Voice Of The Nigerian Tertiary Institutions(VNTI)

Voice Of The Nigerian Tertiary Institutions(VNTI)

27th of May is a notable day in the National calendar. A special day brought out specially for a special set of people for a special reason..
This year children’s day celebrations would be celebrated by a number of kids in our country, numbering about 35.6 million who fall within the age range of 6 and 14. celebrate nationwide, today Sunday 27th May, 2012.

VNTI wishes to use this special day to highlight important facts in the life of this special people.

It is a sad fact to note that out of about 12,531,414 boys and 12,130,673 girls aged between the range of six to eleven who are supposed to be in primary faculties, 3,366,138 (26.9 per cent) and three,932,679 (32.4 per cent) of the boys and girls are not in schools. This is according to a research conducted on out-of-school children(OOSC)

The details implies that 7,298,817 kids in 24,662,087 who are expected by age to be in their primary schools, are not receiving any type of formal education in Nigeria 3 years ago.

Another fact worthy of Noting is that, 200,630 boys and 168,795 girls, dropped out of college, before completing their six(6) years term, for reasons quite unknown and vast.

The figure keep on pouring in with special significance on the illiteracy level in the nation, especially with these children. A few of the reported figures, includes and details includes that;
• 2,8 million out of 10.9 boys and girls between the age of 12 and 14 who by right are supposed to be in their junior secondary faculty (JSS), are not.
• 625,993 was reported to have dropped out of college during that time.
• 1.31mil out of 5.4 million boys who were supposed to be in Junior colleges, were not with a high drop out figure of 324,576.
• 1.53 million Of 5,368,908 girls, of high school age are not educated with a drop out figure of 301,417.

The junior secondary schools(JSS) holds a higher rate of drop-out students overthe primary schools.

It is also sad to note that Only a third of students who graduates from primary schools are found in colleges, with a fewer number proceeding to the higher institutions of learning.

The northern Nigeria recorded a massive amount of over aged individuals who are yet to receive any sort of formal education, of all the 3 geo-political zones.

The reasons/causes of these has been grouped into various categories, listed as;

Government and other highly ranked Members of the Nation, particularly the president and other members of the senate have been charged to implement effective and long lasting educational policies to curb the unfavourable situation.

Proffering solutions to the scourge, government was tasked to scale up existing conditional money transfer to alleviate poverty in families linked to their enrolling kids in schools; revive the varsity feeding programme or institute commodity voucher theme for terribly poor families, enhance tax relief for low income earners, and adoption of child-friendly faculty initiatives should be undertaken.

We might appear as adults, but we are all kids one form or the other, especially in the sight of God.

Happy Childrens day from the VNTI Team.

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