Do you fancy having a first class in the university? , Have you been wondering is there is any simple formula that will help you do that? Do you think it is something so hard to achieve?

Anyway, you will soon be finding out for yourself that there are indeed some simple formulas or methods that will help you do that but the good news is that it is not so hard to achieve.

But before we digress into those methods or ways of how to achieve this glorious feat, let’s first look into the major reasons why you should strive to make a first class (especially if you are a university student in Nigeria).

Top on the list is the pride, the glory and the honor. Everyone knows that it is not easy to be ranked amongst the best of the best. Imagine being recognized as the best in your class. Imagine being recognized as an authority in a particular field of study. Is that not something worthwhile that you can always hope for to tell your kids later in life, huh?

You are also going to become an inspiration to many people, most especially your younger ones, who will start looking up to you and they will be motivated into wanting to copy your style so as to achieve or even surpass your academic achievements.

On top of that, you will be making your parents or guardian so proud for having invested so much into you…
OK, enough of that vanity. Let’s move onto reality!

One of the basic reasons why you must strive to get a first class is because of that hanging threat of unemployment! Besides, getting a first class honors is financially rewarding, believe me! I have seen many first class students get immediate employment right from the graduation ceremony!

You may have also seen many first class students receiving enough cash awards with which they can even start their own businesses immediately while others are still struggling to make way. It doesn’t matter if you read a Igbo Engineering , Library science or Food and Nutrition in the university, everyone knows that first class is first class!

Which means that if you should ever present your first class certificate in any subsequent job interview, you will certainly be considered first before any otherperson because people know that you are a real authority in your field?

So the big question now is how can one make it, most especially if you are still in your first year?
Let’s see…

You have to make the important decision from the onset…
You should make that decision to get a first class honors right from the onset. That is not to say that you must be in your first year before you can do that but the truth is that you are better positioned if you are still a freshman and you areabout to start.

Unfortunately, many freshmen in the universities are not aware of this very important factor.

Making that type of decision will surely serve as your silent guidance and reminder that will always bring you back in line assuming you ever ‘derail’ from your set goals of making a first class grade in the tertiary institution.


Nothing beats being prepared and ready when it comes to students scoring high in their academics.
Success is a game and for you to win it, you must be prepared and ready. It doesn’t just stop with making that decision alone. You have to be ready to face the tough battle ahead. I won’t lie to you, it is a hard battle but one that you can easily win if you are prepared.

This is why you can easily win the game. At school, you will agree with me that you don’t have any other job as a student other than pass all your papers? It is not like you are taking care of somebody else or looking after someone’s baby. Someone is looking after you. It could be your parents; it could be your guardian. Chances are, someone is also paying your school fees and giving you pocket money to sustain you while in school. So it all comes down to the fact that your major preoccupation in the school is nothing but to be constantly ‘smashing’ through all your courses with flying colors and A-grades?
I know you might even start to think and say to yourself now that it is not everybody that is an A-students.
Yes. That’s true but one thing you must know is that people who set little (and most probably easy) goals end up achieving little or nothing. So it is time to challenge yourself. Do not settle for lesser grades like E’s and D’s again. Start now to target the number of A’s and B’s you are going home with from this semester and then work towards it. I bet you, you will surely see the results sooner than later.

You may be wondering now and your question might if there is any way to knowthat you are very much prepared?

Ask yourself this question.
>> If the exam comes up tomorrow, what is my grade going to be?
The answer to that question will always tell you how prepared you are!

The best thing you should be doing, in my own opinion, is to always prepare today as if the exam is coming up the next day! I know it’s hard but then, I also know it is so simple to do once you drop all that laziness and excuse making andfocus on the task ahead with discipline and attention.

Don’t say you cannot do it because I know you can. This is how I will do it if I were you.

Since I am well aware that once the semester starts, the battle starts, I will always make it a point to never allow my school work to compile. I will always make the effort to study my materials on daily basis. I will make a habit of learning the materials immediately they are presented. I know that this is one ofthe ways to prevent my brain from overloading assuming I resort to the method of trying to cram everything into my small big head two weeks to the exam time!

You must be ready to have fun. I hate it when I see young people who the only thing they know and can talk about is their book!
It pisses me off a lot.
Guy, you need to pass through the school and let the school pass through you. Book knowledge is not everything. Do you want that clumsy situation when end up getting first class honors but you don’t even know how to talk to a girl?

Too bad. C’mon man, you need to have some good socializing skills. Just take a look around you now and tell me who your real friends are.
Are they just your roommates, your textbooks, your laptop and your virtual facebook friends?

If that is your situation, then one thing I know, you and I, we are not going to be friends for sure .
You just have to find a remarkable way of making every school activity you are involved with so much fun unless you want to end up like most students whose only thoughts are just how to graduate and get the hell out with the little bits of disinformation they must have acquired in a haste.

Well, it depends on you and what you call fun. In my own view, you should be ready to dedicate some part of your time strictly to academics. Plan your time to include some other extra-curricular activities.

You may also have to work towards acquiring some basic skills like ICT skills or in other areas outside your field of study so as to equip yourself in our everchanging world where information rules. That way, you can become a real all-rounder !

Get yourself involved with discussion groups that will enlighten you and broadenyour horizon of the happenings in the world. Make friends with those students who understand things faster than others as they will surely improve your understanding and ability to grasp the basics.

Search out those students who can give you the necessary connection you will surely need when you graduate. There are also some lecturers who really want to help you. Seek them out and get them to help you.

That is why they are there! If there’s any perplexing thing you want to be clarified for you, don’t hesitate to meet them. Don’t be shy or afraid in doing this because you will be doing yourself a lot of disservice, presently and in the long run, if you don’t do that.

But in whatever you do, please make sure you are not wasting your time on unnecessary leisure.
You should be ready to work on your memory

Schools are usually about writing exams and exams are usually about remembering what you have been taught earlier and reproducing it in a way to show that you comprehended.

For you to recall effectively, you need to work on your poor memory assuming that is one of your greatest problem now.

Memory is such a funny and tricky aspect to handle but one promise I am going to make to you is that if you stick around on this site, you will surely witness a great lift in your memory capacity as it is one of the basic areas that we are going to be working on by training your memory in the skill acquisition area.

Some people think there is a limit to what they can memorize but that’s a very big lie. Your memory is capable of expanding just like your muscles with constant practice but unlike the muscles, there is no limit to the level of elasticity which your memory can be subjected to. The problem is just where your interest lies.

Besides making a good grade as a result of possessing a very good memory, there are many other areas where properly trained memory will aid you in your life like the area of becoming well organized but we will be handling all that in the self empowerment section so you just have to stick around so that you won’tmiss any of such opportunities!
And the last but not the least…

Always define your priority. Determine the amount of time and resources you can commit to each and every course you are taking. The credit unit loads should serve as a very good guidance for you in doing this effectively.
Common sense will tell you that a 3-unit load course deserves more attention than a 1-unit load course but still don’t be carried away because a one-unit load course can still give you that devastating ‘carry over’ or even ‘extra year’ whichI know is what you don’t want!

Fine. Remember that no matter what, your sole goal is to make a first class.
One last thing before I conclude, I know it is possible that you may even start to regret and even think that it is too late for you to make it.

Depending on where you stand and where are right now as regards to your Grade Point Average, it could be true and it could be a lie but one thing I must tell you is that it is never too late to start making amends.

Listen. If you started poorly, is that enough reason why you shouldn’t finish very well?

If that is your case, then my little advice for you now is to start making amends today because you never know you might still get a shot to nick it just in time.
But if in the end you didn’t make a first class, there is no cause for alarm. Don’t worry because you will still be near the mark and better still, you now know what you should do to push you into the rank of the bests assuming you get a second chance.

The VNTI team would continue to get you details and idas to help you succed in your chosen field of academic excellence.

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