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>>>> Examination Malpractices, WHO IS TO BE HELD RESPONSIBLE?
A. Students
B. Teachers/ Lecturers
C. Government
D. Devil.
POINT TO NOTE: “There is this particular case of a woman in Ikirun, Osun State . During the examination, a search was conducted on her and the scanner gave indication that there were foreign metal objects in her body.
“All entreaties to her to bring out what was on her failed until a woman supervisor had to take her to a closet and undress her only to discover that a handset was prepared just like a pad in her private part. It was that bad. If we had not used the scanner, we couldn’t have detected it. Even at that, I am sure there were people that still went away with it.- Prof Dibu Ojerinde(JAMB REGISTRAR.
Give your answer with delicate reasons.

Below are a few of the selected answers;
1. Faustinus Innocent
All of d above bt govt nd teachers/ lecturers play much bcuz i remember wen we wrote jamb,some invigilators collect gate fee 4rm candidates willing 2 enta d exam hall wit foreign objects,even inside d hall,they help in playing d game.WAT A BULSHIT!

2. Olorunfemi Ikuborije Clement-ayo
u guyz re here talking about common exam malpratise by few of our student. Wat about election malpratise by all of our politicians.

3. Akanni Moshood Adeola
The Students.bcos
He/she nos d status of d govn. B4 naw, so der 4, all blames dat cud b put on d gov r already non so 1 shud prevent it or do wit out it as dis s nt new in d nation.
Also d teacher/ lecturer cannot b blamed bcos I blive der s always room for questions and answ @ d end of lectures. And also, der s always room to studu more or mak research outside d lecturers teachings. So lecturers and govn causes r very minimal 2 cause exam malpractice for an average serious studeny.
As per d Devil causing it, I can’t say cos am nt a spiritual person.

4. Lawrence Anyanwu
we the students are absolutely responsible. If you study hard, with God by your side,surely you will succeed. As a responsible student, you don’t need to be told what to do and what not to do. Stick to your convictions no matter the circumstance

5. Shaldre Oluwaseun Ronny Bee
Students take things with levity n r unserious.
Many Teachers r proudly lazy n cruel.
Govt. is nt takin edu serious.

6. Taofeek Opeyemi Garuba
4rm my point of view both teacher & goverment are 2 be blamed, we are nation whereby the most teacher are not qualified, for instance during my whole 3yrs inSS class can u beleive my teacher didn’t took us Organic chemistry, and dis topicis very essential in chemistry. So when u’re not taught hw would u know it and it comes out in every exams. Secondly the government wil say if u don’t have up to some mark u’ll not proceed in education whereby it doesn’t happen in other nations, with hearing this nobody want 2 be left out, and the only solutiø is to involve in that act

7. Shaldre Oluwaseun Ronny Bee
We shldnt put silly blames on d devil o.

8. Mbah Chika Israel
A,B & C are the cause of exam malpractice.. Student no longer read their books.As a teacher i do tell my student that teachers gives u 60{8ae8c24ce74896ced30bee61486d21e5e3d5ef709488a1076500d8a8ad4d4175} ingredient of what u need to bè successful in ur academic and the 40{8ae8c24ce74896ced30bee61486d21e5e3d5ef709488a1076500d8a8ad4d4175} is left to u. Teachers ar also the cause becos they no longer care to teach. Eg. My little sis came back from skul a day be4 yestaday n wz busy copying from d textbook,i asked her baby what do u tink ur doing? And she answered,bro,di s is what d teacher said we shlddo. She attends a govt skul in Enugu n nt just a govt skul bt an advanced one. Many teachers now ask student to pay some fee in addition to their wassce fee convincing them that a machinery will come n assist them, for them to credit their papers at a sitting n evry student wil bè pushed to pay it cuz they weren’t taught well. Govt. on d other hand contributes to exam malpractice in naija. Flyers*external invigilators* now take bribes from skul just to close what he/she saw in an exam centre. Govt no longer employ qualified teachers bt quack teachers… Dnt bè surprise dat i graduated from skul last yr n went into teaching that last yr*as a resource teacher* i wz pushed to do so cuz many student who know i can do it came pleading to me that they dnt hav sometin upstairs becos they’re nt given what dey needed. I omitted devil becos if u want him to ruin u,thats wen he comes bt if u resist him,he can do no harm to u… Good morning

9. Ridwan Olajide Gbajumo
Government,cos if teachers are paid attractive salary,der is no need 4 dem 2 help students in exams

10. Precious Ebose
Exam body to be held eg in a jamb hall of 500 450 score above 200 hr did it happen still they release result therby tempting those who read but could nt score 200 to luk 4 a miracle center

11. Kingsley Okeugo
Everyone has the ability to choose btwn cheating or not despite devilish urges 2 do so! Making d right choice depends on the values dat u derive from ur parents and teachers.But then u have situations where the govt provide poor education structure like poor teacher remuneration and lack of adequate learning facilities forcing the money hungary teachers to take advantage of the learning situation situation of student to get money by offering xpos to students.In general, i believe that no matter the pressure from the devil,teachers or government,it is left to the parents to instill the right values to their childeren to help them resist,despite the pressures and study hard! So its always from the parent(the root)

12. Reachel Temitope
d teachers/ lectures, because it is dem who dont allow student 2 read their books so during exam wat do u expect student 2 write down? d blames also goes 2 d govt, dey shud b paying d teachers well & on tyme. i think dat can stop exam mal patrice

13. Nwafor Peace Victoria
The govt deserves d blame..when a govt makes it difficult to enter d university due to cut-off marks,,post utme..etc..a student who dont want to stay @home 4 1year wuld do anytin possible to pass d xzams,,most students read dier heads off just to pass jamb,,yet jamb body itself partake in xzammalpractice by selin ansers to student,,n w@ do u tink d student wil do wen all he/ she desires is to goto scul..d university:..a student passes d jamb cut-off and is caled to take anoderxzam @ d university,bt does nt make d cut-off,,instead of giving a consederation to d student,,d university sends d student bak to square most institutions,,u rscore dont count,,w@ matters is if u hav d cash flowin or if ur uncle is a recommended lecturer in d scul..wich wil giv u way into d institutions,,w @ of those who dont hav any connection or cash,,we just go bak to square i takebak w@ i said,d govt,d xzam body n d university is to blame 4 xzammalpratice,,we student just do w@ d circumstances pushes us to do.

14. Hill Sunday
It is an act of moral dacay. The govt has spoiled the system and d masses took dadvantage to survive. Could u believe i went to check my JAMB score in one of their zonal offices and when d head of a dept learnt that i wrote d exam on my own and made an outstanding score, he boldly pleaded to use me as a mechinary for his candidates. It horrible these days and only God can save d situation.

15. Kingsley Okeugo
Yeah sunday,its realy bad…ve also written an xam where out of 70 candidates 69 cheated nd i my seat was separated from others for refusing xpo…that’s as bad as it gets!!

16. Abuchi Anarah
Government and teachers cuz dose who read harder score like 180 to 220 but dose dat cheat wil score 230 to 320, what do u tink to hapen again

17. Annastesia Okechi
D Govt ar 2 b blamed. For instance in Nigeria 2day d steps 2 gainin admission is too cumbersome. By d tym a student writes lyk 3-4 exam or hv waited 4 some yrs 4 admission. Nd on gettin 2 d skul, u ar tld 2 wait 4 anoda yr or u ar givin an awaitin result automatically askin u 2 wait 4 anoda yr. Nd even mindin d money u hv spent, d tym wasted, d heart break. A student dat find him/herslf in such situation wil b push 2 do wat is nt expected of him. So i wil advise d govt 2 reduce d steps in gettin admission an d skuls shuld also consider d economic situation in givin admission.

18. Ibrahim Olahanloye
Teacher&govt ar d cause of exam malpractice.whn is dificult 4 student get admision.y won’t dey do xxam student ar not d fault.

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  • October 12, 2013 at 11:59 am

    To a large extent, i want to state without fear of contradiction that the phenomenon ‘examination malpractice’ is occasioned by the most lecturers. some lecturers have transformed examination malpractice to examination necessity and have refused blatantly to pass students who failed to sort their such dilemma,what stops the students from sorting,knowing they will be academically incapacitated without it. in the main,some students sort their paper because is necessity and not because they didn’t write well


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