A thief was caught in Kwamme Nkuruma hostel around 3:00 am on the 30th of march.


I was in my rum in Mbanefo jacking(my window faces opposite to Nkuruma's window) when i heard nkuruma girls shouting. Initially i thought it was fire outbreak but when i saw security vehicle coming towards the hostel and some Mbanefo boys rushing there, i was confused and decided to go nd see 4 myself. When i went there,

Behold! A crowd of girls where mass beating, slapping,

punching and tearing the guy apart before the security men interfered to the case and took d guy away.

According to one of the Nkuruma inmates (who has previously lost her phone to the same guy), she said that this was the same guy that has been stealing there phones each time most of them have fallen asleep. She said " He comes here severally and steal our properties especially phones and made away with it.

we almost caught him d last time he intruded (about last

2 weeks) but he was lucky to escape but he is not lucky this time cause his cup had since been full.

Drafted from a statement by UDOYE DAN.

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