It was a sad news yesterday, when a 300 level student of the University of Nigeria(UNN) by the name Onyebuchi Okonkwo aka Ozone Layer, reportedly took his own life, by hanging at the Hockey pitch, close to the boys hostel, popularly known as FRANCO PITCH by 2am.

The death, though as reported was a suicidal crime, but with the note he left behind, before he died, VNTI believes there is more to the death, than just mere suicide. Okonkwo before his death wrote a note which he left behind, carefully, where people would find it, close to where his body hung lifeless. The Note contains just a little 4 words inscription,

This among the 3 recent suicide deaths of students in our Universities, has become the most controversial, where many students and loved ones, have all been asking questions as regards, his last note. This has opened a series of investigations, where we students take it open ourselves to investigate further into he matter and know what truly is “THE CONTROVERYSY If possible.

Our recent findings, according to Chime simon, reveals his last message on his social network, before his demise. The message which is more complicated than the note which he left behind, reads;

. . .I know I’ve always been destined for this,
This path that I’ll go.
The music breathes on me
A suffocating feeling of helplessness,
Bring mellow melodies, bind clandestine claims
For I am your straggler, Mother Light,
Bide to me to that respledent region,
Clasp me in waltering iridiscence, but, let me know
The variegated rumble from your drum,
Tamborines drone still, Yours? I tread this path
Solitary. Yet the shores are slippery.
I can stay till dawn if now is midnight.
But I cannot know,
Because they have made my future
So uncertain.
Help me,
Mother Light of Wisdom.

Another of his excerpts, read;

. . And I, not really confident in this line of thought, its self-indulgent compelling power binding still, journey around the premises of the statement, “beauty is in the eyes of the beholder”, only for the elusive nature of truth sometimes. Since there are patches of explanation pertinent to sight still obscure, if ever visible, gloomy to the solitary obsever.
(c) Onyebuchi. E. Okonkwo

We till now, have not still made a meaning out of this, but as great lions and lionesses, would not give up hope, till we manage to answer some bothering Questions.

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