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When we survey all known human socities,we find everywhere a form of family,some set of permanent arrangement by which the males assist the females in caring for the children while they are young.The distinctive human aspect of the enterprise lies not in the protection the male affords the females and the young,this we share with the primates,nor does it lies in the lordly possessiveness of the male over the female for whose favour he contends with the other males.this too we share with the primates.Its distinctiveness lies instead in the nurturing behaviour of the male who among human beings everywhere helps provide foods for the women and children.

Among our structurally closest analogues.the primates,the males do not feed the females,he may fight to protect her or to possess her,but he does not nuture her.She has to fend for herself.Somewhere at the dawn of human history,some social inventions were made under which males started nurturing females and their young.In every known human society,everywhere in the world,the young male learns that when he grows up,one of the things he must do in order to be full member of the society is to provide food for some females and her young.Even in very simple societies,a large number of men may escape the burden of feeding females and their young by entering monasteries and feeding each other or by entering some profession that their societies will classify as giving them a right to be fed,like the Army and the Navy or the Buddhist order of Burna.But inspite of such exceptions,every known human rests firmly on the learned nurturing behaviour of men.

1. Man differs from other animals because (a)he forms a family(b)cares for the children(c)he cares for women(d)he provides food for women ANSWER:D

2. The 'Lordly possessiveness' of the male over the female means that the male(a)shows mastery over the female(b)is more aggressive towards the females(c)claims right over the female(d)protects the female ANSWER D

3.'Somewhere at the dawn of human history' refers to (a)the beginning of Creation(b)the creation of man(c)the time when man was yet a monkey(d)the beginning of civilisation ANSWER D

4. Man takes it upon himself to feed the female except when (a)he takes up the gun to fight(b)he becomes religious(c)he forms a religion(d)he enters some profession ANSWER D

5.According to the passage,a common feature of all human communities is (a)the family(b)caring mother(c)aggressive father(d)nurtured women and children ANSWER A

Read Passage 2 carefully and answer the question that follows:

From ancient times,people commonly believed that life arose repeatedly by spontaneous generation from non living materials in addition to parental reproduction.For example frogs appeared to arise from damp earth,mice from putrefied matter,insects from dew and maggot from decaying meat.Warmth moisture,sunlight and even starlight often were mentioned as factors that encouraged spontaneous generation of living organisms.

Among the accounts of early efforts to synthesize organism in the Laboratory is a recipe for making mice,given by the Belgian plant nutritionist Jean Baptise van Helmont(1648).'If you press a pice of underwear soiled with sweat together with some wheat in an open jar,after abouut twenty one days,the odour changess and the ferment changes the wheat into mice.But what is more remarkable is that the mice which came out of the wheat and underwear were not small mice,not even miniature adults or aborted mice but adult mice emerged.

In 1961,the great French scientist Louis Pasteur convinced scientists that living organisms cannot arise spontaneously from non living matter.In his famous experiment,Pasteur introduced fermentable materials into a flask with a long shaped neck that was open to air.The Flask and its contents were boiled for a long time to kill any micro organisms that might be present.Afterwards,the flask was cooled off and left undisturbed .No fermentation occured because all organisms that entered the open end were deposited in the open neck and did not reach the fermentable material.When the neck of the flask was removed,micro organisms in the air promptly entered the fermentable material and proliferated.Pasteur concluded that life could not originate in the absence of previously existing organisms and their reproductive elements,such as eggs and spores.Announcing his results to the French Academy,Pasteur proclaimed,'Never will the doctrine of spontaneous generation arise from this mortal blow'All living organisms share a common ancestor.most likely a population of colonial micro organisms taht lived almost four billion years ago.This common ancestor was itself a product of a lon period of prebiotic assembly of non living matter,including organic molecules and water,to form self replicating units.All living organisms retain a fundamental chemical,composition inherited fron the ancient common ancestor

6. Through out the passage,the word 'spontaneous' can best be taken to mean (a)without reproductive element(b)in a medium(c)unthinking(d)spirited ANSWER A

7. In Pasteur's experiment,why was the neck of the flask removed?(a)To allow air to escape(b)To provide access to micro organisms(c)To kill any micro organisms that may be present(d)To preven the heating of the flask ANSWER B

8.In the third paragragh,the word 'mortal' most nearly means (a)human(b)impermanent(c)fatal(d)earthly ANSWER D

9.The expression 'when the neck of the flask was removed found in the third paragraph can be described as (a)adverbial clause of time(b)adjectival clause(c)noun clause(d)adverbial phrase of time ANSWER A

10.In what sense is the use of the word 'water'in the last paragrahp ironic?(a)It is a medium in which many living organisms thrive(b)It has a relatively low boiling point(c)Pasteur did not mention it specifically in his description of his experiment(d)It was one of the ingredients in Helmont's recipe. ANSWER A

Read the following passage and select the best option that fills the corresponding gap in the text

By the 28th week,that is the end of the 7th__11__,the foctus moves around vigorously with the __12__and its heartbeat can be heard by the __13__.Its length is 38cm(15inches)and its weight 1000grams.Its body is thin,its skin reddish and covered with a __14__ coating of a creamy,waxy substance,which is manufactured by small glands in the skin.It can open its eyes and the __15__covering the pupils of the __16__ ha gone.If it is __17__ at this stage,it can __18__ but with difficulty.it can also cry __19__,but __20__ it's leg energetically

(a) (b) (c) (d)

11. Day Week Month Year

12. Stomach Uterus Bladder Belly

13. Audience Women Crowd Doctor

14 Defensive Kicking Plastic Protective

15 Membrane Hand Glass Rubber

16 Eyes Class Mouth Uterus

17. Left Sent Discharge Born

18. Breathe See Hear Eat

19 Angrily Weakly Loudly Strongly

20. Walk Wove Wraps Fold

In each of questions 21 to 25,choose the options that are opposite in meaning to the the word(s) underlined.

21. One would have expected the students to take a CONSULTATION with the school authorities instead of reporting to …….(a)mediation(b)confrontation(c)arbitration(d)exultation ANSWER B

22.It is surprising that one identical is an ALCOHOLIC but the other is ……..(a)teetotaler(b)dipsomaniac(c)agoraphobic(d)saboteur ANSWER A

23.While the man is PARSIMONIOUS his wife is obviously…(a)ingenious(b)curious(c)judicious(d)extravagant ANSWER D

24.The LAKADAISICAL student failed the test,but the ………one passed it well (a)enthusiastic(b)listless(c)classical(d)obtuse ANSWER A

25.While a sinner will incur the WRATH of God,a saint will enjoy the ….of God(a)anger(b)anointing(c)favour(d)pleasure ANSWER C

In questions 26-35,from the words labelled A-D,choose the one that best complete the sentence

26.The Rich man ….money to his wives and children every Monthe(a)disperses(b)dispensed(c)discuss(d)dispenses ANSWER D

27.If I had known that the man was not a genuine pastor,I would not have …..too much confidence in him(a)imposed(b)reposed(c)inputted(d)disposed ANSWER A

28.The poor woman has … herslf to fate(a)consigned(b)concerned(c)resigned(d)reposed ANSWER C

29.The clergy…everyday for the success of the present government(a)are praying(b)is praying(c)pray(d)prays ANSWER D

30.The young girl…mind her language(a)have better(b)had better(c)have best(d)had best ANSWER B

31.Many a secondary school student_______afraid of English language examination nowadays(a)are(b)is(c)was(d)were ANSWER B

32.The man with his three wives and seventeen children _____just travelled abroad(a)is(b)are(c)was(d)were ANSWER C

33.The lecturer does not ………his real age(a)seems(b)look(c)appear(d)resemble ANSWER A

34.During the recent communal crisis,the place of the monarch was………….. with charms and amulets(a)dcorated(b)fortified(c)embellished(d)resemble ANSWER B

35.I ………. your father to stop going out with politicains:than I changed my mind(a)had told(b)have told(c)was going to tell(d)have being telling

In each of questions 36 to 40,choose the option nearest in meaning in the word(s) or phrase(s) underlined.

36. Are they expecting CELESTIAL blessings?(a)terrestrial(b)heavenly(c)religious(d)sacrificial ANSWER B

37. The INDIGENT is my younger brother's friend. (a)indolent(b)deligent(c)efficient(d)needy ANSWER D

38. Adults SELDOM visit the new amusement center (a)frequently(b)rarely(c)usually(d)reluctanly ANSWER B

39.Really lif is EPHEMERAL(a)enjoyable(b)difficult(c)transient(d)permanent ANSWER C

40.I want to tell you that Felix has an ECLECTIC mind(a)shocking(b)versatile(c)narrow(d)critical ANSWER B

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