Mood disorders are alarmingly common. It is estimated, for example, that more than 330million people worldwide suffer from serious depression, condition characterized by overwhelming sadness and a loss of pleasure in everyday activities. It has been estimated that in 20years, depression will be outranked only by cardiovascular disease. Little wonder that it has been called ''the common cold of mental illness''.

In recent years, bipolar disorder has received greater public attention. Traits of this illness include severe mood swings that vacillate between depression ad mania. 'during the depressed phase', says a recent book published by the American Medical Association, ''you may be haunted by the thought of suicide. During the manic phase of your illness, your good judgement may evaporate and you may not be able to see the harm of your action''.

Bipolar disorder may affect 2percent of the population in the United State, meaning that there are millions of sufferers in that country alone. Sheer numbers, can not describe the tormenting experience of living with a mood disorder.


1. What is bipolar?

(a)depression of the mind (b) cardiovascular disease (c) maniac experience (d)depression cum mania.

2. In years to come, which disease will top the chart of disease? (a)depression (b) mania (c) bipolar (d) heart-related disease.

3. Why is depression juxtapose with common cold? (a)it has symptoms of common cold (b) it is precipitated by common cold (c)the concomitant effect of common cold is depression (d)as common cold is to people, so is depression.

4. Mania affects what percentage of US population? (a)2 (b) about two (c)about one .d. Ninety-eight.


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