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About 80% of Nigerian Students studying in all Nigerian tertiary Institutions graduate with very poor Results after their study of one programme or the other.
Ask me of the reason why it is so!

No course is quack when compared to another as most people believe, your programme in school, being a professional one depends on your ability to study it well and understand almost everything about the said programme.

Nowadays, parents even contribute to this confusion, in the Nigerian academic status, in the sense that they suggest courses which they think are professional to their children who seek for admission into higher institutions of learning in our country, without knowing the ‘true’ academic ability of their children or the nature of their assimilation. They are only interested in the so called, big courses!

Even the students make this mistake themselves; you hear them saying “i want to study Medicine” , when he does not have a good foundation in Biology; maybe he is the type that hates his/her Biology teacher, and jumps out through the window during biology classes, back in high school/college or perhaps he has a good foundation in agriculture, and wants to go for Herbal Medicine.
“i want to study Mechanical Engineering”, when he can not resolve simple forces in Physics. Perhaps they intend to study these programmes because of the fact that a good friend back in school is presently studying one of the so called professional courses.

As soon as they gain the admission, they’ll find it difficult to meet up with their various coursemate and programme requirements; they are type that will always tell the freshers around the school that the higher you go,in your departmental courses, it becomes more difficult.

This is not true!
Please think of the course you can do best before making a choice, to avoid academic hardship in school even if you enjoy, Herbal Medicine or maybe you could do well in Hunting and Bush burning, they are all study programmes.

Amaeze Tochukukwu E. Dept. of Surveying and Geoinformatics, FUTO

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