>1. Government refers to all the Following Except

An institution of the state
The process of ruling a political community
The exercise of power and authority
•The act of civil disobedience

2. The delegation of Administrative powers to the local Units with the central supervision and control is called

• Centralisation

3. The United Nations Organisations(UNO) has its headquarters in


4. In which system of government are ceremonial and executive powers combined

• Presidential

5. The last colonial governor-general of Nigeria was

Dr Nnamdi Azikiwe
Oliver lyttleton
Bernard boudillion
• James robertson

6. The highest court of appeal under the Nigerian Independence constitution was

Federal court of appeal
Sharia court of appeal
• Supreme court
Customary court of appeal

7. The 1953 motion that Nigeria should attain self by 1956 was moved by

Dr Nnamdi Azikiwe
• Chief Obafemi Awolowo
Chief Anthony Enahoro
Sir Ahmadu bello

8. Which of the Following is not a member of Opec

Saudi Arabia
• Britain

9. Equilibrium price is determined at a point where

Demand is greater than supply
Supply is greater than demand
• Demand is equal to supply
Demand elasticity is equal to one

10. The price of good rises from N10 to N15 and the quantity demanded rises from 150 to 2000. This is an example of

Demand theory
• Abnormal demand
Normal demand
Perfectly elastic demand

11. In the free market economy, prices are determined by

Forces of producers and consumers
• Forces of Demand and supply
Forces of retailers and manufacturers
Forces of Financial public Institutions

12. A monopolist is capable of controlling

Price only
Output only
Both price and output
• Price or output

13. Marginal cost is

• Addition to the total cost due to 1 unit of production
Addition to the total cost due to the total output produced
Addition to the total cost due to the total cost of production
Addition to the total cost due to the average cost of Production

14. One of the feature of perfect competitive firms is

Goods must be heterogenous
Few buyers and many sellers
Many buyers and few sellers
• Goods must be homogenous

15. A change in demand means

• A movement along the single Demand curve
The demand changes and the price changes
A shift in the demand curve to either the left or the right
A change in demand Elasticity

16. ECOWAS parliament is located in

• Guinea

17. A nation credit worth is measured by its

Volume of crude oil export
• Gross domestic product
Volume of currency produced
External receive

18. Who was the midwife of banking consolidation in Nigeria

• Prof Charles soludo
Federal Ministry of Education
Dr Ngozi Okonjo-iweala
Central bank of Nigeria

19. When was the federal capital territory created

• 1976

20. One of the Following is not a regulatory Body

SON(standard organization of Nigeria)
NCC(nigeria communication commission)

21. Which of the following is not an offence

Killing an Armed robber who has attacked you
Moving accident victims from the accident scene to the hospital without police reports
• Failing to assist a policeman who is stranded in the highway
Failing to report a crime

22. The population density of a country is calculated on the basis of the

Number of people living in the country
Birth rate and death rate
• The size of the country in relation to the population
Rate of population Increase per year

23. Difference in Elevation between to points on a topography map is known as

• Vertical scale
Vertical Interval
Horizontal scale
Horizontal Interval

24. The solar Eclipse occurs when

The sun obstruct the earth from the moon
Sun obstruct the moon from the earth
• Moon obstruct the earth from the sun
Earth obstructs the sun from the moon

25. A volcano is simply defined as

• Explosion emitting molten rock
Flow of molten material after emmission
Molten rock still within the earth crust
Hill formed by material emmitted from volcanic eruption

26. A tsunami refers to a gigantic tidal wave which may result from vulcanic Eruption. A recent one occured on

24th september 2004
• 24th december 2004
24th ferbuary 2005
24th March 2005

27. All the following are constituent of soil except

• Metal
micro organism
parent rock

28. Which of The following is an anti-graft agency in Nigeria


29. The difference between the Organisation of African Unity and the African Union is

OAU is headed by gaddafi and AU by olusegun obasanjo
OAU is an organ of colonialism and AU, an organ of Independent african states
OAU is a conference of africans head of government and AU is a Conference of Africas ministers of Foreign affairs
• None of the Above

30. In the second republic, Nigeria practiced a system of government known as

• Presidential

31. The first military head of state in Nigeria's politics was

Sani Abacha
• Aguiyi Ironsi
Olusegun obasanjo
Obafemi Awolowo

32. The present structure of the federation which has 36 states and a federal capital, came into existence in the year

• 1996

33. During the colonial period in nigeria, the cash crops that were produced and marketed include the following except

• Garlic
Palm oil

34. The trading concern that held brief for the british government between 1886-1999 in the administration of the british sphere of influence was known as

Miller brothers
Peterson zochonis
John holt
•Royal Niger company

35. In the pre-colonial, _________ was the mainstay of the Nigerian economy

• Agriculture

36. The chief law officer of a state is

The police commissioner of the state
The chief Judge
The Attorney General
• The governor

37. The principal Function of a University is to

Make profit for government
Facilitate private public partnership
• Groom in chracter and Erudition
Issue certificate of attendance

38. The position which is occupied by an individual in the stratification system in the society is called

• Status
Social Institution

39. One who traces its descendants to the mothers side is called

• Marrilneal
Martrilocal and parilocal

40. The following is not a main industrial and commercial crop, grown in Nigeria, except

• Coffee

41. One who kills himself for another is

Egoistic suicide
Anomic Suicide
• Altruistic suicide
Fatalistic suicide

42. The practice in which a farmer combines the cultivation of crops and feeding of Animals is called

Animal Farming
• Mixed farming
Animal husbandary
Mixed cropping

43. One of the following is not an importance of Agriculture in Nigeria,

Main employer of Labour
Source of food for people
Source of Foreign Exchange
• A course in the University

44. Which of the following states in Nigeria, is associated with leather works

• Kano

45. Which of the following states in Nigeria, is associated with wood works

• Edo

46. Which of the following Nationalist is regarded as the father of Nigerian Nationalism

• Nnamdi Azikiwe
Herbert Macauly
Obafemi Awolowo
Ahmadu bello

47. Which of the Following best explains why the European conquered African

European complexion
• European Superior weapon
The Natural African terrain
Africans did not resist the European Incursion

48. The largest Continent in the world is

• Asia

49. The largest river in Africa is

River Niger
•River Nile
River Zambezi
River missisipi

50. One of this is a problem associated with air transport in Nigeria

Poor visibility during harmattan
High storms in the rainy season
High passenger patronage
• Lack of modern planes


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