Instruction : shade only one answer using HB pencil only
Time Allowed : 1 hour
1. Which of the following is a primary product of the forest trees?
a) paper
b) particle board
c) timber
d) cardboard
e) pulp
2. In which of the following ways can fish be pressed and preserved?
a) salting and smoking
b) salting and fermentation
c) smoking and fermentation
d) smoking and pasteurization
e) pasteurization and salting
3. Some of the by-products of fish include the following except
a) fish meal
b) fish silage
c) glue
d) oil
e) ladol
4. What is the effect of stability of market price on a produce? The
a) profit of the producer would be constant if there is no increase in cost of inputs
b) profit of the retailer will be decreased
c) wholesaler will earn more from his sale
d) consumers will be willing to buy more of the products
e) Producer and wholesaler will benefit from economics of large scale production.
5. To which of the following factors of production does the law of diminishing returns relate?
a) unit factor
b) fixed factors
c) variable factors
d) labor force
e) labor efficiency
6. Which of the following constitutes direct monetary cash assistance from government to farmers?
a) unit factor
b) fixed factors
c) variable factors
d) labor force
e) labor efficiency
7. Which of the following is not a method or agent of disseminating agricultural information?
a) individual contact
b) agricultural programmer
c) marketing channels
d) agricultural finance
e) cooperative societies
8. The best method of introducing a new herbicide to rural farmers is through
a) mass media
b) circular letters
c) farmers' cooperative
d) group meeting with farmers
e) demonstration
9. Agricultural production in West Africa can be improved by the following except
a) ability of farmers to purchase modern farm implements
b) expansive irrigation of farmlands
c) adoption and proper application of tested findings of agricultural research
d) continued adoption of the communal land holding system
e) Adequate supply of improved seeds and livestock to farmers.
10. Management practices of established pastime include the following except
a) fencing
b) transplanting
c) replanting
d) manuring
e) re-seeding

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