A short lived fire broke out on tuesday morning, at the Queen Esther of the Reedemers university.

The fire was reported to have started by 7 in the morning, at a time which no student was currently resident in the room, according to the Institutions PRO, Mr Akinlemi Omosola, who also said that everything has been put under control.

The fire as reported, originated from little sparks in the Air Conditioner(AC) in the room, but was brought under control almost immediately, with no loss of Life or property.

According to Mr Omosola, “The vice chancellor personally coordinated the exercise to ensure that the situation was promptly brought under control.
“We wish to assure all friends of the institution that there is no cause for alarm in the halls of residence in the university and by the grace of God, we will do allwithin our power to ensure the safety of lives and property of students,’’.

Everything indeed, has been returned to normalcy.

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