The Obafemi Awolowo University post-utme has come and gone, together with its results, as aspirants now await the 2012/2013 OAU admission lists.

Members of the VNTI team has taken a look at the figures of the candidates who applied for a place of study in the Obafemi Awolowo University, Ife and have discovered that more than 55,000 candidates who selected the institution would not gain admission into OAU in this 2012/2013 admission session.

According to the Jamb statistics released earlier this month, detailing the Number of candidates who applied for a degree programme in Nigerian Institutions, which VNTI branded “VNTI UNFAIR ADVANTAGE”, 64,702 candidates selected the Obafemi Awolowo University(OAU) as its most preferred institution as could be seen here: http://nigerianuniversitynews.com/2012/05/ahead-of-post-utme-a-review-of-the-utme-candidates-most-preferred-institutions-where-the-competitions-lie-jamb.html
(The figure above is for both First and second choices).

That is just the beginning of admission for the aspirants. Out of the 64,702 applicants, only 35,823 candidates turned up for the 2012 OAU post-utme screening test held last saturday(26/05/2012).

The result of the screening examination which was released in less than 12hours revealed that only 7,663 aspirants scored above 200 marks in examination with 51 of the exceeding the 300 bar.

Previous years release of the admission capacity of the Obafemi Awolowo University has limited the institution to admitting a maximum 5,000 students comprising of all degree programmes. This also includes the direct entry applicants as well as the CDL students and the UTME applicants. How this would be shared is known only to the University.

OAU as a tradition only admits candidates who obtained a minimum of 200 marks at the University screening examination regardless of your UTME score. Yeah, You heard that correctly, regardless of Your UTME score.

The above simply shows that in the current admission session, Only the 7, 663 candidates who obtained 200 marks and above, are qualified for admission.
These are the only students whose name could be found in the 2012 OAU admission list.

Let’s go further, like earlier stated, the carrying capacity of the Obafemi Awolowo University, has remained 5,000 for a number of years, and this year is not likely to change that.
If, supposedly, 5,000 students were successfully admitted, (which rarely happens because there are courses with loopholes(deficit),) That would implies that, about 2,663 candidates who are eligible for admission, (by crossing the OAU admission threshold of 200) were not admitted.

It implies that a total of 30,823 candidates who sat for the OAU post-utme would not be admitted.
It concludes by virtue of the JAMB OAU statistics that 59,702 students who selected the Obafemi Awolowo university(OAU) as either first or second choice, were not given admission.

Basically, the majority of the students who applied for admission into OAU selected the Institution as their first choice since it is a common practice in Nigerian Universities that First choice applicants are admitted in preference to second choices, especially for federal Universities.

If the 59,702 candidates who lost admission at the institution all selected OAU as their First Choices, What becomes of them after the post-utme massacre.

After the figures have been analyzed, VNTI further accesses the situation to see where hope lies for the 59,000+ who would be unfortunate to lose ground on one of the best Institutions in the Nation.

• We should expect a number of this candidates to move over to their second choice institutions. One would be lucky if his second choice institution is a state owned University which are known to have soft spots for second choices, although some state Universities go against the rule.
• As alternative to the other, most of this students would be admitted into Federal and State Polytechnics ahead of the 2013/2014 JAMB UTME. Notable polytechnics are the Federal polytechnic Nekede, Federal polytechnic Oko, and YABATECH which is where the students would be concentrated.
• The final Hope of Admission would see a number of them opt for the small but mighty colleges of Education.

Actually this is just the beginning, because when there is life, there is hope. Most of this students in their quest for a life in a university, as well as their parents thirst for their Children’s success, would be enrolled into private Universities of Learning. Madonna and covenant are most notable examples.

Definitely not, other students with more affluential parents would argue that Nigeria is not a suitable place for learning, and as such, would send their wards abroad for Higher education.

And here is the end, Students who would not fall into any category, would choose to stay at home, go to church/Mosque, thank God for what has happened, and prepare for the 2013/2014 JAMB UTME, coming up next year.

VNTI would want our ever working government to put in more efforts and step up our educational sector by providing more facilities required for each degree programme, which would in turn increase the Admission capacities of this Institutions and reduce the population of students who would take the 2013/2014 JAMB UTME as well as future examinations.

If the facilities at OAU are doubled, the number of candidates in the 2012/2013 OAU admission list would as well be doubled.

May God Help Many.

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  1. Stephen Oludu says:

    I think we should employ goverments to increase the admission capacity of schools

  2. i would like to know where i can check the cutoff marks and the admission list for OAU 2012/13 PUTME. the institution’s website and online portal seems useless.kindly get back to me please.i put in for Law and i had a score of 240.tank U!!!

  3. Pls kindly post wer wil can check d cutoff mark & admission list or anybody who can kindly show mercy should call;08125578125


    is there hope we direct entry candidate?


    is there hope for we direct entry candidate? i mean…

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