) application closes midnight Tomorrow(05-07-2012), and as such applicants would not be able to meet up with the registration deadline.

On the other hand, the Anambra State University (ANSU ) has just opened for application to all aspirants, including those CANDIDATES WHO DID NOT SELECT the university as well as those who did.

The Anambra state university has two campuses situated at Uli and Igbariam, both in Anambra state.

During my Visit to Nigerian Universities, which is still ongoing, I can attest that the University has standard facilities, and concerning the medical aspirants, they would have a nice time at the citadel because, the management has just completed a state of the art University TEACHING HOSPITAL at Amaku, Awka, the state capital.

I urge interested candidates to go for it, and give it a trial, N4,200 which is the cost of the form is nothing compared to your admission if it goes through.

Everything in life only comes, through persistence and determination.
Remember, “if you continue seeking for something, with determination and persistence, you would most certainly get it”

My advice to interested applicants is simply to go for the less populated courses to increase their chances of admission at the citadel. Like I said earlier, You can attempt a change of course, to a bigger course, after your First year at the University.

Are You wondering which courses have few number of applicants, well You can get the figures of applicants per course, by clicking here

Ensure to Put in all your effort into seeking admission, and in every direction. Work towards your faith.

Once again, Your Belief Should be an Act of Worship.

Attempt it, be courageous, and YOU WOULD BE VICTORIOUS by his grace.


Thank You
David Silva
VNTI Nigeria

That was just an excerpt from the returning speech, and we believe you have heard it all.

Going deeper into what he has said, let us give you a list of scarcely populated degree programmes at the University. Take a look at the following courses:
1. Agriculture
First- 12
Second- 64
2. History
First- 5
Second- 106
3. Igbo
First- 8
Second- 53
4. Mathematics
First- 6
Second- 43
5. Mathematics and Statistics
First- 9
Second- 42
6. Physiology
First- 28
Second- 381
7. Pure and Industrial Chemistry
First- 29
Second- 252
8. Theatre Arts
First- 47
Second- 288
9. Environmental Management Tech
First- 14
Second- 128

Both second choice applicants and Non-applicants have equal chances of gaining admission into selected courses. Admission shall be decided, solely on performance.

The rest is up to you to decide. For details on the Anambra state University(ANSU) screening, click here

We encourage you to make the best of Your resources, and by Gods grace, You all shall be admitted this session.

We wish You all the best.

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