There are a lot of things I remembered, and I don't know if being a kid is better than being an adult, HOW MUCH do you remember your childhood?

• I miss the days of Akwa-oche, clothes made from chair materials
• The days when we went to school,lined up& headmistress & teachers inspect our nails & uniform & then we march to our classrooms
• The days of Computer Socks
• The days of Nasco Biscuit,Trebor,sisi pelepe, ekono gowon,baba dudu,Okin Round&Okin Four Corner. Iced Colored water tied in nylon we called it"condense"
• The days of Goody-Goody&pako Biscuit.
• The days when agege bread and Ewa was the major breakfast of the west
• The days when we spend 6 hours of the day in the stream and the rest in the bush.
• The days of sakobi the snake girl,Nneka the pretty serpent, ali & simbi,Mr Salami & Mrs Salami, Agbo lives in Calabar & in yoruba class obe oba be obo oba;
• i remember those days when one naira coin is a lot of money, when groundnut was 50 kobo. & choco milo sweet was 25 kobo per one
• The days of messing game,who is in d garden, police and thief,
• The days of mummy & daddy play
• The days when we use to build houses with sand, play suwe game,tinco tinco,mr marcaroni,change your style,pion pion pion (gun sound), ten ten, skipping, stop!
• those days when we used to fly kite on streets, when boys used to use the paint bucket cover as tire & their daddy's clothe hanger as d steering
• those days when rubber band was stock exchange
• The days when votron, jumbo, power rangers, spider man was our favourite cartoons
• The days of limca soft drinks & choco milo advert on black and white tv and sunday rendevous by1:30pm
• The days of tales by moonlights on NTA
• when we say 'leke leke give me white finger'
• Those days when eleganza pen was d best
• The days wen we used to drink water from the tap even suck out the water if it is not coming
• The days when:s NTA will show rainbow color for 30 mins then national anthem before they resume program
• The days when basket sandals,simbi and kitto sandals were d best
• The Days when we all sing sandalili sandalili songs, dstv has come to spoil the old fun and my siblings never had this much fun we enjoyed in the past.
• I'm really proud I lived through those days and experienced all this. if you are not smiling it means you were not born in my generation
proudly naija born indigene.

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  1. Dis is rili rili nice….dis brought bak d memory 2 1994…..

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