The Babcock University school Of Medicine has been renamed to the ben carson’s school of medicine in an all democracy day renaming madness.

The provost of the now Ben Carson School of Medicine, Professor Iheanyi Okoro, has revealed that the zeal of the Institution for medical excellence is the basic reason why the renaming was done.

In his own words, he said’ “Babcock University is about to change the face of medical practice in Nigeria amid growing concerns of poor medicare in the country. As we roll out plans forthe inauguration of our Benjamin Carson School of Medicine on June 1, 2012, optimism is high that soon Nigerians will not have to travel abroad to receive excellent healthcare.”

He further mentioned that, “The Ben Carson Medical School is designed to honour him as a role model to the students of the school. He is a doctor with competence and because we want to produce medical doctors with his kind of expertise, we believe that inviting him and naming the school after him will impart our students positively.A doctor without competence, they say, is a murderer and we don’t want to breed murderers here,”

He concluded by Including that, Babcock University would be the Benchmark for excellence in medical practice in the country.

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