>1. A low land between two hills is called

A . island

B. Valley

C. Plateau

D. Lake

E. Mountain

2. Which of this animals is not a member of dog family

A. Jackal

B. German shepard

C. Tiger

D. Yorkshire

E. Rottweiler

3. The process in which the food we eat is broken down into substance that can be used by tha body is called:

A. Digestion

B. Circulation

C. Tissue

D. Respiration

E. Excretion

4. A frightening dream is called a

A. Blush

B. Nightmare

C. Night Anguish

D. Night Fear

E. None of the above

5. Which of these is not a type of Eagle?

A. Short – toed

B. Booted

C. Bonelli

D. All of the above

E. Non of the above

6. What was the former name of Zimbabwe

A. Rhodesia

B. Yamashoma

C. Orange Republic

D. Brazzaville

E. Oceanic

7. A system of government based on the ideological belief of equality of people and concertration of national resources in the hands of the state is called:

A. Fanaticism

B. Egalitarianism

C. Communism

D. Democracy

E. Utopianism

8. An instrument used in finding ways and navigation is called:

A. Map


C. Compass

D. Compound

E. None of the above

9. A computer is made of

A. Hardware

B. Software

C. None of the above

D. A & B

E. A only

10. Which of this continent is the coldest in the world?

A. Asia

B. Africa

C. Atarcatic

D. Europe

E. America

11. What is the anme of the worlds highest mountain?

A. Mount Kilomajaro

B. Mount Everest

C. Mount Carmeron

D. Mountain Nikoyo

E. None the above

12. What name is the parliament of Nigeria called?

A. House of representation

B. Senate

C. State house of assemble

D. National Assemble

E. All of the above

13. The parliament of united states of Ameriaca is called?

A. House of Parliament

B. National Assemble

C. Congress

D. Assembly of Lawmakers


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