It is a common thing in our country, that only a 1/4 of the candidates who applied for admission, through the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board(JAMB), usually gain admission at the end of the exercise.

It is even more common, that half of the matriculants who successfully gain admission, mostly do not meet the cut-off marks for their respective courses, but manage to admitted through other devices such as VC list, staff quota, Government quota and others, while qualified students sit down at home for an extra year.

The negative effects of such acts are so vast that it can be felt in every sector of our downtrodden economy, The Effects of Unqualified graduates. Below is a review of our nature of admission by an admission seeker. Read and give your opinions;

It is a shame that our government could not solve admission problems in Nigeria.
I do not see any reason why every students that have the entry requirements are denied the admission to study, when there are enough space in every institution to build more classes, employ more lecturers and acquire more facilities to accommodate the increasing number of students.

Why should a student repeatedly take the UTME examination, obtain the required mark,yet he would still come back the next year to sit for the same examination again?
Is this not exploitation?
why cant he use the same result since he or she had passed already?

Nigerian students are now trooping out of the country in every sense of the word with billion of naira every year investing in other countries simply for the sake of admission.

How are these other countries doing it that after admitting their own students still accommodate other nationals?

Nigerian students are there every where you can imagine, Ghana, South africa, benin republic, USA, UK, France, Malaysia, Ukraine, China, Russia, Germany, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Saudi arabia, to mention but a few.

Most of these students are not going out because they want to, but because they could not secure admission here in Nigeria despite having the requirement.
The process in gaining admission in other country is more easier than gaining admission in our own country, even the total fees spent in securing admission in other countries happens to be lesser than our own country.

After making the O-level requirement, A student have to take the JAMB UTME examination, Post UTME etc totaling about N20,000,yet the student fails to gain admission, making him to wait for another year and spend the same amount with no hope or guarantee of any sort still.

This calls for attention.

This Indeed calls for attention, it would be a good idea if our government could do something to reduce the increasing number of UTME candidates every year. Over 1.5 million candidates took part in 2012/2012 UTME exercise, JAMB/NUC reports that there is only about 500,000 spaces open for admission. Where is the Hope.
Over 1 million would not gain admission, with the students who would be leaving high school still coning to join them.

Other countries give scholarships to foreigners because they have been able to accommodate their own nationals. If we cannot accommodate our own indigenes, when are we going to start giving out scholarships to Foreigners.

A question to answer, DO WE REALLY HAE HOPE?

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