Below are a few Tips to practice in order to make your stay in our Institution more profitable. Read with attention.

As a freshman in a polytechnic or university, the excitement of freedom can cause us to lose track of our real purpose for being there and vision we wish to realize. This has made many bitter graduates at the end of their stay in the institution, and this is being written to ward you away from such a path.

You can increase your college success by practicing the following eight keys to success which have been illustrated fully below to guarantee your success in the Nigerian Academic community..

DECIDE YOUR GOALS AND TARGETS : To succeed in college you must first clearly know your goals and objective of being within the walls of that institution. Knowing your targets enables you to avoid distraction so as not to damage your vision.

AMASS KNOWLEDGE : It is a good step to deliberately nurture a “DESIRE FOR KNOWLEDGE”, according to Ben carson, No knowledge is wasted, it is important to keep trends and developments in the diverse industries of interest and the world in general. knowledge is an essential ingredient for acquiring success in our Institutions.

UNLOCKING YOUR POTENTIAL AND ABILITIES : with the unlimited ability of the human brain which according to Ben carson(a Neurologist) is over 14 billion cells, It is amazing to unravel the huge potentials and talents that lies untapped inside of you.
• Discovering your Life purpose,
• understanding the reason for being alive,
• finding your call
Are a few of the true signs that identifies you on the path to success.

CHOSING YOUR PATH : chosing the path on which You tread is a great key to succeed since it keeps your mind occupied with the success ahead of you and enables you to work towards your objective.
• Develop a blueprint for your success.
• Organize your self into a weekly schedule designed to properly order your priorities and
• intelligently manage your resources both material and time are one of the basic steps in chosing the path to follow.

REMAIN FOCUSSED : The most important discipline to master is the ability to remain focused no matter what stands to distract you. This ability to remain committed to your targets, objectives, schedules and habits will be the deciding factor of your success in our institution and life after

WELCOME CHALLENGES AND EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED: what you expect cannot catch you unprepared, hence, the need to Be prepared for any challenge or unexpected, obstacles and distractions. By being alert, you will so master them that when they come knocking, you would send confidence to answer.

BE SELECTIVE WITH FRIENDS: the kind of friends and Associates you keep will go a long way to determine if you succeed in college or you walk the path most traveled. They will either make you or mar you. Your close associates will decide if your future will be distinguished or extinguished!, If it would be bright or blunt. Make sure to select only friends that share a common purpose with You from the Start

GOD IS THE FINAL DECIDER: It would be the greatest error to leave God out of the equation of success. A strong relationship with God will empower you to live a life filled with success in college and the life after. Regardless of your religion, you are required to let God be the lead in every path You follow.

A successful application of the following keys, would move you closer to success in every and Any Institution in our Nation. We hope, your commit yourself to read this daily as a remembrance of your target.


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